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    N9TE Engine Rebuild

    Thank you for your reply @Bean, and your post about head studs! My plan for the engine management system is to use Electronic fuel injection with bigger injectors. Haven't decided on a brand yet, that depends a bit on what brand the "tuning-guy" prefers! Currently I dont have any particular plans for the exhaust manifold. As for the intake manifold I hope to reuse the original intake, maybe give it to a guy to enhance the flow-rate. Cheers, Endre
  2. Endrulf

    N9TE Engine Rebuild

    Hi, I'm planning to rebuild the engine for my 1986 Peugeot 505 2.2 Turbo Injection. I want to make the engine good for around 400+ HP and I'm looking for the following parts: - Cylinder head gasket (reinforced) - Engine gasket kit - Set of 8 connecting rod bearings - Set of 10 half crankshaft bearings - Adjustable fuel pressure regulator - Simple distribution kit (chain + tensioner) - ARP studs for the cylinderhead Do you guys know where I can buy quality parts for my N9TE? I know of www.politecnic.com but they dont got everything I need :( Where you do guy buy your 505Ti parts? I already have the Garrett GT3076R turbo, custom forged nascar-spec pistons with gapless rings, ARP conrod bolts etc. If you know any other parts or things that might be useful to replace/upgrade, please let me know. Cheers Endre