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  1. I'm not too sure if its been asked, but a good bit of the fluids my 505 takes can be a little trivial even when reading the owners manual. What type of fluid does the steering, coolant and transmission take thats available in the new world market in the US? And the ymm is a 1983 Pgo 505 w/xd2s in front of a 3hp22.
  2. Has anyone ever done a swap from the 3hp22 to a manual transmission on a 2.3TD? Im looking at either the ba10/5 or the upgraded ax15 from the jeep family. Itll be non-priority swap but just want to see if anyones done and what it would all involve as i just the manual transmissions in general. The extra pedal would be common sense and the slave cyl setup as well just not exactly sure where to look for all the pertinent information
  3. spoke too soon, it went right back down
  4. It just came back up, got bored, checked and it works again. I just hope it doesn't go down when I really need in about a year so I can replace both my struts. Ive been riding on a bad one for a while now then it really started clanking so I figured it'd be a good reason to park it in storage until I can get it fixed.
  5. What’s happened to western hemispheres? I’ve been trying to get onto their website and now it won’t load. Did they bring down the site due to lack of business or something?
  6. Sent you a message 10PARUE
  7. Does anyone have a parts manual for the 505td? Ill be spending a few pennies on western hemispheres hopefully in a few years and they go by peugeot part numbers so i was wondering if anyone had a spare manual they might want to sell or know where to get one.
  8. Where is a spot to hook up the boost line if anyone knows? I dont see a spot accessible unless im not looking hard enough, the line for the smoke adjustment isnt picking any boost up when i hooked it up last night.
  9. I have a bosch unit as far as i know. My question is where would it hook up looking at the injection pump?
  10. It donned on me as well. Seemed like it would but in the end it wouldn’t be doing anything but help the boost go the wrong way
  11. Would that assist with cold start to prevent holding the pedal down while turning it over? I work on military diesels but it’s a bit newer than mine and honestly is my first diesel POV. I understand most of the concepts but some of these on this car has thrown me a curve ball every now and then.
  12. Engine fan I got working once I fabricated an old alternator bracket don’t know if the increased amperage helped or cause I kept bumping the sensor while messing with the alternator. What would that actuate on the injection pump if that’s what it’s for and is something missing as the cable would be at an odd angle of it hooked up to the injection pump?
  13. Ever since I’ve had this car, I’ve been trying to figure out what this item is that goes into my head. Does anyone know what this is? It looks like some sort of cable that goes out to nothing as it’s not connected. And what all components are needed for cruise control to work, I got everything still on the car but with the speedo not working maybe that’s why cruise doesn’t work as it should.
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