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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/123687101504?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2648 thought I'd toss this up. It's mine so that's my disclosure folks.......and hello after a long silence. Recent euro headlights added to my wagon, mixed well with my euro bumper conversion. Waiting negotiate a paint job.........
  2. Hello all, been some time since I posted. My buddy John has concluded he will likely never build another x3 motor and had asked me to sell his last set of Pistons. These are the last oversize, and I believe 94.6mm dia. He had paid $600 so for the set one or two decades ago and would like to get that back out of them. They are a complete set, still wrapped in cosmoline and include rings, pins and clips. I figured I'd toss his out here before I put them on eBay. Shipping not included, but happy to ship anywhere. thanks guys Rick
  3. rickcjmc

    wanted: hood and front bumper 505

    Hey Ken, I can cover the hood and bumper, I think, I know there are hoods at Johns and I suspect bumpers too. give me a call. 408-623-2812, we are in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Rick
  4. Seems the offset from the 4 speed to 3 speed was more than John wanted to deal with, driveline wise. At this point I need to hunt down an N9TE headgasket for it and he will replace that.......and the car gets sold. Too bad too as it is a stellar car, just dont find them that sharp........
  5. Hey Guys, This should probably be in the for sale forum but I have an XD3T and transmission for sale w/79K original miles, recently pulled for the wagon swap that looks like its not going to happen. If anyone needs it please let me know. I forgot to ask what the price is but I suspect reasonable offers will be accepted. Will come complete as pulled. Car was a rescue from the seattle area from an elderly owner who had passed, and the son let the car sit for some 20 years (last reg 1996). The speedometer still had the factory wired/lead seal on it so mileage appears to be honest and correct. It ran wonderfully prior to pulling it out and trans shifted great. Located in Oregon, can help with delivery if local (200 miles or so) or help with shipping if needed. Rick
  6. Hey Ingo, Any luck with the 405's? The car I grabbed last has some nice, but moldy interior in it, but its a sedan. It has 78K miles on it and aside from sitting since 1996, was/is a pretty nice car. The motor is coming out as we speak in the wagon and John moves onto the sedan next to effect the swap. Funny, he said we get to fight over it when he is done! That guy cracks me up! Cheers...Rick
  7. rickcjmc

    front bumper on my 505 wagon is euro'ized

    I will take pictures when I do the rear!!!!
  8. rickcjmc

    front bumper on my 505 wagon is euro'ized

    I noticed when I measured everything that it is 4" for the shock length and the filler plate is 4" as well. I drilled a hole in the bumper end of each shock and they de-pressurized (air/nitrogen filled). They collapse by hand at that point. I used some RTV and a screw to keep them collapsed (I figured they'd move a little bit dependent on temperature. I did some trimming on the out board ends where they slip on the fender brackets, the grooves that slide onver the bracket runs out to the edge of the bumper side and interferes with the fender lip. I just trimmed about 2" off flush to the inide of the bumper and it looks fine now. I popped my head under the rear and those look like welded non 5mph supports so those may need to be cut and welded. I have moved on to a fiat today so.......... Hey Andre, I just need to find a set my wallet can handle. I met a fellow on ebay from Argentina that could get them for a good price but the shipping was astronomical. So....we wait for the right set to come along! Enjoy the day guys!!!!
  9. rickcjmc

    euro front bumper mod

  10. Did it, took less than an hour. This was so simple I don't know why I didn't do it before. Before and after pic's http://www.505turbo.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/album/39-/ http://www.505turbo.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/album/39-/ http://www.505turbo.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/534-before/ http://www.505turbo.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/535-after/ attached
  11. Hey Guys, So the diesel transplant is moving forward on the 1988 Wagon we pulled out of Washington. Transmission choices are still up in the air however. As a result the N9TE and trans are going to be pulled and sold. Currently in the car and running so time is limited to hear it and drive it. Heres the story.......97K mile car that show impeccable care, car got laid up due to the typical relay/injection issues and a mechanic who was clueless. John got that straightened out, got it running and it was blowing white smoke out the tail pipe. checked compression and found low on cylinder #2. Typical head gasket issue. Block sealer and a fresh oil change has temporarily fixed the problem, runs solid, no smoke, oil is holding and looks fine, and temp is fine, so expect to change a head gasket. Clean enough to eat off of, excellent start for a toasted N9TE. Like to see it go to good use, not keen on shipping off to the scrappers. Offers open......anyone? Like I said, welcome to hear run and drive around the property (no road use as tags are down). Hit me up Rick (Edited engine code to N9TE in case someone searching)
  12. I've got all the pieces you need, right here in Oregon too! PM me and we can hook up. Rick
  13. Hey no problem, Yeah, John doesn't care to deal with people in the first place, and I think the Egyptians just stepped on his last nerve. 405's don't show up a lot, but..... there is a pair in Washougal WA on craigslist, search Peugeot, they pop right up. Guy has a wagon and a sedan
  14. Hi Ingo, Looks like this car is getting a turbo diesel and a 5 speed. I am off to Seattle this weekend to grab a 505TD and I have 3 more sitting in the north part of the state to get as well. If you need XD6T parts, I'll have a whole engine or 2 to use. I know that car's head was just recently replaced, we diagnoised it to a head gasket and my buddy WILL NOT go any farther on a turbo gas motor. I let you know how the other cars interiors are and what thier disposition will be. Looks like the Egytians are being cut off from the Oregon supply chain, I am guessing they pissed off my buddy for the last time.... Rick
  15. Sorry, just havent made it out there yet........picture the nicest wagon in silver mink with supple leather and fully optioned......