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    God I remember this one well. I had collected a bunch to present to my father (before PowerPoint) why we should be buying a Peugeot. He eventually agreed to drive one. Then buy one. Then another one...
  2. eboy999


    Gah! This is one of the adverts I used to convince my parents to get a Peugeot!
  3. eboy999

    IMG 4043

    Beautiful. My family had a 1983, gasoline 5 speed. I remember it being slightly more sparkly. But yours looks like the one in the vintage brochure. Congratulations!
  4. Both of my Peugeots, when I had them, they were 505 "s" models with alloy wheels. I was regularly having to go the dealer to buy replacement missing lug nuts (noticing I'd been driving around on 3 for God knows how long). Given the design of the rotating collar and the aluminum construction, my deduction was that the lug nuts were over-torqued by the rubes at the local gas station when replacing the snow or summer tires. That, and having had the experience of trying to change a tire, when the nuts were so tight I bent the lug wrench standing on it, trying to loosen the bolts. (Had to call for reinforcements on that one... brother's wedding day of course). Anyone else have this experience? I know the east coast corrosion was really hard on these wheels as well. The alloys on the '82 were painted over, even at 1 year old when I got it. Sorry to be asking so many questions, but I am trying to get another 505s to fulfill my dreams, so I am trying to educate myself. There were no fora (or internet for that matter) when I had my last one.
  5. These were amongst the 1st cars to have 2-stage clear-coat finishes (black was the other color). Was a huge selling point of differentiation from the standard model (which seemed like a good idea at the time, but now not so sure. But then again, TRX tires...). I would think any competent qualified paint shop should be able to match it for you, but I wouldn't expect to find it on the shelf anywhere. Most foreign shops, at least in my area have access to the mixing information. Even for my 1981 poop-brown alfa romeo.
  6. Just on the subject of 505 electric windows in general. I found that (at least in pre-86) the issues was 100% of the time the switch (for me). Of course I was obsessive enough to even replace the lights inside the window switches, which burned out often enough. And they were super easy to remove in the original interior style. Switches were (then) not expensive, and bulbs even less. However, if you are diligent and detail oriented enough, you can refurbish a window switch. You WILL most likely need a dremel and good quality adhesive, as inevitably plastic parts will break upon disassembly. If anyone has a secret to doing it without breaking at least one plastic tab off, that would be cool to share.
  7. Peugeot ads from the 1980's boasted that they had exclusive 4-valve shocks that made their ride unique. Having had an '82 and an '83 for many years, I can attest to how ingenious they are. I have seen many companies that offer replacements, but are OEM, or rebuilt OEM available? Given how much Peugeot emphasized this in their adverts, and how much it matters to the experience, does anyone know if they are available new or rebuilt? How about the other squidgy bits, like correct suspension bushings (or control arms and other parts that include them), motor mounts, etc? (personally the motor mounts I remember on the 1982 automatic model were a bit sub-par, sitting at a stop light. Maybe a better version?)
  8. If you do a google for nation-wide Craigslist, there are currently at least 2 504 diesel wagons (one manual, one auto) that come to mind within the last 24 hours.
  9. Took me a minute to figure out why this looked like a Euro model.. side trim. But says there are missing pieces included. There aren't a lot of the pre '86 facelift anymore. At all. Even with the non-op status, given the apparent rust free beautiful body, this one definitely has more than enough to be preserved. Were it closer...maybe for me.
  10. This bears out what I've always intrinsically known, about how safe these are. Unfortunately looks like it was more than a fender bender, and structural damage was likely done. My '82 505s was put out of commission for a much lesser violation of the bodywork than that, but given the scarcity of anyone even willing to touch it, even back in 1990, it went to parts heaven.
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