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  1. gary747x

    Wanted XN1 / XN6 Pistons & Liners

    Andre & Rabin, Thanks for the help and comments. Once the Summer slows down, I'll do a better job documenting carb swap. Turned out to be not that hard. Best regards, Gary
  2. gary747x

    2015 LeMons PNWGP

    Passed tech! Finished 3rd in class C, 270 laps, 675 miles in 14.5 hours. fastest lap 2:26.
  3. gary747x

    2015 LeMons PNWGP

    Coming down the corkscrew leading the Caravan!
  4. gary747x

    2015 LeMons PNWGP

    Coming out of the Ridge complex. New anti-roll bars keeping it flat.
  5. gary747x

    2015 LeMons PNWGP

    Coming out of the Ridge complex leading the Alfa
  6. gary747x

    2015 LeMons PNWGP

    Front Straight 100mph
  7. gary747x

    2015 LeMons Engine - Left

    1985 505 S - XN6 with Hitachi carbs
  8. gary747x

    2015 LeMons Engine - Front

    1985 505 S - XN6 with Hitachi carbs
  9. gary747x

    Wanted XN1 / XN6 Pistons & Liners

    Hi Andre, Just got back from our first race of the year. The engine ran flawless thanks to the pistons and lines you sold me! Thanks again for helping us get back on the track! Gary
  10. Thanks Rabin, We ended up finding some at a defunct Peugeot dealer in the Denver area, Pioneer Motors (?). They worked great as did the pistons and liners I got from Andre. The engine ran flawless for the entire 14.5 hr race! We don't rev above 5000rpm to keep the stock valve train from floating, so I think the engine will last many more seasons. Gary
  11. While tightening the lash adjuster jam-nuts, the threaded adjuster snapped on the exhaust valves! Just using the spec torque and the intakes were OK. Not sure if they were weakened by the higher heat of the exhaust valve or what? Is this a common XN engine problem? So I am in need of new/old rocker arms or separate adjusters. I found 2 on ebay and bought those, so looking for 2 more. thanks for reading my post. Gary
  12. gary747x

    LeMons 505

    Gallery of 505 S modified to run in 24 hours of LeMons
  13. gary747x

    Wanted XN1 / XN6 Pistons & Liners

    Thanks Rabin and Andre'! I will be in contact. Gary
  14. Hello Peugeot enthusiasts! I need help sourcing pistons and liners for my '85 505 S (XN6). Background story: I Heard a slight engine knock during cold start-up. Well, it got louder. I tore it down expecting to see a loose rod bearing, but instead found a broken #1 (rear) piston skirt in the oil pan! Further inspection reveled multiple cracks in the piston skirt radiating from the pin hole. I think I was very close to a "big bang" end to the engine. I see some overseas sources of pistons/liners on the internet , but was hoping to find them in North America (am I being naive?). Any help with my search for pistons/liners would be appreciated Thanks!