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    Fuel hard line leak. 505 STI

    When I did my fuel pump I just got the Bosch one off Rock Auto, fits like an OEM pump (because it is!) also get an assortment of metric copper crush washers off Amazon. sometimes you gotta put a little RTV on the crush washers to get em to seal. As for the in-tank fuel pump I went to Autozone, looked up the in-tank pump for a 1982 Volvo 242DL and bought the Delphi one, and an AC Delco TS17 strainer. The fit wasn't exact but it was real close.
  2. Mr_rye

    505 Newb Sayin Hi!

    My tachymetric fuel pump relay was intermittent, but I cleaned the socket it fits in with contact cleaner. There is also another white connector in the wiring harness leading up to the relay, take that apart and clean it too. It also doesn't hurt to clean the grounding trees mounted under the dash on both sides of the steering column. Also I found out the radiator fan clutch is electromagnetic. Mine is missing the brush but that doesn't matter since its locked to run all the time. I will be putting in an electric fan soon anyways.
  3. Mr_rye

    505 Newb Sayin Hi!

    A couple of quick questions, Does anybody know where I can get a vacuum line routing diagram for the XN6 engine? I think I have the vacuum lines routed correctly but I'm not sure and My radiator fan seems to be "clutched" all the time and the engine doesn't quite reach temperature, does this have a fan clutch?
  4. Hello All, I've been meaning to log in and ask questions, but I've been able to solve all my dumb little problems myself. I made it my summer/fall (now winter) project to resurrect a 1985 505S wagon with an XN6 and BA10? 5 speed that has been sitting in my parents driveway for 14 years. It was parked because the No 1 spark plug hole was stripped (I'm not sure why). I fixed that with a tight access helicoil kit, then got the in line fuel pump running (cursed at it and bashed it with a hammer), purged the crap out of the fuel dizzy and she started! but the clutch cylinders were dead. I topped off the reseviour, let it sit a week or two, and the cylinders came back to life! I was able to drive it out of the hole it was in for so long. Since then I have replaced/re routed vacuum lines to get it to run right (I guess!), replaced the in-tank and in line fuel pumps/filter/strainer, cleaned the gas tank and sender, cleaned/refilled the air filter, cleaned the WUR/air valve, JB welded the broken door handles, new tires, bailing wired the shifter link back on to the tranny (lol), changed engine oil/filter, shimmed the passenger side headlight (adjuster/mount has disintegrated!), cleaned a zillion electrical connections, verified the dizzy was advancing correctly, etc, etc.... And now it drives pretty good, but I need to replace the brakes, tranny/diff oil, fuel accumulator, fix the A/C, replace shifter link, and a few other things. Though tonight I was driving it, the plastic under the dash came down and interfered with my clutch foot, i kicked it and the car died 😖, I upset the fuel pump taciymetric relay. Had to tow it home with my W250. I opened the relay, cleaned the contacts, and now it work intermittently. I'm gonna re-solder and re-cap before I declare it dead, it's just a relay with a 555 timer, some resistors/capacitors, diodes and transistors..........