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  1. Yes the brake hose is a bit short makes for very tight bend, I returned them. I got correct set from Germany right length and cheap. To answer your challenge question there is nothing special about replacing pads, the only thing I would check while pads are out is piston boot and if the piston is in correct rotation position.
  2. I agree Rock Auto is hit and miss when it comes to peugeot parts, I buy a lot, but you have to know what to buy and investigate the parts they are offering. This goes for all brands, some of their after market parts are inferior especially mounts. Aftermarket companies go by dimensions to make their parts sometimes they forget the engineering. It calls for certain material type and durometer to be OEM equivalent. Flex lines are too short.
  3. Yes the ABS rotors are difficult to find, the rest is available. But one can make a 944 rotor fit with some modifications and machined parts.
  4. Hi Bean, which year of the porsche 944 has the same ABS front rotors as the 505? I need new rotors and they are extinct. I can machine if necessary. Just got my N9TE rebuild and runs great. Driving it a lot.
  5. Hey YHZMAN Can you measure thickness of the front rotors, if they are not too worn the shipping maybe worth it to US - Oregon. Secondly I could use the shifting rods both if the knuckles aren't worn out.
  6. Hey Rick Thanks for the update, somebody beat me to it darn it. I was in Seattle all day Sat from 4.30 am and by the time I got back 9.00pm somebody already nabbed both 405' probably another Peugeot nut like myself. they were both dead not drivable. But I did find a 405 Wagon in nice condition needs a few things but interiror and ext is great. So I am still looking for another Sedan. John must want one bad!!!!! I started to rebuild my Turbo Wagon and my Turbo Sedan is next for summer project. don't toss the Turbo engine if you want to get rid of it, I could always use some parts when you swap it to a Diesel. I am still looking for my Turbo SW8 I had to sell 5 years ago. I put so much work into it and had to sell. I really regret that now, should have parrked it somewhere, now start all over. It was a N9TEA 1989. Cheers Ingo
  7. Wanted VIN: VF3BF71F5KS426038 ANybody seen it- finders fee!!!!
  8. Thanks for the reply. Nice one cutting off the Eqyptians I am all for that. John had an entire wrecking yard down in Corvallis full of parts and I think he sold them all to the guys they are getting gready. That's an idea perhaps I should get me a diesel engine and convert it. I am in Seattle on Saturday as well up thru Edmonds. I could look at any of them if it's near by or on the way? I had a 68 404 Wagon was so awesome and had to let it go when I went overseas for a while. If you come across one or a 405 Wagon let me know too. Ingo
  9. Hi Rick I am new to the group, just found this group. I usually scour the internet to find Peugeots and Craigslist. Is the 505 Wagon still available or have the Egyptians already got a hold of it? It sounds like the head is cracked the usual thing on Cyl 2 or 3. How many miles does it have and other mechanical condition? My Wagons interior isn't the best shape and my motor die. I am re building the motor and if your Wagon is in better shape I may just put the re build motor in your car and call my Wagon a parts car. I am a mechanic and worked for Peugeot for 20 years. I have a lot of new parts from when the dealer closed - Peugeot quitting the US. I also have connections to the EU and can get pretty much anything for Peugeot if Rock doesn't have it. Thanks Ingo
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