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  1. Wow, that is a lot more involved than I thought and compared to any other RWD car. Thanks for the document link SRDT - super info! Would the 4hp22 bell housing and tail-shaft piece be the same from the gas and TD models?
  2. What does it take to convert a 3HP22 to 4HP22 trans? 4hp22 from the wreckers are readily available for just a couple hundred bucks, but what Peugeot specific parts would be needed? My understanding is the bell housing is the main part? Correct? Is this bell housing used in any other vehicle? Will the 3HP22 bell housing transfer to the 4HP22?
  3. Googling around, found that new XD3 heads can be had from China (XD3T) and India (XD3P) for a couple hundred bucks. Will they fit a XD2S block? Any performance benefits?
  4. Much appreciated. What element(s) make it stronger btw?
  5. Yes, assuming the 604 and 505 VINs decode the same, then the 6th digit refers to engine type. 4-XD2S 2.3 TD 6-XD3T 2.5 TD
  6. I came across this page that shows the XD3T started from Sep 83 onward. Further investigation shows that the US 604s never came with the 2.5L, just the 2.3L.
  7. Got it. It seems clear now to me that USA cars did not ever get the XD3T engine, just European ones.
  8. Did the XD3's come exclusively with Roto-Diesels or both?
  9. Did heads come in aluminum and other variations?
  10. The wiki states that somewhere in 83 all the US spec 604's were changed over to the 2.5L XD3S engine. What's a definitive way to identify the XD3S vs the XD2S?
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