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  1. I know there is somebody in France with a ROC head that is trying to make some kind of 2.2 16v hybrid engine like Matra did. You on the other hand need the full set of F2 parts.
  2. For a 1975 F2 a JRD engine is outdated, the 8v engine only makes sense if you're waiting for a proper ROC to be rebuilt.
  3. Ford BDA, BMW M12/7 or Schnitzer 20-4 are more suited.
  4. b29, like in Chevron B29 I guess. It is said that the ROC F2 engine was designed by Mario Illien and developed by Hans Funda. The N9T bottom end is the last and best iteration of the Simca-Chrysler engine but not so special, you can find some N/A Tagora and Matra Murena with the "N9T" cast on the cylinder block. Try the French Autodiva forum for more info about your car: http://www.autodiva.fr/forum/viewforum.php?f=2
  5. The cap can do on a N/A Matra Murena, to be Murena friendly you also need those two mounting bosses:
  6. You can also use a Nissan 720 distributor cap for a period correct look. And for the existing heads why not beryllium copper valve seats, with this you can hope to spread the heat away from the cracking zone.
  7. The best way to have new heads cast is probably to made them JRD style so that they can also be machined for dual plugs and used in historic race cars. You should ask Marcel Morel about that: http://www.maurelec.fr/
  8. Check the low oil pressure switch on the engine block, this one doesn't need any trick to illuminate before start. The missing warning lights may be wired with the low oil pressure switch to illuminate before start.
  9. SRDT

    1983 Turbo Diesel

    To feel the turbo working you need a turbo that work but also and a pump that give the extra fuel, if the boost compensator isn't doing his job then the boost is useless.
  10. How is the wear on the pump part? This original Bosch unit must be really well built for this part to be the first to go.
  11. I may have a old Niva one somewhere.
  12. This looks very italian, it's specific to the 404 C right? Lada had (has?) allmost exactly the same system: Might be a good supply if the parts match, they looks like ugly knock off of 70' Fiat parts but they must withstand the russian winter and so some may even be better engineered.
  13. SRDT

    Fog Light options

    The rectangular ones are more period correct for a 505, mostly Cibié or S.E.V. Marchal at the time at least in France.
  14. SRDT

    Fog Light options

    On the late bumpers il looks like SIEM units, same as the 205 GTI driving lights. Do you have any pictures of what you're looking for?
  15. 8 bit processor and EPROM, impressive for a 80' car.