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  1. Welcome and that’s a beautiful 505 sir 🙂 and long live 4g63T 🙂
  2. Anything is restorable, now the question is how far do you want to go with this project. Engine and drivetrain parts are easy to obtain interior parts are bit harder to obtain.
  3. Hello 👋 About few weeks ago I attended 100 years of Citroën celebration and it was absolutely amazing. Organizers did fabulous job and I’m definitely looking forward to next event, here are few pictures I took while attending.
  4. These photos have been taken by professional last Saturday for 100 years of Citroën celebration.
  5. Professionally detailed and ceramic coated.
  6. Not a fun Sunday at SavoSpec’s
  7. Great attention to detail Mike, car is coming along nicely.
  8. I wish I would have a place to store it in Canada till I figure out the best way to bring it here to California.
  9. It is unfortunate that another one is going to die :-( If it was closer I would definitely get it, I’m getting two more from Washington so hauling another one is financially impossible.
  10. These type of brackets are common here in the states, as a matter of fact I helped my buddy this weekend on he’s 8 sec DSM to make similar brackets for he’s trans cooler. Wonderful build! I personally think that XU10J4RS is the best engine Peugeot ever made (street production engine) definitely looking forward to see this build all the way.
  11. Installed new meat and of course got it lowered 🙂
  12. Welcome 🙂 405’s are great little cars and I’m glad that you are enjoying it.
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