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  2. PSCUK

    Peugeot Festival 2018

    Please see www.peugeotfestival.co.uk for more details Advance ticket sales will end on 17 June, to allow time to process and post orders, thanks
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  4. 8 bit processor and EPROM, impressive for a 80' car.
  5. this is knock module, picture of cleaned one, intel 8085 prosessor on right
  6. Last week
  7. 1988 Peugeot 505 GLX 2.8 liter V6 in very good condition with only 97,000 original miles. Carfax attached. The car was originally a dark gray and was repainted white (I assume for personal preference) by one of the previous owners. The car has power front windows and manual crank rear windows which I thought I would mention as I have never seen this combination on a car before. The car has seen little use since receiving a full tune up, all fluids drained / flushed and replenished with Amsoil synthetic fluids where applicable. The steering rack was also recently replaced and a new battery has been installed less than a month ago. Please see photos of invoices for more detailed information. Front rotors are due for replacement. The passenger side view mirror glass is missing. Interested California parties please note; the registration has expired and is now delinquent (I failed to non -op the car) meaning penalties will be assessed to bring the registration current. This is a very nice, rare, Peugeot with low mileage that just needs a couple of minor items addressed (see invoice photos for details) to take it to the next level. You really have to drive one of these cars to fully appreciate it. They are wonderful cars; comfortable, smooth, incredibly suspension, very tight turning circle, reasonably fast, and you will be the only person on your block with one. Accepting offers. I can be contacted at rccgrant@yahoo.com Thank you, Robert Grant
  8. Do you have more pictures of the inside of this box? Is that the knock module or the one with the curves?
  9. Ignition control box which is located next to clove box and under temp control valve. Box looks clean out side but inside can be bit different. Remember to change place for box or at least turn it upside down (there is enough cable) to avoid this.
  10. L'aventure Peugeot just started an online store with new old stock and new parts: https://www.pieces-de-rechange-classic.com/fr/ Also this one can get some hard to find NOS: http://www.serie04.com/en/
  11. Probably Rock Auto (see vendor on main page section as there's usually a 5% code), but I always check the vendors first. Rabin
  12. What is the best online part store for Peugeots from the 1980s?
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  14. yhzman

    Crank bearing clearances for N9TE

    V-M - thanks for the reply, sorry for taking so long to give you a shout out...
  15. Mike T

    Spring Thaw 2018

    Great report, thanks!
  16. Are you sure you got correct year? No 405’s were made in 1983. Ebay of UK sells 405 headlights.
  17. robotic

    Cabin air filter

    Interesting. That looks different than a series 2 set-up. Thanks for posting the link, if I had more than just a few leaves making their way inside then I'd be more motivated to source the parts to have a factory filter in there.
  18. Double02

    1982 604 TD

    A few more action/glamour shots from the trip I just did.
  19. imaS

    Cabin air filter

    Back in the day at least in Finland there was cabin air filter available for ph1 405. Might be just local option from dealer or importer. I have such setup in my car. Too bad that the filters are not available anymore. Luckily Mazda 6 engine air filter fits quite well. ☺️ Parts are visible in this picture. The three black plastic pieces. One around filter, filter cover over wiper motor and drip tray loosely over the filter. Drip tray is meant to be under original scuttle panel mounted with its fixing screws.
  20. mystreba

    Noob Questions

    Hi all - time on my hands. Just took a minute to update my description of the trunk lock. Simplified it a bit and with the two diagrams it should be pretty clear now.
  21. mystreba

    Shift linkage upgrade

    R-Clip cotter pin did the trick nicely. Good to go.
  22. Peat

    Saving another 405

    Thanks Savo!
  23. Well, they are DIN mount, if that helps.
  24. Savo- you have a PM. Bill- I'm not sure if there was any commonality between the models. I'm only aware of a few Clarion models used on the 405, but I don't know if that was offered in the US. I'll do a bit of research and let you know. I currently have a modern radio with aux input, but I just don't like the look of it, and the sound quality won't be good anyway until I upgrade the original factory speakers.Thanks!
  25. The big one is for the oil pressure gauge, the small one is for the warning light ; there is also a oil level sensor on the back. I think only the BX GTI / 16 Soupapes used them all with the oil pressure gauge displaying the oil level at each engine start. On the back of the mk1 405 instrument cluster you can see that at some point they planned to use a 4th gauge under the rev counter, they did it later on the T16 and the 306.
  26. Did they use the same Alpine units as the 505? I have extra ones in a box. They all still worked over the years, but don't get better with age. The price of shipping would be sufficient, as I don't see ever needing / using them. My current approach is using Alpines that have the ipod port and a cd. Bill
  27. I may have what you are looking for. PM me please.
  28. my3AWDgst

    Cabin air filter

    Epoxy will do the job.
  29. my3AWDgst

    Saving another 405

    Yes from side marker lamps.
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