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  2. WTB 405 fuel sending unit, I don’t care if pump works or not. l’m located in Roseville California. Thank you.
  3. Mine 720/999 just arrived with personal 405 FAN California license plate 🙂 #405lemans#savospec
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  5. I’m just curious, how difficult would it be to swap a manual transmission into an auto on the 505? Probably 9/10 cars that I find for sale have the 3 speed auto. I’ve spoken to at least one mechanic who described the swap in less than polite words that I won’t repeat on here. Apart from locating all of the parts, could the job be done without pulling the engine? Are all of the factory mounting points there so nothing has to be fabricated? I’ve seen pictures of the same type transmission get replaced in situ with the car on a lift.
  6. I’ve really enjoyed reading your stories, keeping this one on the road. Keeping my eyes open for the same car TD 5 speed, so these kinds of threads are going to be very helpful for information.
  7. Where is this car? Have any photos?
  8. As i said on FB, congratulation i really like to see proper euro style looking Mi16 in the US. Years ago on vacation in greece an american who owned an 405 thought my Mi16x4 had a body kit and truly did not believe they come stok like that in europe. I hope you get them installed quickly, painted and showcase the 405 Mi16 as it truly should look. As for the chin spoiler, test fit the bumper first, it comes much closer to the radiator support the regular bumpers come. You may be able to install spacers and just bolt it on the rad support. The tow hook goes thru those holes at the bottom and hangs under the bumper.
  9. Last week
  10. I also ordered this universal lip, definitely minor trimming required 😉
  11. It may end up on silver MI16, I’ll make that decision later on this year.
  12. Had this light again today. I think it’s catalyst related. Possibly triggered by head gasket smoke. Might pick up an 8oz bottle of "water glass" Sodium Silicate. seemed to disappear after highway driving
  13. Can't wait to see it with the Euro bumpers Savo! Will the wagon get the current bumpers from it? Rabin
  14. Nice bumpers ; if you want to switch from fog lamps to driving lamps you can look for some SIM 3216, they are almost as good as the real SIEMs.
  15. I should also add minor changes to fuel system, new 6 microns larger ethanol compatible fuel filter and lower profile fitting for better clearance. My old fuel filter was mini billet 40 micron filter and it was just not good enough, it would not trap enough debris and they would end up on top of injectors where there would not be enough of fuel passage which would cause misfire and running lean conditions. On top of that might as well do oil change with factory filter. I’m still looking for functional fuel level sender.
  16. I finally received my Euro bumpers, side skirts, door moldings, new fog lamps and other bits. Mr Paul Gritton is awesome person to deal with and he made wooden crate for me and bubble wrapped it all. Everything is washed and ready for paint, I also took door chrome strips to powder coating (semi gloss black) and ordered universal front lip.
  17. Bent up the 8 mm copper-nickel tubing for the 2 fuel lines - using the old ones as a template and zap strapping them together during the bending. Then I mounted all the hard brake and fuel lines under the car. In the process I cleaned the garage floor, with my hair. 6 hours all in.
  18. Visible, it sits in the hole in the transmission tunnel carpet. I added a couple of photos to show that after I got home.
  19. Great progress Mike! Is the rubber shift boot visible or is it the dust boot on the transmission tunnel? Rabin
  20. $25 buys this Mercedes-Benz W115 manual shifter boot, perfectly sized for the Nardi floor shifter of the Peugeot 404. Super soft rubber. The one on the right is the old boot from the car. Just got it today in Victoria. Mounted it in the new carpet when I got home. Trimmed off the thick part of the rim from below, but the rings are perfect!
  21. More Cunifer line - seamless - bought, this time for the fuel lines (supply and return). I'll bend them up and mount them this weekend. Diameter is 5/16 inch (about 7.95 mm).
  22. Hi all, I finally am able to announce that the migration from yahoo groups to the new Peugeot-L distribution list on canam-peugeot.com is a success. Big thanks to Senen and Radu for all the help, and to Hugh for some beta testing. All the historic content all the way back to 1999 is there in the archive, so I wanted to make the announcement and provide some instructions to subscribe. I've also included the welcome message on the description page which has some donation info provided for those that asked (and are most appreciated!). Feel free to make your first post an introductory post! If you have any problems at all just send me the e-mail you want to subscribe with and I can help you out. ------------------------- Peugeot-L first started way back in May 1995 as a means of communication for North American Peugeot owners wanting help, information, or just an exchange of ideas relating to all things Peugeot (but not limited to just Peugeot). Primarily made up of North American Peugeot enthusiasts, we welcome all Peugeot enthusiasts and have contributors from around the World. To join the new list you must first subscribe to it: (Receive list emails, read the messages on the web, or to message the list) Subscription: - http://list.canam-peugeot.com/listinfo.cgi/peugeot-l-canam-peugeot.com - Go to the center of the page to find the "Subscribing to Peugeot-L" section, and subscribe to the list. - You will receive a confirmation e-mail that needs to be acknowledged, and once it's verified you will receive a welcome message. - Once you receive the welcome message you will be able to send messages to the list e-mail. - Subscribers are encouraged to post an introduction giving their background and interest in Peugeot. - If you have a question to ask, or information to share, send a message to the list. Donations to help fund the new list can be made via PayPal (https://paypal.me/canampeugeot?locale.x=en_US) or via eTransfer (for Canadians) to peugeot-l-owner@list.canam-peugeot.com Thanks, Rabin 505turbo.com & Canam-Peugeot.com Administrator and longtime list member
  23. Yeah, Old OEM parts on cooling and braking systems are no good, i've recently found out that even never used parts in OE packaging go bad over time, staff like brake cylinders, boosters, pumps dry rot easily when not used everyday. Working on the Little Niva has been a joy in that aspect, because is still being made, and russia is not too far away i can buy parts couple weeks old and they fit and work way better and every single thing is available. Keep the updates coming i love seeing the beautiful work you are doing.
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  25. The fittings aren't brass, they're cadmium plated steel. Brass is too soft. The procedure for working on brake lines is well known to me. The main outstanding item is that the Hydrovac booster needs to be sent out early in 2020 for a rebuild in the eastern USA. It was NOS in 1993 but has been on the car for 26 years. A new OEM master cylinder and some additional brake kits and sealing washers are on their way to me from Germany as we speak. Then I'll have all I need to complete the work.
  26. That is not a lot of hard brake lines. Always use box line wrench on the brass fittings and get them as tight as you can, they need to seal, i can't count how many times i've had to fix brakes that someone else has changed lines and ether used wrong fittings or hasn't tighten the lines hard enough. Always use two wrenches when tighten lines so you won't bend the brackets. Otherwise you are doing a great job, do you have a timeline in main to get the braking system finished.
  27. 85 GL special edition 505 turbo auto. Great paint body inside tags no good.
  28. Jute-backed vinyl sound deadening glued onto cowl panel today. I also cleaned up the front brake cylinder springs and reassembled the rear brake proportioning valve.
  29. The rich running is probably from the control pressure being too low (defective Warm Up Regulator) or the fuel metering vane/plunger being stuck or adjusted wrong. The temperature sensors (I think) tell the ECU when the engine has warmed up enough to read the O2 sensor. The big sensor on the bottom of the radiator near the lower hose is the fan switch. You may have to rig up a fuel pressure meter to see if the fuel pressure is correct according to the engine/ambient temperature. Also a compression test and leak down test may be in order to determine if the headgasket is bad. Hopefully someone more knowledgable that I will chime in, this car seems to have a lot of sensors on the coolant, maybe one of them provides feedback to the frequency valve/ECU but from what I understand the frequency valve, which does a fine trim control on the fuel mixture is controlled by the O2 sensor.
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