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  1. These type of brackets are common here in the states, as a matter of fact I helped my buddy this weekend on he’s 8 sec DSM to make similar brackets for he’s trans cooler. Wonderful build! I personally think that XU10J4RS is the best engine Peugeot ever made (street production engine) definitely looking forward to see this build all the way.
  2. Installed new meat and of course got it lowered 🙂
  3. Welcome 🙂 405’s are great little cars and I’m glad that you are enjoying it.
  4. Installed stereo today 🙂 it’s the same unit that I’m using in my wagon, I always had good luck with JVC and can’t beat it for the price.
  5. ^^^^not exactly sure what happened here, I couldn’t add any comments... I usually don’t paint but on this one it’s acceptable 🙂 Peugeot 405 Classics are reproducing some of the parts, you should check them out.
  6. Weather was beautiful this past weekend so I end up painting few things on this car as well. Both mirror covers and center taillight part, next on the list are door handles and front grill. Also I’m gonna order rear taillights from 405 classic’s, this version is much nicer as they come with light tint around turn signals.
  7. We need to work something out for sure.
  8. Thank you 🙂 Hopefully you and Hugh come up soon 🙂
  9. Hi Rabin, I’m not a huge fan it’s just happened, my friend and I worked out a deal with some car repairs on top for silver car and he end up taking seats out of it and this was driving me nuts. Prices on used C43 seats are extremely high so I end up looking for a parts car. I found this one on Copart, runs and drives but it does have high miles. I’ll clean it up and sell it, actually today I started on clean up and I alredy cleaned and swapped seats. Not sure on power differences, perhaps once white one is ready I can take it out and try to compare them one to another.
  10. Picked up another C43 AMG.
  11. Finally found some time to install speakers, these are same ones I’m running in my other 405’s. They are extremely affordable and sound really good for the price.
  12. I’m visiting Croatia often and I don’t see and older Peugeot’s 😞 too many VW and Audi’s in Croatia. Not too many Peugeot’s left here, sometime in 1991 they left USA and never came back. I like 405 MI16, 205 GTI and 306 GTI models, however only 405 was imported to USA.
  13. Welcome Ivan (dobro nam došao) 🙂 beautiful car. I was born in Croatia and moved to USA in late 1998 and I’ve been here ever since.
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