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  1. I was driving to the city yesterday, and noticed mid route that my instrument cluster brake light was on. I remember seeing a disconnected brake pads sensor when rotating my front tires. I pulled over at the closest gas station, reached up where the cable was zip tied to the brake hose. Sure enough it was loose, and possibly touching the chassis. Obviously this completed the circuit, possibly causing my indicator. allowing it to hang near the LCA, seems to have resolved the light, but isn’t at all a good long term solution. Now I need to secure the wire better, or better yet, attempt to reattach it to the brake pad. maybe I should replace the front brake pads? But the question now is if my 86 xn6 Sti calipers are bendix or ATE.
  2. Is there a drive gear aspect on the transmission end which in prone to failure?
  3. I was hoping to squeeze under the car without lifting it up, which I managed enough to top off the rear diff, but it was super tight with the spare tire holder. diff had a copper crush washer on the fill.
  4. I think I’m going to drain the ATF, spray the lines with brake cleaner, then a coat of harbor freight spray can rust converter. I have a filter and pan gasket. I’d like to save the gasket if I need to drop the pan to change the speedometer cable. I’ve been noticing a little highway wobble in the front right. I have mismatch tires up front, so I’ll rotate them for the rear matched pair. I’d also like to change the rear diff fluid.
  5. NinaYo401

    What did you do today?

    I like the early AMG cars. That 98 is probably still from a time when AMG was separate from Mercedes. It’s only the s55 AMG on my craigs list, aside from the occasional oddball like a 350 and there was a hammer. I’d love to fine another reliable Mercedes in my price range, preferably a wagon, with only flaws I could live with.
  6. Been noticing an atf looking drip in the front driver side of my parking spot. the transmission cooling lines are looking pretty soft. what are my options?
  7. NinaYo401

    peugeot 505's for sale in MA

    I’m still interested in taking a look at the 2.2 n/n auto wagon, or a peek at the diesel 5-speed, which would be amazing if non-turbo. I really like these series 2 cars. I sent you my phone number. My Sti brought me from southern RI to Marlboro the other day.
  8. NinaYo401

    Fuel hard line leak. 505 STI

    My 05 xc70 is in the shop. Sounded like a cv clicking, but I think one of the rubber hangers is off the down pipe, allowing some rattling . I hope that’s all it is. 190k on it. Those s/70 60/70 R motors are prone to cylinder wall cracks
  9. NinaYo401

    Fuel hard line leak. 505 STI

    I’d estimate I put just shy of 200 miles on the 505 today. What a car
  10. NinaYo401

    Fuel hard line leak. 505 STI

    I’ve been cruising around in my 505. Using an old TomTom for a speedometer. riding pretty nice. Mechanic said people were all asking if it’s for sale. Getting a little stumble when cresting large highway hills. Easing off the pedal slightly seems to resolve it.
  11. NinaYo401

    Fuel hard line leak. 505 STI

    It’s a T shaped hardline. Here is an older photo
  12. NinaYo401

    Fuel hard line leak. 505 STI

    So, the pumps are replaced. The fuel line is leaking at the “T” or wye in the fuel return line off the accumulator. I guess it’s been replaced, but the replacement seemed to leak in the same spot. He’s brazing the original line.
  13. NinaYo401

    peugeot 505's for sale in MA

    I’m interested in either a wagon or sedan with a quality body, and preferably the xn6 5-speed combo, but I’d certainly be interested in a non-corroded body with any good engine/transmission. I’m located in Rhode Island. Maybe I should come take a look. My 86 Sti is pretty tired, and I’d love something worthy of investing in. We should touch base. I might be interested in the v8 wagon. But I’d need to take a look at that engine first, to see if I could fit my hands in there to work on it. Where in Massachusetts? I’m into the p2 volvo generation too. And of course have some Saab stories as well. I’m fairly new to Peugeot. I assumed those wagons were a v8. That’s a lot chassis with 8 seats. I’d fabricated a fantasy of a v8 turbo 505 wagon with a solid rear axle.
  14. I’ve read about a rubber grommet behind the brake booster. we looked at it the other day. I forgot to take a photo. Directly below the junction of the cable on the transmission, there is a bolt.