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  1. Master cylinder? do take a picture. I have an 89 and yet to come across something similar. Pictures would be worth a thousand words
  2. KB_fiver89

    89 4N9TE won't start

    Motor is at tdc. Checked and checked again. Just got done removing cover and adjusting intake and exhaust valves all over again. Will attempt again in the morning
  3. Check your pulleys. Happened in 06 when I kept throwing a belt.....AC pulley was bad and damaged compressor in process
  4. KB_fiver89

    89 4N9TE won't start

    So I got the head gasket, new rings, put everything back together by the book, got spark but the car still will not start. It sounds sluggish while attempting to crank it up. Got gas, got spark but somehow that's not enough...... What am I missing???
  5. KB_fiver89

    1985 Peugeot 505 Turbo

    How much and where are you located? Is it posted anywhere else like craigslist or Facebook?
  6. KB_fiver89

    Mummy's SW8 wagon.

    Thank you kindly. I have requested to join the group. Let admin know that I am at the door lol. Also if there's another blog or page that has parts for sale.........
  7. KB_fiver89

    Mummy's SW8 wagon.

    The share on facebook link sends me to my own account. I was wondering what the name of this FB account is so I can join. There's like 14 different Peugeot pages......
  8. KB_fiver89

    1989 505 Turbo 5-speed Sedan in Arlington, Virginia

    How much? I already have it as a desk top pic
  9. KB_fiver89

    Mummy's SW8 wagon.

    Whats the facebook page???
  10. KB_fiver89

    1982 Peugeot

    Manual. Talked the guy down to $300 or basically paid the guys city violation tickets to haul off the car. Sold it by end of the day to a friend. The motor fired right up and honestly sounds better than my 89. For some reason it won't let me post more pics......
  11. KB_fiver89

    1982 Peugeot

    Haven't heard back but apparently the car runs just has a fuel leak. Save from crusher....... $500
  12. KB_fiver89

    1989 4N9TE piston rings

    You guys are hilarious!!! Ok I don't know if you know Madhu on here but he's easily the number one vendor if not number two. He sold me a whole set and just told me that they're aftermarket and should fit. My buddy owns the shop and Audi owners pay really well. To be honest we'd have finished this build and his 72 Mercedes 6 months ago but there's always an Audi A6 or A8 needing timing lol. I'm about to post a peugeot that's for sale down the street. I agree that replacing one set of rings would be ignant as hell lol
  13. KB_fiver89

    1989 4N9TE piston rings

    I need some help here. I bought these rings from Madhu but they look different from mine. Cant seem to get a hold of him so was wondering if you guys could tell me if they would work based off that part number??? Thanks. Ps.... I also have a stack of manuals that might come in handy for someone.......
  14. KB_fiver89

    84 505 2.0 gas for sale

    Will you part out? I need the wheels and brake booster assembly.....