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  1. It's been a week since this car is on jack stands but i did managed to buy all the consumatives and do some of the work, did replace all the oil seals and o rings, found out that the vacuum pump mounting flange is bent and the o ring can't seal, lots of hand filing did fix it. As for the flywheel i did decided to use an old known to be good also an old clutch and other components, new suprase come when i went to fit the clutch release bearing, the slave was to beet up that looks like splines, the previous flywheel sure had some issues, it's a lot more effort pulling the whole engine and box out but makes doing more repairs at ones lot easier, this car isn't leaving my family so everything is getting done right.
  2. It's easy enough for me to resurface the original flywheel it has no heat spots but i'm concerned with the balance and how straight is it. This car has had a very bad shaking when setting off with 3 different clutch sets. Its is a stepped flywheel with 1 mm of positive pressure against the pressure plate i'll ether reuse an old known good flywheel with a used clutch for go all new and resurfaced flywheel, i've got so many good used parts for those models, its a west to buy new ones and throw away them.
  3. This car has been in my family since early 2000 and now is been driven by my father. It always has had very small oil leak, drop or two a week, never thought much about it but from january oil leak increase sustasly, it leaked 1 liter of engine oil in less then 30 days so i decided to pull the engine and box out and do a full service and reseal the engine. Removing the engine wasn't too hard, i've grown up with those cars so 5-6 hours it was on the ground and i separated the gearbox from it, biggest disappointed was the flywheel is in much worse state than i thought, is worn 0,12-0,15mm and i can see it wasn't machined straight from the factory, i have couple more flywheels from the spare engines i have but they have 0,02-0,05 mm worn, i'm not sure is that acceptable or should i just chuck it up in my lathe and resurface it? Also the cam oil seal was replaced with the timing belt less than 50 000 km ago and it has failed and soaked the belt in oil, so new timing set as well.
  4. After owning peugeot's for all my adult life it's always the simplest stupid thing that is the problem with them, never something serious, i've had engine halfway fall down on me. Had the car serviced, new timing belt fitted and the mechanic forgot to tighten the bolts on the engine mount, in the process of falling, the mount ripped the rubber mount and the aluminium mount was gone when i open the hood to see why the belt was rubbing, and the entire engine is hanging about 30 centimeters lower and the alternator pulley is rubbing the frame, no tools and a good distance from home, i carried on, It got me home, those XU5C2 are real workhorses.
  5. Goce

    Saving another 405

    Savo, this is pretty typical of what i've found, age and the sun seams to do the most of the damage, only on garaged cars i've found good sunroof assembly, if you can't found plastic guides they are simple to machined out of aluminium, on a mill or a bridgeport, check and flush the drain lines.
  6. Goce

    Saving another 405

    It's been some time ago since i've made them, it's only a couple hours job for all 16 pcs, i started with 1 meter long 30mm in diameter stainless rod, drill the center 13 or 14 mm then cut an chamfire of 60 degrees with the compound and simple parted it off at 4 mm length and chamfered the sharp edges, couple of minutes for one and repeated 15 more times, on my own mi16x4 i've had the wheels bolts holes chamfered at 60 degrees on a mill, a decade ago.
  7. Goce

    Saving another 405

    I've made conical washers set on my lathe from 304 stainless for a friend he used them on a 206 cc they are simple to make.
  8. Lately the stereo in my 605 started acting up, first the cd changer stopped reading when cold then started displaying Err 6 code, not the end of the world i have fm transmitter but then the head unit started to shut down on its own and fire up with hi volume on its own, which is very annoying it seems to happen over small bumps in the rear extremely strange, almost like it has a short some place in the rear of the car, but it's getting power even when it won't turn on i can see the button lights light up, has anyone had something similar happen or know where to start my diagnosis, it's an factory clarion head unit with 10 speakers and commands behind the steering wheel also has an 6 cd changer.
  9. Goce

    Saving another 405

    Yeah it's not worth investing lots of money in any car, i'm really surprised how different the front bumper mounts (absorbers) are, on the euro cars we got simple black plastic box on each corner and thin bumper support rail, it's almost like peugeot added an full bumper on top of the 405 bumper, and the mountains are like they used in a 605, the biggest dirt trap on a 405 is the plastic cover in the back next to the spare tire, which is often missing.
  10. Goce

    Saving another 405

    It's surprising how much the factory wheels remind me on my car when i first bought it all the way down to the peeling paint, i'm glad you're working on it, will be done right.
  11. Goce

    Saving another 405

    Nice to see one more 405 saved and i like the color, engine cooling fans come on with full speed at random times is a common fault, is the bitron (brown or black in color) sensor, is located at the bottom of the thermostat housing, as for hard starting at cold try swapping the air flow meter for an known good one, it contains the air temp sensor which can cause hard starting when cold.
  12. Goce

    New 508

    I don't like recent peugeot designs, somehow they look out of propulsion, even the 407 coupe looks ugly to me, the new 508 i can se my self driving one day.
  13. Goce

    New 508

    Sure looks very nice, i especially like the side lines also the fastback rear end, hope it drives and lasts like its older brothers.
  14. I'm not very familiar with the XN peugeot engines but if those figures are correct, that's impressive for a pushrod NA engine, build in a home shop, congratulation Stewart.
  15. I understand the tendation wanting to improve the small details but is it worth cutting up an functioning wiring loom, to develop problems for your self later from bad connections and shorts.