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  1. Do you remove the strut and the control arm to do the ball joint? Same as a 505? I noticed a ball joint kit available, which includes a boot among some other parts, but looking unique from a traditional ball joint. I’d appreciate some photos of the job.
  2. I feel it’s somewhat special. Black is black, and so is rust reformer. Shame it’s not in the US. I’d be interested, however wouldn’t expect any return on investment. something like this could possibly go for a while, and is entirely up to your interest and how much you value it. Love the interior and manual shift.
  3. It was in Washington when initially posted? Seems to be listed in Kansas now, quite a move *there is a turbo cylinder head on my local Craig’s list. I think it’s near Boston
  4. It’s a very difficult color, from my experience. Can’t wait to see it cleaned up. Interior is beautiful. The color combo of the red and black is phenomenal. I’m looking for a rabbit pickup, White with red.
  5. I’m a total sucker for a red interior. Black paint never looks good, in my opinion. Nice car!
  6. The plastic cap on my coolant reservoir fell apart. this looks like the appropriate part, but still a roll of dice. Can anyone confirm this’ll fit my 86 xn6. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264336327528
  7. Thought turbos have three pumps. I had a sputtering issue after playing with the ignition pickup’s connection to the coil unit. Maybe that’s the ignition module? Anyway I played with it some more. It sat for a couple months, then started again, and I replaced the fuel pumps that day. Mine isn’t turbo however.
  8. I had that problem, after I played with the pickup thing from the distributor. However, at the same time I cleaned the connection from the pickup at the coil, I also replaced my super loud old fuel pumps and it started up. Actually it started after cleaning the pickup, which facilitated moving it into the shop for the new pumps.
  9. Looking for an irresistible deal on a bra for my 86 505. I’ll definitely post photos of it on my car. please let me know what you have. -NY
  10. Funny you should mention crows feet. I lost a flare crows foot somewhere in the rear lower control arm when figuring out the size on the fittings on the rear proportioning valve. seems steering hose could potentially be GM 5/8 Inch or 16mm to AN6 Banjo Fitting for Power Steering Pump?
  11. The lowest hard line on my steering rack has a weepy drip, likely from corrosion. It’s a larger diameter than the brake lines. I don’t have any of the tools to make flares anyway, but may purchase a brake line flare tool, and may seek one with the appropriate crush fitting to form the steering line flares. I’ve noticed what looks like a banjo fitting on the hose from the pump to the hardline into the rack. I haven’t noticed any banjo ended pressure hoses available. Could a hydraulic line shop reuse my old banjo fitting end on a new line?, something flexible, but I’d still need a 180° bend before the rack fitting. I’d be bypassing a junction
  12. What color car? Looking for a good washer fluid reservoir with pump, a blank to get rid of my cruise control button, and at least one good license plate bulb lens. Also possibly a driver rear Ate disk brake caliper. shipping may be prohibitive, but I’ve been looking to stockpile a spare front strut or even better a matching pair. Found one in New Hampshire for $25. growing list. Trunk lock with key, and a window switch .
  13. Started my car this morning, ran inside for something while it warmed up, and then I returned to a shrieking blower motor. I pulled it out, those clips, the accordion between the housing and heater box, unclip the terminal, three screws and the fan was out. it wasn’t binding, or even dirty. A slurry of Wd40 and spray silicone, then a smear of silicone paste on the shaft. Seems quiet now. Pretty useful peugeot 505 blower motor info on aussiefrog http://www.aussiefrogs.com/forum/peugeot-forum/17323-505-heater-aircon-fan.html installed my replacement passenger window motor recently, straight forward task, very approachable, the bolts were right there, no need to even stick your arm inside the door
  14. I live fairly close, if anyone is super interested
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