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  1. nick@nite

    fender removal...

    Torches and a big flathead screwdriver....
  2. I double checked, it was used on one of our cars, sorry. I would think it wouldn't be too hard to find a universal single vane moulding and cut to fit.
  3. If I remember correctly I have NOS seal stil (can't remember if it was used on the blue 86' when it was painted), although I don't think my old man want to part with it unless the price is right. I'll double check and confrim.
  4. The oversized are the blue bearings.... which are used more on rebuild. Mainbearing were available but $300 when I got them. The hardest thing to find is a exhaust mani gasket for the N9t I might be down for a set of oversized
  5. nick@nite

    For sale

    pm me with your Paypal if you have one?
  6. nick@nite


    We're just ghetto fabbing by throwing in washers at the eyelids and putting a tack weld down for a centric washer style
  7. nick@nite


    Just a general update. Sold the Mint Cali silver 505 to Peter Paine. He loves it. On the way back from the Citroen meet, #25 blew a front wheel bearing. Had to get it towed back home. Thanks AAA.... The Burgandy GL Auto needed a Radiator, so #25 got the Howe rad. #25 had an Automatic radiator in it so we lucked out. RockAuto had a new Raybestos right rear caliper for $65, #25's caliper was sticking. L/R we put on a good used one from Tommy. We shimmed the rear end yesterday. #25 handled like poop. Toed out. Now we toed the rear wheels in. It's getting a front crank seal too. installing the other Recaro seat The Blue 505: Same thing with having to shim the rear end from being toed out. It wore the r/r tyre almost down to the cord on the inner edge. Very poor handling. New VDO priming pump New Brakemaster cylinder last week. Right side rack boot Burgandy 505 Radiator and re did and cleaned B+ wire to the starter. 89 Wagon New Front pads and rotors Cleaned and greased Needle strut bearing on the R/F 288K and the Headgasket blew right after the fresh brakes. Going to slapping a different head on, that has very small hairline crack in between 2 and 3. It should be fine for that car. My burgandy GL is sitting at the moment. Needs front pads Front Crank seal I took the VC off to replace the V/C gasket. My father wants to do a Valve adjustment but hasn't had time yet. And then Diagnose the no start issue. Dani Hillclimb car getting solid motor mounts fabbed up nothing else to report.....
  8. nick@nite

    Getting ready to race #45 for the first time

    Non Pug Related.... Doing The Okemo I Hillclimb this weekend in an 97' AEB 1.8T A4 with 300WHP..... Atleast 3 ov my friend have owned it... And over 8 owners now..... my father bought it cheap... It's the most Whored out A4 in town....
  9. nick@nite

    Pike's Peak Adventure 2013

    My friend Jamie Melhuish was there in the Kiwi green E36 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151437587951863&set=a.424594011862.228446.718766862&type=1&theater
  10. nick@nite

    Happy Birthday Rabin

    Happy Birthday is right!
  11. nick@nite

    89-> SW8 Rear Exhaust Hanger

    Bill just google Bosal's P# 190-829 for the rear muffler
  12. nick@nite

    I get to test drive the 508 soon

    No I checked back 2 weeks later from the last discussion we all had and the flights started at $750.... As of right now PPIHC isn't looking very promising to be holding the race anyway for the 29th & 30th, due to the forest fires. My father is leaving in a couple of hours to the Citroen and Peugeot car meet in the 508 and a good friend is driving #25. If I didn't have plans already for 2nite, I may drive down to Saratoga Springs for the meet in the blue 505 or maybe the Clean Burgandy 4hp22.
  13. nick@nite

    I get to test drive the 508 soon

    The 508 is just in for an oil change service. A cool feature on the car when you lock the car. The side mirror automatic fold in so nobody takes out the mirrors... At the end of the month Peter is buying his first 505 N9T. He fell in love with the Mint Silver 60K Cali sedan. We have to put a new a/c compressor and he wants the side pin stripe put on the car for the sale price of 7K.
  14. nick@nite

    Need a 2nd opinion...

    I have a used set if need be. Our 89' V6 is soon going to be a parts car eventually and that's the only car I have to worry about a tail light getting broken.