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  1. WTB Peugeot 505 v6 alternator that is working. 562 356-7776 ask for Ruben.
  2. Please can someone tell me the thickness and with of the N9T piston pin in inches? Thanks
  3. Looking for an European headlight for a peugeot 505, passenger side. Please call me at 562 356-7776 . Thanks ask for ruben
  4. Looking for an European headlight for a peugeot 505, passenger side. Please call me at 562 356-7776 . Thanks ask for ruben
  5. Hi, do you have the big hose that connects from the air filter sensor to the turbo? If you do please let me know. Thanks
  6. car starts at 1100 rpms when cold, runs smooth but after around 5 minutes the idle goes down to 950 and the vibration starts. I open the idle screw one third of a turn and the vibration stops. At around 8 minutes when the engine warms up the vibration returns so then I close the idle screw almost a one third of a turn from the end and the vibration stops but when I reb the engine it smokes a little because it needs more air, so if I open the idle screw and reb the engine the smoke goes away but about 2 minutes later the vibration returns. Any suggestions are welcome, Thanks
  7. After 5 minutes engine turns off, will not start in gear, I turn off the key and then turn on the key and it starts fast but then after 3 blocks engine turns off again, and so on. No engine check light turns on. Any suggestions , Happy new year from Ruben
  8. Hi , I bought 4 of these and they looked brand new except they are not in a box. I put them in my 1985 Peugeot 505 turbo and they work very nice. The engine is very smooth. I strongly recommend them.
  9. Each day it starts slower and it takes longer to reach the normal ideal then it took 12 minutes and it only went about 50 rps higher. Now, it starts very slow about 700 rpms and shakes a lot and it never goes up. I tested the thermotime switch and the engine temperature censor and they are okay. The fuel pump pressure is 38. The cold injector gives me 5 ohms. The auxiliary air device gave me a reading of 32 ohms and the little door was close. The part number is 0280140174. I found two parts in the junkyard with these numbers 0280140126 and 0280140164. I tried this one but it only helped a little bit, tomorrow I will try the other one. If I connect the two hoses the engine runs okay and around 1,200 rpms, but I only let it run for about 15 seconds. Has anyone experienced this? Please give me some advice about this. Call me (562) 356-7776 and I live next to Los Angeles, ask for Ruben.
  10. New or used and can be other year as long it is compatible. Please call at (562)-356-7776 and ask for Ruben. Also, I live next to Los Angeles, California.
  11. Engine starts fast but shakes and exhaust makes your eyes water. It will slowly turn off after 3 minutes. Last week it ran well, but this week the problems are getting worse. I'll upload a short video on Youtube later on. Please any advice will be greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays! I live in near Los Angeles, feel free to call me at (562)-298-9526.
  12. Hi, my name is Ruben, I sent you an email already through eBay asking you if you are selling the turbo unit with the inter cooler. How much with the rebuild kit? I live in Los Angeles, California and you can call me at (562)347-8047 I am also very interested in the short block, I would like to discuss about it as well. I will probably need more parts and please at your earliest convenience give me a call. Have a nice day!
  13. Hi, do you have an 89 turbo with the inter cooler and the tube connecting to the intake. If it's not an 89, what years do you have? Do you have the electrical book? Call me at 5623657776 and live in Los Angeles and ask for Ruben.
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