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  4. Mike T

    Peugeot 404 VIN registry

    I have three more new ones to share today: 4495627, Carrosserie 1036, Cabriolet Carburateur 1962, Noir 1000, Cuir Rouge, For sale at Gallery Aaldering September 2018, imported to NL from France in 1994, BRUMMEN NETHERLANDS 4592717, Carrosserie 40xx, Cabriolet Injection 1964, Rouge Métallisé, Cuir Noir 2000, For sale at GARAGE VOGEL September 2018 for 35,000 CHF, BAD ZURZACH SWITZERLAND 4594426, Carrosserie 5788, Cabriolet Injection, 03 novembre 1964, bought 25 jan 2003, Ivoire Safari 1083, Simili Noir 3000, Nardi floor shifter, Jaeger sports instrument panel, Robergel hubcaps, modified front end with later model 404C driving lights built in, SAUVIAN FRANCE (no photograph :() Total: 2167 !
  5. I was dreading removing for the second time the driver's side window winder cables to reseat them properly. It went reasonably well. As did the installation of the window tracking. The nightmare was installing the interior door opener - getting the clip on to the door latch, blind and inside the door was "fun". I also installed the door lock. Installing the glass is a pain too. Ugh, glad it's over.
  6. I have an 86 turbo. I bought it for $500 nine years ago, and that included a 60 mile delivery to my door. I originally bought it for parts. it was rough around the edges, and the engine was toast.. Six years ago, I swapped out the engine, and put her back on the road. She had been setting for 18 years in a garage. Anyway, I am still driving it (my beloved beater). Recently, the power steering rack had a slow leak of fluid that turned into a torrent. Well now. I did a snippy-snippy on the P/S belt. I gotta say, things are going swimmingly, as while I don't have power steering anymore, I gained a genuine feel of the wheel, especially at highway speed. A few years ago, I applied some grease to the rack and pinion gears (under the steering rack boot), so the resistance is reasonably firm; and, um, nothing that I can't handle. As a side benefit, my arms get a workout whenever I drive it. It is a whole lot more fun than an exercise machine! -Bill
  7. Mike T

    Peugeot 404 VIN registry

    6802229, Cabriolet Injection, 29 septembre 1969, Rouge China 1135, Cuir Noir 2000, Originally Gris Clair Métallisé, repainted red years ago, needs paint again. Carbureted engine. Hard top. For sale September 2018, 30,000 Euros, PAMPLONA SPAIN Total: 2164 !
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  9. Mike T

    Peugeot 404 VIN registry

    Found yesterday on Peugeotclassic.dk: 4594649, Cabriolet Injection, 19 juin 1965, Noir 1000, Cuir Rouge, DENMARK Total: 2163 !
  10. Bean

    1991 505 Turbo MAF

    Hi Scott, Very doubtful you'll find a new VAF (Vane Air Flow vs Mass Air Flow), so used is likely your only route. May I ask why you need a new MAF? I've never personally had to replace one - curious what symptoms you're getting. More common issue is the intake hose from the VAF to the turbo cracks. Also NLA - but easier to make something. Rabin
  11. Mike T

    Peugeot 404 VIN registry

    Thanks to André Chevrier for this one: 4596267, Coupé Injection, 20 mai 1965, Blanc Arosa 1132, VIUZ EN SALLAZ FRANCE Total: 2162 !
  12. Mike T

    Peugeot 404 VIN registry

    One more was submitted on the registry website with the bare minimum of details: 4670440, Carrosserie 15288, Cabriolet Carburateur 1967, FRANCE Total: 2161!
  13. ascottbarnes

    1991 505 Turbo MAF

    Hi Folks! I just bought a 1991 505 SW8 Turbo and I need to get a new MAF. I have looked at all of the usual places like RockAuto and other online parts stores and have not found one. Are these still available? Will I need to find a used one? If anyone has a good one for sale, please let me know. Thanks, Scott Barnes
  14. Mike T

    Peugeot 404 VIN registry

    Three new ones: 4596796, Coupé Injection, 30 septembre 1968, Gris Graphite 1055, Cuir, Car was bought in Spain and imported to France for restoration, MARSEILLE FRANCE (no photo) 4499771, Cabriolet Carburateur 1967, Bleu Ciel 1041, Cuir Noir 2000, For sale August 2018, 34,500 €, LEIRIA PORTUGAL 4595122, Coupé Injection 1965, officially scrapped (see 4596340), BORDEAUX FRANCE Total : 2160 !
  15. Romancarstyling

    my 505 Work in progres

  16. RockAuto

    More Garage Equipment

    RockAuto now offers an even larger selection of tools and equipment for your shop, all at RockAuto.com's reliably low prices! Go to the “Garage Equipment”category under the “Tools & Universal Parts” tab for core shop equipment such as Jack Stands, Lift Drains and Creepers, to hand tools, to lubricants, cleaners and oils. Plus, under each category in "Tools & Universal Parts" you will find specialized tools, everything from A/C Orifice Tube Removers to Ignition Module Wrenches to OBD II Scan Tools. With tools and supplies by manufacturers Performance Tool, Lisle, Liquid Wrench, B’Laster and more, RockAuto can help ensure you have the right equipment for any repair challenge that comes your way.
  17. my3AWDgst

    My 89 MI16

    Finally I found some time to get rear brakes rebuild and installed. New wheel bearings, new grease cap, new bolts and bleeders. Brake rotors and wheel spacers are ceramic coated.
  18. Ebay find -> https://www.ebay.com/itm/new-genuine-peugeot-504-505-front-shock-strut-insert-kit-5202-78/142906502940
  19. When the time comes I will have the odometer set to match the actual miles (about 83,000 right now) but when the car is first put on the road she’ll likely have the original instrument panel.
  20. Harry K

    1966 404 Coupé Injection Restoration

    Perfect match now. looks good. Will you be resetting the odometer to zeros or match with current?
  21. About n9t (9n2 and other same family) head problem. N.A heads suffered same issue but on n9t it has more heat load on exhaust side. And due N.A design there is narrow edges on exhaust valve seat and water hole, other problem is casting material (aluminum) and air bubbles and residues. This info is coming from welder who has welded over 10000 alu heads for repair. But once its repaired properly it will hold (seen only one n9t head with crack on welded one). Sodium valve was not solving problem thats why it was stop used in n9te (86 ->) models and it was costly valve. I must bit disagree about parts availability, depends how to look it. Surely parts not found every corner shop and there is rare parts. But so far there is no part which can not be found for engine or car. It could take time and effort but usually these are not daily drives any more, I have seen many younger cars having way worse parts problem even cars made after 2000.
  22. Sorry a little late to this conversation. When my head let go many of the cracks also were originating from the water jackets. Leading me to believe that the technology is just a little too old or bleeding edge for the day to function properly 30 years forward. I truly admire you for trying to go bigger on HP. My car is finally coming together, but I'm really at a crossroads. Parts availability in general is killing my desire to keep the car. If the engine lets go, maybe a swap. These cars are like Jay Leno's strange orphan cars that can only survive and thrive with his resources. Like Anj's Porsche brake swap to deal with the unobtanium rotors, keeping some of the original Peugeot stuff is getting harder and harder. Especially if you're going to be breaking parts. And if you ain't breaking parts, you ain't trying hard enough to go faster. This kindda squirrels away from the original question you posed. I plan on using the current best practices for keeping my head alive as long as possible. I, unfortunately don't have anything else to offer.
  23. Thanks! Last week I got the matching 12V oil pressure gauge! Now they all need a cleaning and I have to make up a plate to mount them (and 5 warning lights too).
  24. Nice job on the bright work all the stainless really set the paint off, when assembling stuff like mechanisms or pulleys there is always a learning curve and many trick to make it go smoother, i deal with this all the time at work with all the different models and trim level of buses we are building plus is a line production so time is never enough, keep up the good work.
  25. Mike T

    Peugeot 404 VIN registry

    Update: 4597929, Coupé Injection, 20 janvier 1966, Rouge, Cuir Blanc, A vendre Juillet 2018, 26.900 Euros, CHATEAUNEUF-SUR-ISERE FRANCE 4496208, Cabriolet Carburateur 1963, Rouge Capanelle 1033, Possible parts car, originally Bleu Ciel 1041, post-1966 front turn signals, ATHENS GRÈCE 6802068, Cabriolet Injection 1968, Blanc Arosa 1132, Cuir Noir 2000, A vendre Juillet 2018, 33.000 €, Hard top, VION FRANCE 6800254, Coupé Injection 1967, Bleu Métallisé, Cuir Rouge, For sale at 28,950 Euros July 2018 GALLERY AALDERING, BRUMMEN PAYS BAS 4596044, Cabriolet Injection, 14 avril 1965, Rouge Capanelle 1033, Cuir Naturel 2034, Moteur carburateur, AV Août 2018, 44.900 Euros, pas de sigle Injection, compteur 190 km/h, clignotantes AV 1967-68, ex-(F) 1754 PS 41, LA BAULE FRANCE Total : 2157 !
  26. I know there is somebody in France with a ROC head that is trying to make some kind of 2.2 16v hybrid engine like Matra did. You on the other hand need the full set of F2 parts.
  27. Just out of curiousity - Do you have the bellhousing that would mate to the N9T block or would you need to locate that as well? I wish you all the best, but it seems like finding a proper ROC motor that's ready for vintage racing will be quite the journey. I'd start with the advert listed above for the head and hopefully you can track that down - or at least stumble across someone that might have some spares. Keep us posted on your successes - and if there's any cross over parts that would be of use to you - please let me know. Rabin
  28. Currently the car has a Cosworth BD engine fitted so running the car is not an issue. What I want to do is to return it to originality and then race it as it would have done in period. The bulk of the engines racing in the F2 series are either Cosworth or BWM so it would be good to take out something that is a little differen. I appreciate that in period they were underpowered but I can live with that if I can get one. If I am going to do this then it needs to be exactly the same block and head used in period (and I willalso need the evidence to prove it in order to get the appropriate papers for racing) It sounds as if the block will not be the problem but the head may be a different matter
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