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  1. Rabin, Thanks, I'm not really one for social media so would not have been able to post to that site I have $1,500 in one of the tags.. Might be a bit high but also want to discourage unrealistic low ball offers Might also contact Diesel Rd. On here he's my fellow Tucsonan on here with the 82 S sedan. I think he and I have the only Peugeots in the city and I know he said he liked the wagons Scott,
  2. Thanks Rabin, I've also just got a few too many projects and cars at the moment including a 1968 Jeep Commando, 1984 Jeep Garand Wagoneer a 1988 Cadillac Sedan deVille a 1989 Pontiac Parisienne wagon and last but not least an 03 Chevrolet Avalance and only so much driveway space 😀 Scott
  3. I recently purchased this 505 wagon from its original owner.. Odometer shows 126,000 but owner said its closer to 150,000. Car was purchased here in Tucson so it has ZERO rust.. Still has original owners manual, warranty booklet and service records packet from the factory.. If any of you have read my previous posts the car does run though it does stall when ideling in drive and restarts and can be driven again.. It's almost as if idle is set too low for emissions testing.. A couple of the doors won't open from the inside or outside I'm told it's a common problem if they haven't been used.. I have ordered a few interior parts that were broken and have found 1 refurbished 14" alloy wheel.. The previous owner had had it sitting awhile and hadn't been driving it.. Unfortunately it's suffering the same fate in my care.. I just don't feel the chemistry for this car I should., I just can't get past the ambulance / hearse like rear end and the football shaped instrument cluster.. The car needs to find a home with someone who truly appreciates it and wants to restore it. Asking $900 just want out of it what I've got in it email me at scottvanduyn@cox.net or call 602-820-5900 Thanks, Scott
  4. Thanks, While all this may be true.. I'm just not a fan of the wagons styling from the rear door on there's an almost ambulance or hearse like quality I just can't seem to get past.. The sedans are much more attractive in my opinion.. It's also the styling of the interior or lack there of on the earlier models I can't grow to love especially the oblong instrument cluster.
  5. Thanks for the advice, i actually used to work for the local Volvo dealer here in Tucson and have owned plenty of Swedish Bricks in my life time as well as having a membership to the local VCOA. If I have a car that needs Volvo parts in order to function my preference would be to just own another Volvo.. Even parts for Volvo are getting scarce as I've had everything from a 122s to a v90.. I've come to the decision I'm just not as in to this car as I ought to be and its just sitting in my driveway like it did with its previous owner so I'll be listing it on here shortly..
  6. Having some trouble with my 505 stalling while at idle in traffic.. While car is stopped in traffic it stalls while in drive after a few seconds and starts right back up again.. Once started again the car has a tremendous lag in power, you have to floor it and it barely moves then takes off.. After experiencing this problem I decided to give Nelsons Garage a call as they are the only Peugeot repair listed in Arizona.. The # is no longer in service.. I decided to drive by and the address is only a delapidated old adobe house with no roof and 3 walls holding it up.. Just thought I'd put that out there so it can be deleated from this site and I search for some other garage with knowledge on how to work on Peugeots Sorry the mechanics list is on jaskstuff.com I like my fellow Tucsonan and Peugeot Entusiast am having such a difficult time acquiring parts my head is starting to spin.. I've tried ordering new wheels for my car and have been unsuccessful with my orders being canceled twice now on 2 different sets.. I was able to acquire one but one wheel doesn't do a whole lot of good.. It's pretty but also pretty useless without it mates..
  7. Rabin, Thank you for the info.. My wagon has the 4 banger with Auto and 126k on the clock
  8. Hello, I recently purchased a 1884 Peugeot 505 wagon from my neighbor who was it's original owner.. The only door that is operational is the drivers door. The rear passenger door handle feels like its sprung when you try and use it from the outside.. The other two doors just feel like they are locked on the outside but none seem to want to open from either the inside or the outside.. Has anyone experienced this problem with their 505's ? I've also got a few other issues I could use help with. It. I can't seem to get the fan to blow when I use controls for Heat/AC and my brights don't seem to come on.. I haven't checked my fuses for these issues yet but if it comes to trouble shooting electrical issues I am completely inept., Thanks,
  9. I just purchased a 1984 505 S wagon from its original owner.. It's an original AZ car with ZERO rust.. Unfortunately our Tucson summers are brutal especially on plastic parts.. My Pug is missing the map lights and dome light between the visors.. A couple of the doors don't open from the outside.. Think I need a couple of door handles.. The lights turn on but I can't seem to get the brights to work. New switch?? Mine has burnt cracked 14" wheel covers.. Would like to find 15" turbo alloy wheels like the ones pictured. Also would like to find a set of quad round pre 1984 headlights for it as well.. Thought I found my 15" wheels from a wheel supplier online but sadly out of stock and my order was canceled refunded.. I also thought I was able to find a set of the 1984 and older 14" multi spoke turbine like in the last pic but again no dice online but did get the only 2 on eBay so I need 2 more if I can't find the 15" I've also been kicking around the idea of potentially selling it.. My neighbor sold it to me because he wasn't driving it and I had been ogling it for over a year.. Sadly I've owed the car for over a month and I've been so swamped @ work I haven't had time to drive or work on it. I think my feeling discouraged and deflated about finding parts for it is also weighing on my interest in it. Thanks, Scott
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