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  1. imaS

    Cabin air filter

    Back in the day at least in Finland there was cabin air filter available for ph1 405. Might be just local option from dealer or importer. I have such setup in my car. Too bad that the filters are not available anymore. Luckily Mazda 6 engine air filter fits quite well. ☺️ Parts are visible in this picture. The three black plastic pieces. One around filter, filter cover over wiper motor and drip tray loosely over the filter. Drip tray is meant to be under original scuttle panel mounted with its fixing screws.
  2. imaS

    Saving another 405

    Thanks for the washer info. Is the outer diameter the same than with OE bolts? I am trying to figure out if I could use these with my 206RC (atlantis) wheels which have the newer design of wheel bolts.
  3. imaS

    Saving another 405

    Where you bought those conical washers for the wheel bolts?
  4. I finally had some time to play with the control box. I found out that Haynes manual surprisingly has this wiring diagram for ph1 but it is lacking the important information about the pin numbers. That 605 instruction helped a lot. Connection seems to be identical. 9-pin control box / psa part 6555.E8: Top row pins A1-5, bottom row B1-5: A1: window lifter motor A2: ground A3: blank, no pin here A4: other wire for window lifter A5: +12V feed to box B1: touch ground for auto movement B2: touch ground for auto movement B3: +12V feed to box B4: keep grounded for normal movement, direction same than pin B2 B5: keep grounded for normal movement, direction same than pin B1 I did not list the actual directions, that depends which way the lifter motor is wired. Although this seems to work, use at own risk. I did not fry the box or car yet.
  5. Yes no point splicing the original loom, this can be done with additional connectors etc. Now I got the parts. Switch similar to 406, soft push for manual operation and harder push for automatic opening. Basically it has two different outputs for both open/close directions. The control box is to be actually 9 pins and it does not seem easy to figure out the connections.
  6. Still looking. Especially the shiny bits for interior.
  7. Thanks for the diagrams. Are these now for the Xantia box? I have the 405 control box 6555e8 coming from Germany. Do you have any idea about the operating principle of these boxes, are they basically just measuring the current draw of the lifter motor?
  8. I bought both control box and switch for the automatic open/close window. Has anyone wiring diagrams for that to help my installation work? And am I correct to assume that no more parts are needed? The car has already power windows.
  9. Well that is good news if the 2wd sensor can be modified and mated to the transferbox. I will need to look into that. Luckily I have a whole drivetrain of spares lying around to ease testing. Still it might be a struggle to fit into the car, there really is not much space to work with. Yes the GRx4 models utilize speed sensor at transferbox for diff lock control. That might be suitable but this part is also rare and obsolete.
  10. Thanks, this helps a lot. And also the column picture would be useful. I am not in a hurry to do this. Currently I have just been searching parts and the actual install might still take some time. The biggest headache here seems to be the speed sensor. The 4wd sensor is quite different than in 2wd models and of course that part has been obsolete for a long time.
  11. Could someone take a photo how the cruise control switch is mounted on the steering column. And is there some sort of grommet or something similar on the plastic covers? And one more related question, where is the original location of the CC on/off button? I am planning to do a retrofit with the original stalk and button. For the rest of the components I'll probably cannibalize a 406 or just use aftermarket kit.
  12. Ok, thanks a lot. I have two pumps on the shelves and now I know whot to do if those are not working well.
  13. Did you just pull the black part out and then it will be in pieces? I have not had a need to dissect these pumps yet this far but this might be good to know in the long run.
  14. Omg, I have not realized how much of rust these old Peugeots can contain. These old Pininfarina coupes look a lot better than the new ones, hats off for the dedication. Really cool car.