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  1. I may have a old Niva one somewhere.
  2. This looks very italian, it's specific to the 404 C right? Lada had (has?) allmost exactly the same system: Might be a good supply if the parts match, they looks like ugly knock off of 70' Fiat parts but they must withstand the russian winter and so some may even be better engineered.
  3. SRDT

    Fog Light options

    The rectangular ones are more period correct for a 505, mostly Cibié or S.E.V. Marchal at the time at least in France.
  4. SRDT

    Fog Light options

    On the late bumpers il looks like SIEM units, same as the 205 GTI driving lights. Do you have any pictures of what you're looking for?
  5. 8 bit processor and EPROM, impressive for a 80' car.
  6. Do you have more pictures of the inside of this box? Is that the knock module or the one with the curves?
  7. L'aventure Peugeot just started an online store with new old stock and new parts: https://www.pieces-de-rechange-classic.com/fr/ Also this one can get some hard to find NOS: http://www.serie04.com/en/
  8. The big one is for the oil pressure gauge, the small one is for the warning light ; there is also a oil level sensor on the back. I think only the BX GTI / 16 Soupapes used them all with the oil pressure gauge displaying the oil level at each engine start. On the back of the mk1 405 instrument cluster you can see that at some point they planned to use a 4th gauge under the rev counter, they did it later on the T16 and the 306.
  9. SRDT

    transmission swaps for 405s

    MB6 with long diesel final drive vs Mi16 BE3, this way you have a similar long 1st gear and 2nd ins't that bad: With an even longer final drive the 2nd is right and the 1st good enough: Now if you want five usefull ratios try those two: Here is the shortest one: And now VS the BE3/6: This isn't really suited for the XU9J4 engine, it could work with custom pinions for 3/4/5/6 as seen in the first diagrams.
  10. SRDT

    transmission swaps for 405s

    I have some gears and final drive ratios: 19x72, 19x75, 17x73, 17x77 and 17X86 for final drives. Crowns are BE4 parts. 11x38, 21x43, 31x40, 40x39, 46x35, 53x32 gears for the gasoline engine. This is like the old BE "N" set of ratios with a shorter 2nd and 6th added, the Mi16 use the "P-PK": same as the "N" but with a longer 1st like the GTI. If you don't want the 6th to be only an overdrive you need the short 17x86 final drive but then 1st and 2nd are really short.
  11. SRDT

    New 508

    The chinese version may be more like a regular sedan with no hatch and a longer wheelbase.
  12. SRDT

    New 508

    Peugeot unveiled the next generation 508: http://int-media.peugeot.com/en/new-peugeot-508-radical-saloon
  13. Turns out it was 9 pin not 8 after all, and here is the mk2 wiring: And this guy did it on a 605, looks like it's the same as the mk1 405 ; or at least the switch is: http://peugeot605.forumeurs.fr/phase-adapter-sequentiel-t386.html
  14. The wiring loom on my 309 is still stock, you could also do it like that on the 405 with a 8 9 pin module but only for the driver side. On the passenger side I even used diodes to find a ground on the switch connector and not having to take it somewere else (when the driver is operating the passenger window there is one wire at 0v and the other at 12v).
  15. Non-drying putty? Here whe call it... "Mastic Américain". Perfect stuff for this job.