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  1. Wow Mike, the progress looks great, a fresh interior makes a project come together, and start to look complete also the engine seems to be in excellent shape not to mention is over 50 years of age, you've have to take good care of it during your ownership. Also nice of you to share your travels, hope you are enjoying the 208, and the square steering wheel.
  2. Goce

    Peugeot 505 T16

    Nice choose, on the turbocharger, those Gen2 are amazing, the response and the spool up times are so quick, on a good tune feels like a v8 no turbo lag at all. Keep up the good work.
  3. Goce

    Peugeot 505 T16

    I'm late as usual to say, a very interesting project, have you considered using a Opel Omega 2,5td gearbox, like i did. What turbocharger are you planning to use.
  4. Goce

    Saving another 405

    Backyard paint shop, it is starting to look like my place, Savo. By "405 classic’s" do you mean from a series 2 405's ?
  5. Goce

    What did you do today?

    I don't think so, the other side of the cam cage is closed more, and the bolt pattern is different, i can use an machinist dial indicator stand to check the lift if i have doubts in the power output of the engine. To see if the cam is worn down.
  6. Goce

    What did you do today?

    Last couple of months i've been working on fixing up an old little Niva, and wow, wow my head's spinning now, i just went to test fit the valve lash testing plat that i made on the Little Niva, and tested 2 valves and this even surprised me, factory clarence ia 0,15mm on all valves, i got 0,7mm on one and 1,05 mm on the other, now my thought is how is this engine running, and it showed factory compression on all cylinders and how worn is the cam and lifters to have almost 1 millimeter more clearance, any thoughts ?
  7. Goce

    Fuel hard line leak. 505 STI

    Nina, if you don't do any highway driving especially when is cold, condensation in the valve cover is expected, older cars have much more primitive PCV system that can cause mayonnaise in the oil cap, this is normal. Give the car a good few hours driving to see if the mayonnaise gets worse or better before you tackle a head gasket replacement
  8. Goce

    Saving another 405

    The 405 can relay be improved in the insolation department at the back, peugeot revisited them and applied the tar style insolation in the later series 2 405 . I've put additional insolation in almost all the 405 i've own, the Mi16x4 has two layers of tar style on the entire wheel arch and the rear wings are full of fiberglass insulation. This really helps improve the ride quality on the highway. Have you try writing to European auto parts, they seem to have OEM parts for china prices, couple of my friends started ordering parts from them because of their quality, they don't have peugeot listed, but a friend did bought couple of sensors from them for a peugeot by just sending them an e-mail . www.eeuroparts.com
  9. Goce

    Saving another 405

    What did you use to clean the trunk sides so good? Are you planning to add some insolation over the rear wheel arches and the trunk floor? Front windscreens are around 100 euro here.
  10. Goce

    Saving another 405

    Time really fly along, you'll doing a great job on the interior, have you located couple of windscreens for it. Is this a BE1 gearbox car with a pull style reverse gear?
  11. I wanted to update this thread, this winter we have had record low temperatures and snow, but the 605 has had no issues with fuel freezing, the factory fuel heater is connected and after a longer drive i've put my hand on the fuel tank and is little warm, it seems the warm return fuel is helping a lot. This year after changing jobs i'm using my car even more and last two months, i've been driving it in minus double digits with no difficulties at all, starts better then when warm.
  12. Goce

    Fuel hard line leak. 505 STI

    There is a common leak, the gasket on the fuel pump/sender unit, dry rots after 20 years and when you fill up the tank spills out from the top and because of the acces panel under the back seat the smell is noticeable in the cabin, check there for wetness.
  13. Goce

    505 sedan unibody rust

    There is a big difference in structural rust or separation, and cosmetic rust, i've had cars with both, the structural is definitely scary, cars with extremely high mileage also big accident damaged cars have rust in high stress areas, and when they have rust or separation there the doors start to move around when going over bumps, the steering wheel feels flimsy or shecky, my brother had a peugeot 605 that had close to 2 million km on it, it had little rust but all the joins on the frame had started to separate, those cars are made like tanks but every day flex plus couple of accidents dismembered that chassis. That said you can easily decide when is too far gone to be dangerous.
  14. Goce

    Vacuum/boost gauge question

    Look for an caped port on the intake manifold, i've run a vacuum/ boost gauge on a turbo diesel, i've found it helps to know when the air filter gets clogged, the gauge starts to show vacuum like on a gasoline car, also if you haven't bought a gauge yet, buy a 45 psi or higher because boost spike on mechanical turbo diesel happens often, and the gauge fails, don't use a pressure gauge, because at idle the needle bounces against the stop on the gauge and makes noise.
  15. Goce

    What did you do today?

    Today i have to deal with this, a way to repair an russian made dashboard, i've ordered 2 times a new dashboard from 2 countries and after looking thru all the used ones for sale come to a conclusion that they are so badly made no one survived past 10 years old so i'll use plastic body filler to fill all the holes and some type of plastic coating to apply a textured finish, sending filler my least favorite job.