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  1. It is interesting to me how this 404 is built, the insolation, construction, rubber floor mats, it reminds me of Fiat's and Lada's from that time. That said you really are doing quality job restoring and reassembly it and that body color, that deep blue in the photos really looks good.
  2. In my experience almost all euro manufacturers use same fittings, some only metric some mix and match but there is a good chance any hydraulic hose making shop will have new fittings and fresh rubber line for them 100 bar line is like a garden hose they deal all day long with hose exiding 1000 bars, in the past i've had good luck in junkyards with hoses from other makes like Vw volvo the end at the pump is almost always the same just similar length and other end to mach.
  3. I bit late but seems i'm doing the same jobs as you Savo, the rear end and suspension is coming down. The drum brakes suck and failed not to mention the drums got welded to the axle shafts so i had to cut the drums to get them off, also the bushings are completely destroyed and the suspension bars are bent and roten, so everything is getting replaced. No more messing with drum brakes, i got the axles machined to accept front discs and now i'm working on the brackets for the brake calipers, i'll also be making new suspension links with poly bushings. Good thing i have a lathe now makes everything much easier.
  4. Remember this thing? I took me some time but i manage to get it patched up and ready for paint, painted, assembled.
  5. I'm sad to see this, but your car's soft parts, interior, rubber and plastic parts are in very good condition. Have you looked in buying a 405 from a dry place, like nevada or california, they have no rust but all the soft parts are destroyed by the sun, between yours and a clean shell you'll have a very good car, and spare parts. If you've lived in New Zealand you surely can do DIY mechanics.
  6. I've had a black 405 with fresh paint they do look great in black but they must be clean.
  7. It is obvious it's been sitting around from all the scraps from stuff being drag around it but looks to be solid, interior will clean up nicely. First thing i'll do is to remove that resistor box from the MAF the (plug extension) those always cause trouble, then install a battery in it and try starting it. From the look it still has the factory spark plug wires so it can't have too much mileage on it. The surface rust on all the brackets is not too scary try getting it running to see if is healthy and from the cleaning and maintenance.
  8. Welcome to the forum, bringing back cars that have been sitting for years is not hard but it takes few headaches. The x05 series of Peugeot are good candidate for this because, Peugeot used good quality materials making them. The design of the Mi16 makes it little harder to work or understand it then you everyday Honda or VW and once up and running they are very reliable and don't have the stupid little problems. If you are taking it to a mechanic start with getting it started and then changed the timing belt and do a fluid change if the car been in good running shape when parked that will be all it needs and then drive it and enjoy it.P.S post some pictures Mi16 in black are rare my mi16x4 started life black.
  9. It's been year and a half since the last update and almost that long since i've driven this car. I've been working with couple of companies to get sponsored for a ECU ( programmable engine management) for this car but no luck, no one has even heard of that engine. I've been running the engine every couple of months just to keep the fluids circulating and the seals from drying. And i've bought some parts that will solve the bump steer issue and make boosting it much easier.
  10. I wanted to update this thread, since then i've switched jobs, different drive to work also changed fuel station and the fuel economy came back, i'm around 7-8l/100km which for this type of driving, city and country, is good, my thoughts are bad fuel + hevy city driving and me being in a hurry did it, now i'm putting less mileage but almost always with 5 people in the car. I'm amazed how many trouble free kilometres this engine has passed with me and my brother i was very tempted to change it with a spare one i have when i did a clutch change couple of weeks back but at the last minute i keep it.
  11. I'm no expert on those engines but from experience, heat seal bolt in location or lifting plate bolt, i'll be more concerned about that oil leak and dry rot on the coolant hose coming from the the cilinder head
  12. Wow Mike, the progress looks great, a fresh interior makes a project come together, and start to look complete also the engine seems to be in excellent shape not to mention is over 50 years of age, you've have to take good care of it during your ownership. Also nice of you to share your travels, hope you are enjoying the 208, and the square steering wheel.
  13. Nice choose, on the turbocharger, those Gen2 are amazing, the response and the spool up times are so quick, on a good tune feels like a v8 no turbo lag at all. Keep up the good work.
  14. I'm late as usual to say, a very interesting project, have you considered using a Opel Omega 2,5td gearbox, like i did. What turbocharger are you planning to use.
  15. Backyard paint shop, it is starting to look like my place, Savo. By "405 classic’s" do you mean from a series 2 405's ?
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