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  1. Alfanatiker

    N9TE Engine Rebuild

    Regarding proper fueling etc, thats my thought as well. And also I have read somewhere that the cars have had a tendency to run lean when original? That can very easy create problems. I will probably run this car with a wideband lambda from day one. So I have full control of what´s going on with this old system before I think of using the car hard. Even before I start changing the turbo and ecu etc. Regarding sodium valves. They can often break when under hard strain. And of course result in catastrophic consequences for the engine as a whole.
  2. Alfanatiker

    N9TE Engine Rebuild

    My engine had a rod knock, so I needed new rods anyway. Regarding pistons, I have never needed to change pistons on my turbo builds (not Peugeot btw). And I´ve always used original head gaskets. So I never saw the reason to do that in this engine either. Mostly it´s about adjusting for the correct AFR and advance. And hope that not old exhaust valves brake. Are these sodium filled btw? Or are they stainless or something else?
  3. Hello Wales. I've always used the pre assembled setups from Diyautotune. I buy the ecu assembled, and then a harness in the preferred length I need. And then it's about 10 hours of work with soldering and positioning of the harness depending on where I put the ecu and sensors. Then another couple of hours with software based setup before I can think about trying to start the car. And from then on, normally there is some troubleshooting with sensors etc for a couple of days before the car actually starts. 😂 It all depends what I want to use of old sensors etc.
  4. I dont like using a original clutch in as good condition as mine, for rebuild. But it was all I had. Mine is a 3+ btw, and still sprung, as you can se from the pictures. 😊 For aftermarked ecu I will be using MS3X probably. As I basically have been owning at least one car with megasquirt since 2007/2008, continuously. At the moment, two of my Alfa´s has it set up. So I´m somewhat experienced with their systems. 😊
  5. Hello people!. I´m still struggling with this old girl. Not with the work as I dont do that myself now, but with organizing and sourcing parts that are pretty much impossible to get hold of. Last update is that I ordered a Spec clutch 3+ clutch kit as this baby is going to be properly tuned when I get it back. But apparently, Spec Clutches had the same information about diameter and pressure plate dimensions for the NA and the Turbo engines. This of course didn´t fit my car (as the turbo has about 20mm larger diameter clutch). So I (that live in Norway), had to organize for my contact where my car is (in Lithuanina) to get his mechanics to ship the new AND the old clutch to Spec Clutches in USA. So they again can special make a one of clutch from rebuilding the original pressure plate (as their supplier of plates has discontinued the turbo plate), and make a new friction plate to go with it. I cant say it´s been a easy task sourcing parts for this project! 😂 I´ll attach a couple of pictures of the clutch issue, and how the car is parked at the moment.
  6. Alfanatiker

    N9TE Engine Rebuild

    Where are you located, Endre? I bought my parts from https://www.mespiecesauto.com/?swoof=1&product_cat=peugeot-505-turbo-injection My engine now has the forged rods as well, but original pistons. And currently my clutch is in USA, so spec clutch can spesial make one for me, as they didnt have anything that fit the car.
  7. Wheel specs are in the other post with pictures of them 😊 ("These are 7,5x16 ET 7 and 8X16 ET 10´s") About tires, I dont know yet. I´ll wait until I have them on a car to look.
  8. After almost 1 year, finally I have the wheels in my possession!! I ordered these directly from Gotti, 22th of July 2017. But today I finally have them I'm my garage! What lovely set of wheels! 🤩
  9. After almost a year!!! My wheels are finally finished by Gotti. These are 7,5x16 ET 7 and 8X16 ET 10´s Now its only a matter of getting them home! 😎
  10. Hello. Is it anyone here that knows the size of the big end (without the bearings) on the rods for these engines? I know the crank pin where the rod is connected is supposed to be 52mm, but I need the size of the rod as well. As I need to make new bearings with 0,50mm over to fit a grinded 51,5mm crank.
  11. I think you misunderstood. Regarding the distributor bracket a couple of years ago... you told me that you may have, but also told me to ask V-M first. I asked V-M, he had, and he sent me. No worries about that. You did actually help 500 sounds insane. Even shipping something from Norway should be cheaper And btw, it would be needed in Lithuania, as that is where my car is at the moment
  12. What would shipping be? I´ve messaged V-M, and also earlier about other things. But he unfortunately doesn´t really seem that active. I belive you where the same guy that also could send me the bracket for holding my distributor, had it not been for that V-M was able to help me there?
  13. Unfortunately, I need a new crankshaft. Can anyone here be of any help?
  14. Not too much information now. But things are anyway happening. Now the engine is out for changing a couple of bearings, piston rings and putting in H-beam forged rods.