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  1. Alfanatiker

    N9TE Engine Rebuild

    Where are you located, Endre? I bought my parts from https://www.mespiecesauto.com/?swoof=1&product_cat=peugeot-505-turbo-injection My engine now has the forged rods as well, but original pistons. And currently my clutch is in USA, so spec clutch can spesial make one for me, as they didnt have anything that fit the car.
  2. Wheel specs are in the other post with pictures of them 😊 ("These are 7,5x16 ET 7 and 8X16 ET 10´s") About tires, I dont know yet. I´ll wait until I have them on a car to look.
  3. After almost 1 year, finally I have the wheels in my possession!! I ordered these directly from Gotti, 22th of July 2017. But today I finally have them I'm my garage! What lovely set of wheels! 🤩
  4. After almost a year!!! My wheels are finally finished by Gotti. These are 7,5x16 ET 7 and 8X16 ET 10´s Now its only a matter of getting them home! 😎
  5. Hello. Is it anyone here that knows the size of the big end (without the bearings) on the rods for these engines? I know the crank pin where the rod is connected is supposed to be 52mm, but I need the size of the rod as well. As I need to make new bearings with 0,50mm over to fit a grinded 51,5mm crank.
  6. I think you misunderstood. Regarding the distributor bracket a couple of years ago... you told me that you may have, but also told me to ask V-M first. I asked V-M, he had, and he sent me. No worries about that. You did actually help 500 sounds insane. Even shipping something from Norway should be cheaper And btw, it would be needed in Lithuania, as that is where my car is at the moment
  7. What would shipping be? I´ve messaged V-M, and also earlier about other things. But he unfortunately doesn´t really seem that active. I belive you where the same guy that also could send me the bracket for holding my distributor, had it not been for that V-M was able to help me there?
  8. Unfortunately, I need a new crankshaft. Can anyone here be of any help?
  9. Not too much information now. But things are anyway happening. Now the engine is out for changing a couple of bearings, piston rings and putting in H-beam forged rods.
  10. I'll remember that. Are you btw the same person that sent me a bracket for securing the ignition distributor? From Finland? Actually, my car didn't even start, and there is a possibility that it is a rod knock in it as well. So it's definitely a big project. And with standing outdoors for 15 years, not much electrical was working either. Btw: how much for the complete Dani head? And what's the specs on them regarding cfm flow on intake/exhaust, valve lift and sizes, duration of cam etc? And if you know, what are the flow on the standard head? I know the questions may be a bit technical, but I figure you might be the guy that actually knows
  11. I´m sorry for the opposite sortation of the pictures here. The last 10 pictures, is of course from before the restoration started.
  12. Hello people. From 2000-2002 I was 16-18 and I had a 505 GTI -86 modell sedan for both practice driving and after I got my license (we get to take it when we become 18 here in Norway). I had a lot of fun with the GTI, and loved the car, but was 18 and needed something else and traded a couple of times until I ended up with my first Alfa Romeo (that I still have). Since then I´ve always wanted a Turbo Injection, but never really had the opportunity (or priority) to buy one when they were for sale. And for sale they were extremely rare. Maybe only 2-3 times that I could see for all those years. But it 2015 I was offered a complete project car for about 350 USD (or 3000 Norwegian kroner) by its first owner that bought it in 1986. This equals to some kind of mortgage that the customs gives back when we wreck the cars, so I in a way got the car for free. Then it was impossible to say no, and the car was only 45-50 minutes away from me. But the car didn't run, and it was plenty of rust, AND it had not been on the road since 2002. But anyway, I´ve now finally got my 505 Turbo!! And its a 176C engine in it, which means its the 180bhp version! Currently, the car is being welded and getting all other bodywork done through some previous colleges of mine from Lithuania. I myself am going to build the engine (as that is where I shine, and not with bodywork). My goal is to have a really nice looking turbo, with about 300-350 bhp or maybe even more in the future (if its possible to get H-beam rods not to expensive, and that the crank already is forged and nitrided from factory?). And here are some pictures from the car, and work done until now. I guess most people would never started on a car like this!! But since I got it so cheap, I´m willing to give it new life!
  13. Hi all 505 experts. I have a nice set of the wheels in the picture. But have never seen them live before, and barely in pictures. Does anyone here know the origin of them? I found some pictures in a Subaru forum where a guy wrote they where optional extra for 505 turbo, and deliverd by the racing part of peugeot and talbot? They are 6x14 with ET25. P.s sorry for the picture in the dark. I live in Norway, and there's no sun her when the winter is on its way
  14. New question... Could I use a BA7/5 from anything? Or is it some differences on them? A guy I know told me that it could be some differences on the input shaft between the engines. And that I probably needed a box ment for NA diesel...