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  1. Where can I get a pic of the front suspension like this one above?
  2. No 505 Turbo updates, I don't have the 504 anymore, I traded it to my mechanic months ago in exchange for some work. as for the stereo ya, I've been slowly hoarding components, just need the amp, sound processor, sub, and camera stuff...just dropped off the Double Din head unit and spare radio console piece to my buddy yesterday who owns a car stereo installation shop, he's going to modify and possibly mold the Alpine cage thing into the console piece so I can then intall it, should be ready in a week or so, I told him no hurry...
  3. Though some of you may have already seen this on the FB page, I wanted to post this here because this is a great Archival & Reference source that lends itself much better to research than does the FB format. I also wanted Rabin to see it because his Momo wheel upgrade, though not the Monte Carlo, really inspired this upgrade for me. First impressions while driving with the new wheel today. First, the Momo wheel definitely removed the old grandpa feel of the car and replaces it with a much more sporty feel, that said, though it is the bigger version (350mm vs. an available 320mm) it does negatively impact the view of the cluster, particularly the oil temp & gas level indicators to the right, almost completely obscuring them in some driving positions which I'm quite unhappy about, fortunately there's an upside to this, the wheel being a bit smaller in overall circumference compared with the stock wheel and combined with the new hub which places the wheel approximately 1/2" - 3/4" closer to the cluster (away from the driver) allow for a much more "open" feel to the driving position, it seems as if there's much more room available. Obviously the feel of the new wheel in your hands is much nicer, both because of the design and shape of it but also simply because it's new is nice, also I kind of prefer the darker black version of the Momo against the darker grey of the O.G. unit. This particular wheel, the Monte Carlo is very well suited to the 505, and I'd add that it would be a welcome addition to most 80's euro cars in general, it feels right at home, giving a subtle but more refined, mature European sport sedan feel, and not so much the "boy racer" look as can be facilitated with other types of wheels. If I could change one thing it would be to increase the overall diameter a bit to be better able to view the whole cluster at once, and maybe even a portion of perforated leather, or even suede on the wheel would be nice. Overall I'm quite pleased with the upgrade and I'm glad I did it. The proper 86' and up hub had to be ordered from Italy through Crowder's Customizing and took about a month to get here. For now I've opted to go with the blue lion horn button. Blue Peugeot Lion Horn Buton http://www.ebay.com/itm/GENUINE-ITALIAN-OBA-PEUGEOT-EMBLEM-SPORTS-STEERING-WHEEL-REPLACEMENT-HORN-BUTTON-/271657844776?hash=item3f4011c028&vxp=mtr
  4. OK, messaged Marc, let's see if he bites, I hope he has the right car, I'd love to get a look at this setup.
  5. Pushgo, I'd really like to see this setup, I'm considering one almost exactly the same and need some reference, do you have any pics of the install? Specifically the 6.5" Focal components up front and the rear deck setup? Are you here in L.A.?
  6. In the early 2000's I bought a 6-speed from a 306 GTI-6, and Ukit installed it for me in my 89 Mi16, he had to custom make a few simple brackets as I recall but not much else
  7. Great write-up, great pics, great guys!
  8. Such a great deal, totally worth it for the motor and running gear alone...
  9. you know, this is interesting....years and years ago, probably around the very early 2000's, I responded to an add for an Mi16 for sale (I can't remember where I saw the add), but in the following discussion with the owner, I asked the guy why he was selling it and he told me that he was going down to Florida to pick up an ultra rare 405 Mi16X4, it struck me because at the time I had never heard of an all wheel drive Mi16, ater some reading I found out that the 405 T16 existed and I've been stricken with that bug ever since...
  10. Would it be possible for anyone to make a sticky perhaps with a simple, easy to read list of all available 504 / 604 / 505 sway bar diameters (including KMAC) and if they are interchangeable?
  11. Is this where you got your 504 hub adaptor? http://www.dalhems.com/Product.aspx?guid=1905547c-d77a-4fb8-98de-11828bd58343
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