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  1. NinaYo401

    83 505 non-turbo for sale

    Pretty good outcome.
  2. Can you install 87 505 seats in an 83 sedan?
  3. It looks like the driver wheel fell off while driving, but otherwise the body seems alright. No sunroof. appears to need windshield & door rubbers.
  4. Does this 86 gas 2.0 non-turbo look worthy of digging out after a few years? what would you recommend as a punch list to make something like this safe to drive a few hours and a couple states to get it home?
  5. NinaYo401

    85 505 sti & 405S parts for Sale in MA.

    Are they 505 or 405 cables?
  6. NinaYo401

    85 505 sti & 405S parts for Sale in MA.

    I sent you a message. I’m in RI
  7. NinaYo401

    83 505 non-turbo for sale

    I sent you a message about the car. I’m in Rhode Island.
  8. NinaYo401

    88 peugeot 505 Turbo 5 spd

    Send an email which bounced back. Wondering if I pulled the correct email from this listing.
  9. 205k, brian Holm says to beware of the head, given the nice radiator
  10. Looking at a New England 86 turbo. Has two leaks. A quarter pannel dent, two rust holes between the door and wheel arch. leaks appear to be engine oil from the center front corner of the head, possibly valve cover or timing cover? where is the timing cover? does 86 gas have a timing chain? Are they 2.2l? What’s the engine’s name? i just ordered the Haynes manual. I’d need at least one of those steel wheels for a matching set.
  11. NinaYo401

    '86 505S Sedan ZF FS Newburyport, MA

    What’s the story on this 1986? Still have the guy’s contact info? Looking for a few parts. I’m in RI.