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  1. 10PARUE

    reproduction decals

    Yep. Applied the transfer after the second coat of black was just cured, then clear over it. Still looks good at T+4 years.
  2. NOS would be nice! Or good used. Does anyone know, are there any non-Peugeot, mechanically compatible units? /jwc
  3. 10PARUE

    reproduction decals

    Apropos of decals and stickers, if anyone out there is thinking of repainting a ZDJL air cleaner box, let me know and I'll see if I can find the leftover dry-transfers I had made to reproduce the text on top when I did mine.
  4. 10PARUE

    New URL naming contest!

    Looks good! And I'm already starting to feel less self-conscious about my normally aspirated 505.
  5. Thanks! And you're right, of course, it doesn't have to be that original. So I ordered some white 1/16" closed-cell foam "skins"; seems about right to me...
  6. Interesting. I'll look for that black stuff when I get into my 89's left rear door. (Nice weather today here in Virginia so I ran all the windows down all the way just to see which ones would go back up!) I have a question: what would you guys use to replace that thin white foam behind the interior panel (My fiche calls it "PANEL, waterproof")? Plain old sheet poly? Or can I get something more like the original? /jwc
  7. How's the windshield wiper motor? I'd like to have one, if for nothing else than to see how feasable it is to rebuild...
  8. 10PARUE

    505 Microfiche Project

    I bought a U.S. 505 Parts Fiche set on French EBay and digitized it with Mrs C.'s Nikon. Now I have the two sheets in the form of a 72MB PDF file on my computer and my iPad.
  9. 10PARUE

    What did you do today?

    Today I... took the 505 for Virginia safety inspection. We passed, due to the pre-inspection I did last night of all lights and signals. I hope there aren't any deleterious effects of "DeoxIT" spray--I'm finding it very effective with what have long been troublesome bulbs, sockets and connectors.
  10. 10PARUE

    Hello, all

    Hello Peugeot People, This is a de-lurking post. I've been a member for a year but I've been following the forums more closely recently. (And feeling much less self-concious about having a not-turbo 505 now that I see we've even have a Peugeot bicycle forum here! And BTW, our household's two most recent Peugeots grind salt and pepper respectivly.) My first Pug was a '63 404 handed down to me by my father (I was never old enough to drive his 403). Then a couple of 504's, and the '89 505S I maintain now. Greetings to those of you I saw at the last Carlisle event! Regards, /jwc