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  1. Nice bumpers ; if you want to switch from fog lamps to driving lamps you can look for some SIM 3216, they are almost as good as the real SIEMs.
  2. The Alfa 155 DTM was using a 90° V6 on the later years, with a 90° V there was more room for the intake and the engine could be more compact than with the 60° angle from the stock Alfa "Busso" V6. The thing is that to make this bespoke race engine you needed to use the V angle and bore spacing of a real engine that had been fitted to one of your cars. As it turns out for a few years Fiat had made Alfa and Lancia a single company and during those years the Lancia Thema 6V was using a 2.8 PRV V6... so Alfa homologated the 90° V and 108mm bore spacing from the PRV and then designed a race engine that was yet wasn't a PRV.
  3. Danielson did a good job with their V6 but the 2.8 193hp engine from the Alpine A310 V6 "Boulogne" was cheaper, they used a stock B28E volvo engine with -1mm on the heads, devil headers, Tagora SX intake manifolds matched to bigger carbs (Weber 46 IDA 3C) and that's about it.
  4. You can hide an aftermarket ECU inside the Jetronic box. The N9TEA 175hp cat engine is using a Bosch EZK ignition with knock sensor and boost control so as long as you find some EZK tuner you can keep it.
  5. Fenix 3B diagram for the ZPJ ? No problem. And if you read a bit of French you will have more than that. Create your own build thread and I will post the link there.
  6. It could be the Bosch VP15 system. http://public.servicebox.peugeot.com/classic/AIDE/8505/FB/G1/index.html
  7. If the IP can't see the boost then it's just like if you don't have any, check the vacuum lines on the boost compensator.
  8. It's a 262C with the PRV V6, Bertone was welding a new roof on 2 doors body shells.
  9. The shape of the 505 flange is similar to a K24/K26 flange, how close are they dimensionwise? That's a really good question.
  10. It may be 535kg on the disc and not on the bearing, I'm not sure how Peugeot is measuring this.
  11. I think it's 5250 N or 535 kg with the pull type clutch, best stock 215mm clutch for a BE gearbox ; you can go up to 228mm but then the flywheel is a bit tricky.
  12. I have none in English but... French: XD3T Spanish: https://www.technirevue.com/revue_technique/revue-technique-peugeot-505.pdf Dutch: https://www.peugeot404vereniging.nl/docs/Indenor Dieselmotor Peugeot J7-9,404,504,505,505 Turbo,604 Turbo, Instructie, - OCR.pdf https://www.peugeot404vereniging.nl/docs/Vraagbaak voor de Indenor Dieselmotor - Ph Olving - Kluwer - 1983 - OCR - NL.pdf You can copy/paste the Dutch ones in google translate.
  13. It was done more than once for the XUD, even with a BA/7 gearbox. For the engine tilt 18,5° was possible with DW10 oil pump and sump, there is also the Peugeot J5 / Citroën C25 with a XUD9A engine that was at best straight if not slightly leaning forward.
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