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  1. Hi stew are you using original valve on the engine or have you upgraded those. Is the cam similar to the one you did for me. I think that I might have to go with four throttle bodies after seeing this set up . Do you think the position of the injectors gives a better air/fuel mix from factory Peugeot which I'm using regards drew
  2. G'Day , Bronzed Aussie. Fuckin too hot here lately. I think I'll draw a cartoon, have a drink and a joint and lie down.


    Are you and your wife coping in England , OK?

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    2. Drew 404

      Drew 404

      When I get a place to pull this engine out I want to do the oversized piston and liners and if I'm going to do that I might as well play with the cam and squeeze a little more out of it...... I like the baffle plate you put in the sump. Have you heard of a Dutch company called ez steering , they do electric power steering for 404 but not cheap . Would like to make something up myself because I got a price of £2600 fitted not cheap

    3. Stewart


      Hi man. I found something during learning and pondering today. A 1200 Datto grind for your cam. A used sierra turbo might be worth a look too. . 

      With power steer I recall that a 505 x member will bolt to the 404. The column would have to be wriggled a bit and maybe a 505 power steer rack might be able to fit. There would be a bit of metal work.

    4. Drew 404

      Drew 404

      You love a turbo....... I'll make my own electric power steer if I can find the right unit and fit it under the dash. A lot of them have adjustable torque so you can create the right feel

  3. Hi stew .........or should I say hunter s.......

    1. Stewart


      well hi there you big bronzed Aussie. These guys are very nice and funny. I think jest heve myself a whiskey ta celebrate yerr arrival.

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