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  1. The shape of the 505 flange is similar to a K24/K26 flange, how close are they dimensionwise? That's a really good question.
  2. It may be 535kg on the disc and not on the bearing, I'm not sure how Peugeot is measuring this.
  3. I think it's 5250 N or 535 kg with the pull type clutch, best stock 215mm clutch for a BE gearbox ; you can go up to 228mm but then the flywheel is a bit tricky.
  4. I have none in English but... French: XD3T Spanish: https://www.technirevue.com/revue_technique/revue-technique-peugeot-505.pdf Dutch: https://www.peugeot404vereniging.nl/docs/Indenor Dieselmotor Peugeot J7-9,404,504,505,505 Turbo,604 Turbo, Instructie, - OCR.pdf https://www.peugeot404vereniging.nl/docs/Vraagbaak voor de Indenor Dieselmotor - Ph Olving - Kluwer - 1983 - OCR - NL.pdf You can copy/paste the Dutch ones in google translate.
  5. It was done more than once for the XUD, even with a BA/7 gearbox. For the engine tilt 18,5° was possible with DW10 oil pump and sump, there is also the Peugeot J5 / Citroën C25 with a XUD9A engine that was at best straight if not slightly leaning forward.
  6. The real gauge is a custom aircraft instrument, the only one wit the correct range that I ever saw on sale was from a WW2 airplane and so had radium paint inside... You can also buy a replica for quite a bit of money.
  7. For the instrument panel the big boost gauge should be white with a blue needle, just like the one on allmost any french turbo race car from the 80': 205 Turbo 16, 405 Turbo 16, 505 Superproduction, 309 Turbo Cup, Citroen AX Superproduction, R5 Turbo, R21 Superproduction, R11 Turbo Gr.A...
  8. Try to use a forged DW10 crank: +47cc and +1mm at TDC
  9. Almost all test mules end up scraped so if Peugeot made any 505 Turbo 16 it was at best used for testing another engine or two before meeting his end.
  10. Really cool, Peugeot probably made at least one 505 Turbo 16 as a test mule for the 205 Turbo 16 engine. I'm curious about the way you will mate the XU and the BA10.
  11. Maybe you're just the first one to set it the right way. Can you check the valve lift with your tool?
  12. It should be on the left but you don't have much room so maybe on these pumps it's on the right.
  13. Yep, fast idle as long as it's cold and then slow idle for less noise and more MPG. Do you have a Lucas or a Bosch pump?
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