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  1. Goce

    505 12hr drive

    Long drives in old Peugeots is not a problem they are not italian, if you don't know the car some parts are good idea, i usually bring, spare fuel filter, fuel pump, points , coil, jumper pack and some oil, check the charging system before setting off and enjoy the drive.
  2. Nice job on the bright work all the stainless really set the paint off, when assembling stuff like mechanisms or pulleys there is always a learning curve and many trick to make it go smoother, i deal with this all the time at work with all the different models and trim level of buses we are building plus is a line production so time is never enough, keep up the good work.
  3. I'll ask around but is very unlikely someone keep an good spare head, evan then they were on tight budgets. As for the twin spark plugs, those heads had a different casting and the spark plugs wore on the side of the head, one next to the inlet port other next to the exhaust port, but i've seen guys modified fiat heads with drilling straight into the combustion chamber and welding in a solid piece thet thay letter drill countersink and thread for little spark plugs. That is an involved process but is not that hard, last year or so i've been involved more heavily with machining and there are much harder things done just to fix cylinder heads then modifying one.
  4. I like this discussion, and want to say from the start i don't have any direct experience with this engine but have some with POCH tuned lada race engine which supposedly is an n9te engine. Mechanics that worked on those engines are still around here and have told stories on how tight and robust they are, also that the head resembles more a alfa romeo twin cam head then the factory peugeot head. i've seen an Lada Poch (simca JRD) head of the block and it has hemispheric cambers and staggered valves very similar like peugeot used on the TU engines but much bigger and twin spark plugs if i remember right. In my opinion to get the right answer, why do they crack you must strap an engine on a dyno and use a thermal camera and see how the coolant behaves under loads i'm sure there is same hot spots, some mods like polishing the combustion chambers enlarging some of the coolant pass edges and using waterless coolant will fix this problem but some one needs to spent the time to figure this out.
  5. I'm all about keep it factory looking but i've not been able to found a 605 stereo, i've bought a 306 factory stereo thinking i could cut the side plastics and make it match the angle of the driver oriented dash but the angles are so off it looked ugly, so bit the bullet and order one of those generic touch screen double din stereos and took my dash apart and took a angle grinder to make room. Having an somewhat good equipped machine shop in my garage come in handy for making the steel brackets and for the sides i crudely cut couple of plastic filler panels wich i plan to redo. With this stereo also come and reversing camera, which i installed in the licence plate holder, peugeot was kind enough to place holes and rubber grommets in the right place so i used them, did not have to drill any holes i used row rubber on all my connections an routed them inside the trunk to make this install last for a long time.
  6. Sometimes when making big changes to a vehicle like engine swaps or interior swaps we can forget the basics, i had this happened to me just after i bought my silver Mi16x4 thankfully i'm good at figuring tings out, and got my car going with couple taps on the underside of the fuel pump mount, drove it like that for a week hitting the fuel pump mount in traffic when it died and replaced the pump with a new one. Savo, do you know how many miles are on the pump, that rotor is worn down to the core.
  7. Well the day has come the radio finally died i did took it apart and resolder all the power connections but still will work ones a week, fortunately i'm working most of the time, but driving to and from work is starting to become boring, so the problem i'm facing now is i have a oddly shaped hole at an angle too small for a double din unit and too big for a normal stereo, the slot actually fits a standard stereo but the display is hard to see because of the angle, so now i have to fabricate something, ether drop down the ash try to get the 12mm extra for double din or make an face plat to work with all the angles, if any one has a diagram on how this dash comes apart would be helpful.
  8. I totally agree with Bean (Rabin) the 505 will have too much rust, i'll rather build a 405, they are somewhat more modern design and have better rustproofing and simple mechanics.
  9. Goce

    Pre + post facelift 505 parts interchangeability

    Chassis are the same, should fit.
  10. That sure looks like fiat parts, i have the same setup in my zastava 750, Fiat 600 clone, i've also have come across it in lada sedans, the gears are important, cable length is easy to change, they use only one crimp and the cable gets stored over one another so it grips itself, i may have couple mechanisms from fiat and lada in my spare parts if you ever need measurements.
  11. This car seriously looks rough, i've taken up and restored some bad cars, but i'll pass on this one. With peugeots, mechanical is the last thing you need to worry about, all the mechanical on that car can be repair with few hundred in parts, the body an frame are what kills cars of this age, the taped sunroof will make me turn around right away, first thought mold, second rusted floor pans, and on top of all that you need to repair or replace the sunroof mechanism and being a 4 door makes it very difficult, you need to remove one of the front seats or front windscreen, plus few grand on paint, look around there are better cars to buy and enjoy.
  12. Goce

    My 89 MI16

    Those cars were made to last, G.V.W.R (gross vehicle weight rating) seems low 1728 kg, euro 405 have high G.V.W.R close to 2t if a remember right, my 605 is rated at 3555 kg G.V.W.R, strange.
  13. It's been a week since this car is on jack stands but i did managed to buy all the consumatives and do some of the work, did replace all the oil seals and o rings, found out that the vacuum pump mounting flange is bent and the o ring can't seal, lots of hand filing did fix it. As for the flywheel i did decided to use an old known to be good also an old clutch and other components, new suprase come when i went to fit the clutch release bearing, the slave was to beet up that looks like splines, the previous flywheel sure had some issues, it's a lot more effort pulling the whole engine and box out but makes doing more repairs at ones lot easier, this car isn't leaving my family so everything is getting done right.
  14. It's easy enough for me to resurface the original flywheel it has no heat spots but i'm concerned with the balance and how straight is it. This car has had a very bad shaking when setting off with 3 different clutch sets. Its is a stepped flywheel with 1 mm of positive pressure against the pressure plate i'll ether reuse an old known good flywheel with a used clutch for go all new and resurfaced flywheel, i've got so many good used parts for those models, its a west to buy new ones and throw away them.
  15. This car has been in my family since early 2000 and now is been driven by my father. It always has had very small oil leak, drop or two a week, never thought much about it but from january oil leak increase sustasly, it leaked 1 liter of engine oil in less then 30 days so i decided to pull the engine and box out and do a full service and reseal the engine. Removing the engine wasn't too hard, i've grown up with those cars so 5-6 hours it was on the ground and i separated the gearbox from it, biggest disappointed was the flywheel is in much worse state than i thought, is worn 0,12-0,15mm and i can see it wasn't machined straight from the factory, i have couple more flywheels from the spare engines i have but they have 0,02-0,05 mm worn, i'm not sure is that acceptable or should i just chuck it up in my lathe and resurface it? Also the cam oil seal was replaced with the timing belt less than 50 000 km ago and it has failed and soaked the belt in oil, so new timing set as well.