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  1. Wow, you do have a knack for finding Peugeot’s! I haven’t seen one on the side of the road in a long time. That grey one looks like it’s (maybe) salvageable. Northern Virginia? I’ve been to Leon’s once a while ago, although I don’t remember seeing many French Cars there. Definitely not a place for the faint of heart, I wouldn’t choose a warm season visit if I could help it. Too many bugs or other creatures lurking.
  2. Thanks for the info! I will definitely join the Facebook group, I didn’t think it was still in existence. I may be interested in your diesels if I’ve made no progress locating one, although shipping would probably be $$
  3. I'm keeping my eyes open for one of these, a project turbodiesel 505 manual.The earlier models are my favorite, although I'm flexible. It can be a project, I'd just prefer serious rust to be minimal. I've only managed to find one of these, a non running aestetically rough but complete and solid 83, seller wanted more than my $500 offer. They also werent what I would consider Peugeot enthusiasts. Located on the east coast, mid atlantic, willing to travel a reasonable distance for a car, and would prefer within a days drive.
  4. Nice job on this one so far. I might have bought this car, with a time set up to meet with the seller, followed by a last minute "sorry, sold!" message. I'm glad the car ended up with someone who is caring for it. It's also interesting to see what you've had to deal with vs. how it was described over the phone. I'm curious where you managed to find a 505 in a yard in Virginia? I'm still looking for one, but in anticipation I have called around various yards listing them in the state and didnt have much luck.
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