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  1. Goce

    Fuel hard line leak. 505 STI

    There is a common leak, the gasket on the fuel pump/sender unit, dry rots after 20 years and when you fill up the tank spills out from the top and because of the acces panel under the back seat the smell is noticeable in the cabin, check there for wetness.
  2. Goce

    505 sedan unibody rust

    There is a big difference in structural rust or separation, and cosmetic rust, i've had cars with both, the structural is definitely scary, cars with extremely high mileage also big accident damaged cars have rust in high stress areas, and when they have rust or separation there the doors start to move around when going over bumps, the steering wheel feels flimsy or shecky, my brother had a peugeot 605 that had close to 2 million km on it, it had little rust but all the joins on the frame had started to separate, those cars are made like tanks but every day flex plus couple of accidents dismembered that chassis. That said you can easily decide when is too far gone to be dangerous.
  3. Goce

    Vacuum/boost gauge question

    Look for an caped port on the intake manifold, i've run a vacuum/ boost gauge on a turbo diesel, i've found it helps to know when the air filter gets clogged, the gauge starts to show vacuum like on a gasoline car, also if you haven't bought a gauge yet, buy a 45 psi or higher because boost spike on mechanical turbo diesel happens often, and the gauge fails, don't use a pressure gauge, because at idle the needle bounces against the stop on the gauge and makes noise.
  4. Goce

    What did you do today?

    Today i have to deal with this, a way to repair an russian made dashboard, i've ordered 2 times a new dashboard from 2 countries and after looking thru all the used ones for sale come to a conclusion that they are so badly made no one survived past 10 years old so i'll use plastic body filler to fill all the holes and some type of plastic coating to apply a textured finish, sending filler my least favorite job.
  5. Goce

    505 sedan unibody rust

    That looks like typical sault rust, rust from the inside out, Prevention can help, i'm using anti rust acid but to be fixed you need to cut out the rotten part and weld in fresh metal, but that is feasible only if you have the space and equipment, here is some of the repairs i've done few weeks ago on the little Lada Niva i'm fixing now.
  6. If there is little mayo on the rad cap don't worry about it too much could be reminice from a previous repair where it never got clean out properly, also some mayo on the oil cap is normal if you doing short trips, taxi's here those problems often, short destinations expensive gasoline, so they get shut down after every drive, just keep an eye on it and don't worry about it.
  7. Goce

    What did you do today?

    You can use LPG to pass the test, i've done it once to legalise one 405, i turn down the injection pump to the point it will idle only at full throttle, and install a carburetor style lpg system with a barbeque propane tank behind the passenger seat, used brake booster vacuum line solenoids and regulators to make it run good and passed no problem even had more power, i swiched it back to diesel the next day after it passed.
  8. Goce

    What did you do today?

    Good old european emissions test, i'm just waiting when my country will enforce emissions, 80% of cars and 98% of buses on the roads will not be in compliance including everything in my driveway.
  9. Rabin is right, the thermostatic valve on the heater core can't sense the temperature of water if there's air stuck in it, and that hose is higher then the radiator and is acting like an Air reservar letting and getting air bubbles all the time, it's the radiators cap job to relieve any air from the system when the system cools down in the overflow bottle, that hose is keeping the air from entering the radiator.
  10. Goce

    505 12hr drive

    The clevis pin has a split pin or a C clip holding it on one side by removing it you can pull out the pin it self. Every manuel refers always use new gasket, but those gaskets never wear down, i've reused them, if is too bad make your own from paper or gasket material, as for spilling use common sense, tee it up by the reservoir cap i've never had issue with spilling it, if you spill some, use water it cleans brake fluid very well.
  11. Goce

    505 12hr drive

    For changing the brake booster you don't need to drain the reservoir or open the system at all, unbolt the master cylinder and tie it up with a bungee cord and remove the booster and install the new one. When jacking up a vehicle to work under, i support it with as many jack stands as i can and always do it on a level ground.
  12. Goce

    What did you do today?

    I bought it from couple of smugglers, no paperwork at all, in terrible shape, both bumpers broken, the wavy door trims missing on some of the doors, leaking power steering it had 4 wheel steering, and 4wd and a engine knock, at first not to bad but by the end of the week in which i own it sounded like a diesel, preity sure connecting rod bearing, because it was illegal i wanted to strip it for parts but couple young guys offerd to buy it so i sold it, some time later i heard they crush it in a bridge and i think it got impounded by the police, it was a us spec car with a brass badge in the middle of the dashboard, dark grey in color, too bad i coud have a 4g63t rebuildable engine.
  13. Goce

    505 12hr drive

    I have no experience with those particular engine but most likely it has the older bigger style thermostat, i'll recommend if is working don't mess with it, you'll remove better part then you'll install, the thermostat on my 605 engine had over 2 million kilometers before it failed, here is a thread on how it looked after all that time. Link:
  14. Goce

    505 12hr drive

    This engine bay looks pretty bad, indoor charger, on top of the fan shroud, diy red wires and relay, universal radiator hose that is kinked, Peugeot runs a external hydraulic cylinder next to the steering rack and they are very reliable, never had one leak, they can get greasy and dirty but simple cleaning gets them looking good, for the radio there are two fuses F4 10A and F12 5A if i remember right, one is 12+ from the battery and other is switched power from the acc circuit, depending on the trim level, peugeot has lots of wires going to the radio connectors, like lights power, electric antenas, factory amplifier, antenna amplifier and many others, also there is usually an fues on the back of the radio it self that is worth checking.
  15. Goce

    505 12hr drive

    The word "drains" got me little confused but i figured you're talking about the drain plugs, the engine drain plugs have M16x1,5 thread so an M16 copper washers should do the job, i can't remember right maybe the fill plug on the diff was taper thread meaning it uses teflon tape, as for the key they all should be 8mm square, i've made my own from and old socket extension, with and angle grinder cut a square and grounded it to fit, there is some pictures that can give you an idea how to change the diff oil in my RWD conversion thread i'll put an link here: http://www.505turbo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3254-91-405mi16x4-rear-wheel-drive-conversion-north-south-engine/&page=1