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  1. FIXED!! It ended up being that little port on the top that goes back to the reservoir. I stuck a pice of bailing wire through it and cleaned it out and it's fine now. It's not overheating anymore but I do need to rework that top hose. It popped off yesterday while I was leaning over it and burned me pretty good on my arm and side . Thanks everyone!
  2. thanks! thats definitely helpful! wish i would have seen the xd3 top radiator hose earlier, it would have made finding another radiator much easier. and sorry i meant the middle port on the water pump, thats the one that that goes back to the heater core, i believe. our water pumps are a little different. mine looks like this
  3. just to confirm: that special piece i made on the lower rad hose should be going to the reservoir, right? the middle port on the radiator just goes to the heater, core, right?
  4. It doesn't appear to be the valve cover gasket as there isn't any oil between the valve cover and intake/exhaust manifolds. I pulled the hoses apart down there but I need some new hoses before I get it all back together. I'm really hoping this isn't a nightmare getting it to run right. I had an Audi that was plagued with overheating issues and I eventually had to just get rid of it after wasting a ton of time and money. I'm just afraid that I'm cursed with cooling issues since I wasn't able to figure that one out! Sorry I should have been more clear, I havent had any trouble ordering parts online just can't find anything local usually. It's just annoying to have to always order parts and pay for shipping.
  5. here are some more pics. this is with the pug resrvoir i put back on to see if it made any difference. it didnt. vw rervoir is in the same spot. things are still super ghetto rigged, haven't had time to go through and clean everything up like wiring and all that. figure ill do that once it runs right and doesnt overheat. parts are hard to find here in the US and help is even harder to find. thanks for all your help guys! you're the best! Untitled by jofkeiter, on Flickr Untitled by jofkeiter, on Flickr Untitled by jofkeiter, on Flickr current less than ideal exhaust set up but it works. just dont like having the filter so close to the exhaust lol. filter will be routed further forward and exhaust will go out through the hood with a 2in stack and rain flap Untitled by jofkeiter, on Flickr some more pics of the oil leak area. not sure if its leaking from there or just throwing oil all over when its running Untitled by jofkeiter, on Flickr
  6. yeah, i know, i just had to make it off the trail. still had to stop every 5min and let it cool down. that was on the final stretch! what do you think about it not boiling in the reservoir? when i took the reservoir cap off, boiling water rushed in, but vefore that the reservoir was cool and both hoses were cool. i guess i should probably pull the water pump and check it out, just kind of a hassle. does it sound like a water pump issue?
  7. That's pretty cool Andre! I've never seen one of those before. They look like fun! Also wanted to note that the motor got up to 250F yesterday but the reservoir never overflowed and I know the caps good. So it seems to not be building adequate pressure. Otherwise the 250F would definitely pop the cap
  8. im still ironing out some issues with the motor, namely the overheating and ive got a pretty bad oil leak that i think is coming from the turbo but im having trouble tracking it down. it looks like its coming out of the flange where it bolts to the exhaust manifold. everything is caked in oil from it so its hard to find the source. i loose about a quarter quart per hour when its running. leaks from passenger side. other than those issues it runs great and works great as a crawler. i havent taken any videos yet but ill take some and put them up once i get to stop overheating!
  9. sorry i forgot a pic of the reservoir, but its mounted over the valve cover at the back of the motor, its supposed to be higher than the radiator and water pump, right?
  10. okay here are some pictures. i need to order a thermostat but i havent had one in for a while and ive done a couple of good wheelin trips with the semi clogged radiator and no thermostat Untitled by jofkeiter, on Flickr\ Untitled by jofkeiter, on Flickr hose from reservoir, a piece that i made myself. Untitled by jofkeiter, on Flickr Untitled by jofkeiter, on Flickr Untitled by jofkeiter, on Flickr Untitled by jofkeiter, on Flickr
  11. ill get some pics when i get home tonight. a lot of it is still pretty ghetto rigged. i wanted to get everything in the right place before i got special silicon hoses for it. right now im just running universal flexible hoses on it. radiator is mounted in front of the motor with 2 1500cfm electric fans. okay so let me be more clear, i was having overheating trouble before the new radiator since my old 505 radiator was clogged from the previous owner mixing coolant. BUT it does seem to be overheating even faster with the new radiator than with the old clogged radiator. so since i couldn't find a new direct replacement radiator i bought an 02 vw jetta tdi radiator. its hard to find radiators with both the inlet and outlet on the same side. the only difference between the 2 radiators is the jetta radiator is aluminum, core is about 2in narrower, and has 1.25in inlet and outlet as opposed to the 505 1.75 outlets. do you think thats causing any issues? another difference between the radiators is the 505 radiator had a bleed off (or whatever its called) on the passenger side that went to the reservoir, the vw radiator doesnt have that, so i used the the jetta reservoir which has the large port at the bottom of the reservoir and the small hose at the top. i ran the small hose that comes off the top of the water pump to the reservoir. is this causing pressure to go the wrong way or letting it bleed off or anything? is there anything fancy with the 505 reservoir's ports? could it be air trapped in the system? the new radiator is lower than the top of the water pump but the universal hose that i have does a 270* turn and sits about 2 in above the radiator and about 1in above the water pump, i tried holding down the hose to below both of those to release air but that didn't do anything. it just seems like theres a clog somewhere since the water isn't even flowing.
  12. 81 505 turbo diesel 2.3 in my samurai rock crawler. so the motors been running great but after putting in my new radiator its been overheating really bad and really quickly. theres no thermostat in it right now but it seems like the water just isn't flowing. there's pressure in the system (maybe just from the heat though) but when i grab the upper radiator hose, its hot at the water pump but then it gets cold before it even gets to the radiator. its a newer water pump, only have maybe 30hrs of use on it so far, so i would be surprised if it totally failed on me. any ideas or things to check?
  13. Thanks! That last one looks like the same alternator as our pugs. Or at least really close.aybe this way I can make my samurai tach work with the motor, that would be ideal
  14. Yeah low rpms is my goal. I already have dual transfercases and that's why I don't ever have to touch the gas. The only time It gets any higher is when I need a little wheel speed to get the tires sticky. Since mine is straight piped from the turbo straigh out of the side, it's fun hearing the turbo spool and the weird looks i get. One day i want to put it on the road but for now it's just a trailer toy
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