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  1. my3AWDgst

    My 89 MI16

    Finally I found some time to get rear brakes rebuild and installed. New wheel bearings, new grease cap, new bolts and bleeders. Brake rotors and wheel spacers are ceramic coated.
  2. my3AWDgst

    1958 403

    She looks great πŸ‘
  3. my3AWDgst

    Giving a 405 Sport Wagon another chance

    This is original pump about 196.000 miles and no knocking on it would get it going,brushes were simply not making contact any longer and in the picture you can see why.
  4. my3AWDgst

    Giving a 405 Sport Wagon another chance

    Rock Auto delivers again πŸ™‚ $117 OTD!
  5. my3AWDgst

    Giving a 405 Sport Wagon another chance

    I end us dissembling old fuel pump just to see what happened and as they say picture say 1000 words.
  6. my3AWDgst

    Giving a 405 Sport Wagon another chance

    Last Sunday I was taking two cars to Radwood show and only one made it,fuel pump decided to quit on Wagon. I was really surprised that it was still original pump as I literally replaced everything on this car,somehow I missed inline fuel pump. I ordered inline,in tank guel pump and fuel filter from Rock Auto and red parts car donated fuel pump to keep it going till new parts arrive. I should add it failed only 10 miles away from my house.
  7. my3AWDgst

    85 505 sti & 405S parts for Sale in MA.

    Sunroof cables for 405?
  8. my3AWDgst

    My 89 MI16

    This month she’s 30 years old.
  9. my3AWDgst

    What did you do today?

    My friend made me this shirt πŸ™‚ left side sleeve has French πŸ‡«πŸ‡· flag.
  10. Are you sure you got correct year? No 405’s were made in 1983. Ebay of UK sells 405 headlights.
  11. I may have what you are looking for. PM me please.
  12. my3AWDgst

    Cabin air filter

    Epoxy will do the job.
  13. my3AWDgst

    Saving another 405

    Yes from side marker lamps.
  14. Unfortunately it doesn’t do anything,with some reason Peugeot left it like that from factory.
  15. my3AWDgst

    Cabin air filter

    Perfect πŸ‘Œ