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  1. thanks Rick, I did get some response a little closer to home that I am following up on. I hope to get down to Corvalis in the near future so I may contact you about parts if I am heading down there. regards, Ken
  2. recent collision has claimed the front bumper and hood of my 1985 505...no wreckers have any 505s left in their yards so I am appealing to the enthusiast community in the pacific northwest for these parts. I am willing to pick them up, thx, Ken k110linde@gmail.com
  3. thanks for the replies everyone. the body is straight which is a testament to the bumper shocks...they may be ugly but they do work. Today I found a local 505 that is being stripped so I will find out tomorrow if I can get the bumper and shocks. As an aside I read some threads here on collapsing the shocks and interestingly this also is what people do with ferrari 308 bumper shocks...drill a hole and then spot weld them in place to hold the bumper closer to the body. This looks more euro, but definitely loses the shock absorption capacity
  4. 505 was rearended hard today and only the bumper and struts were bent. If anyone has spares kicking around I would be interested...the rearender doesn't want to go through the insurance company so at this point I am obliging.
  5. thanks for the reply and the picture. its too bad they never sold any because the 504 cabrio is a beautiful car. I wonder what it would take to do an aftermarket conversion
  6. I know its been awhile, but I thought I would bring some closure to this thread...my engine was cutting out at 2800 rpm. Turns out I should have paid closer attention to what Bean and V-M said months ago about the overboost pressure switch. Instead I played around intermittently with microswitch setting and TPS settings, trying different ones. In the end it turned out that when I had put the engine in, I got the wiring to the overboost pressure switch and the idle compensating electrovalve reversed (the wiring isn't stock) Simply changing those has made for an engine that runs beautifully. Embarrassing but happy find. After months it gets to be a daily driver again
  7. plugs were very black before I replaced them. timing is set at 10 degrees. the cutout happens both in gear and at standstill. I'll check the overboost sensor and wastegate and I'll recheck the tps and afm but those seemed okay. thanks for the replies...this forum is great!
  8. engine sounds great at idle and up to 2500 rpm. just purrs, but over 2500 it suddenly cuts out. after a second or so it comes back so it looks like it is starved for fuel at higher rpm? new plugs, wires, distributor cap and ignition coil so i don't think it is an ignition problem. any ideas? thanks, Ken
  9. I actually like that hood scoop on the 924, but for now I am going to try to stay stock. do you think I could temporarily run the car without the underhood scoop?
  10. thanks for the replies. the stock arrangement of the 505 intercooler location never looked ideal to me. It seems that the best mounting position for the intercooler would be at the front of the vehicle for the maximum flow of cool air. I don't think I would mount a fan on the hood even if it would work...still care about the aesthetics of the vehicle. having said that i am going to look for the stock hood setup for now. If that draws a blank I will look at trying to work a front mount.
  11. sorry about the lack of pictures...last night I couldn't figure out how to post a picture, but here some are (it was getting dark so the picture of the airhose sensor is too dark to see, but the blanked off port is the small white port facing toward the front of the engine, the loose hose is sitting next to it. It is not the pcv hose to the valve cover). I'll be sure to take some better pictures when I deal with the intercooler setup. thanks for the replies Andre and Rabin
  12. I am interested in the through the hood scoop since I think that would offer cooler air anyway. would you have any pics or sources of these?
  13. engine is in, have had to modify some things, I switched over the 85 throttle body to make the wiring work. will probably replace the thermostat housing because the one on the engine has the thermostat sensor blanked in, and the 85 sensor is a larger diameter. wondering though about the airflow sensor housing hose...it also has the small port blanked off. should I leave blanked off or attach the hose that is there?
  14. good point about the underhood scoop...I don't have the 86 hood, so I will have to fabricate something. I'll make sure to post some pics when this happens. thx, Ken
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