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  1. I checked power at the fuel pump and it's getting power and it's also pumping I pumped out the tank with it I need to see if I am getting fuel pressure though. Since its only sputtering after it sits for awhile it could be fuel pressure issue I've seen that before. I've Also seen the weights stick in a distributor when it starts it advances the timing. The weights swing out but don't swing back causing it to shut off I don't think there's anything wrong with the car like part failure I think it's cause it sat for about 10 years and some mice got to some of the wires I repaired everything I seen damaged I believe it's down to the distributor and fuel pressure regulator
  2. Get it rebuilt call chestnut hill auto electric 7174454516 They've done Peugeot starters for me before
  3. Hey just read your post I was attending stpr for a few years before rally America took over when the scca had it there was always a good showing of cars a escort cosworth group b Audi I'm trying to remember but I think I drove a peugeot 505 to all the scca rallies around the early 2000s And Bean that's awesome about stig
  4. Sounds like I'm on the right track at least. That makes sense now that it shares a lot from 80s vw my snap on rep was saying that the computer didn't have Peugeot in it but it kept putting over to vw for ignition system
  5. Hey been a while trying to get the car running I lost spark now!?!? I'm not getting spark reference at the coil I replaced ignition module but still nothing I suspect the hall sensor in the distributor but not sure and I can't get the distributor apart which wire coming out of the distributor is the reference? I need to get this thing going got family trips planned. I replaced the fuel pump with one pump in the tank doing away with the 2 pump set up all I've been able to do is get the car to sputter a couple of times when first trying it then nothing after the first couple of sputters unless it sits for 10 minutes then it'll sputter again I need to check fuel pressure. But I was thinking the weights in the distributor were sticking so I sprayed the inside of the distributor with wd40 so I might have screwed it up
  6. Haha I wish they were all mine the convertible went for around 7k the coupe around 5 the stuff went cheap some for 200 bucks silver wagon was 2k it had 80k on it non turbo I picked mine up for 1500 green 504 went for 4 and 504 wagon 1500 I had a locker in my van and it went very good you'll need a land anchor if you plan to go to the desert in case you need to winch your self out of anything. I had to drive my 505 sti diesel on some pretty rough trails to rescue a broken down jeep I miss daily driving a peugeot I'm looking at taking this on the family trips instead of the suburban
  7. You got 2 very nice daily's I love the v70Rs I almost got rid of all my peugeots about 10 years ago to get a v70r but I just didn't like the clutch feel and the feel for the road. A dangle would be great to have and fairly easy to make some jeeps used peugeot transmissions and I'd just put a straight axle on the front and put the same axle on the rear so you'll have like ratios and bolt patterns should easily fit 235 75 15s maybe even 31s and that will take you a lot of places over landing I did a fair share of it in Colorado and Utah there's usually always a way around the real technical stuff. I want to get the g wagon done for the same purpose. I think this is something like my 8th peugeot but I only have the 2 now they're getting very hard to find I might try to have both of them running for the Carlisle import kit car nationals in may of next year but the sw8 I hope to have going this weekend the Carlisle show is very good mostly European certainly not the fast and furious crowd it's a very nice show
  8. Yeah that's it I sold the hre's here's the pictures of the interior it also has rear heat and ac! Someone went through a lot of work
  9. Can't blame you for making the locost a priority and my 89 is the one I did the spindle swap on and put the 3 piece hre's on im thinking of putting a northstar in it but i need to finish everything else first haha
  10. Haha and I thought I had projects! 83 Mercedes g wagon 86 chevy truck 08 V10 touareg motor needs to come out remove emissions junk fix oil leak 89 V6 Peugeot 4x4 conversion on the work van And I want to build a ramp van! a 5 passenger van front end with body cut in half with a roll back back What are you working on
  11. Can we get someone to translate this
  12. I thought I've seen this wagon before! I'll post more pics of the engine and interior. The engine looks very clean it has the factory air box with a new filter. It has a dial in the center of the dash for possible boost control not sure yet engine bay looks clean and stock. It looks like there was light front end damage at one point and it was repaired well and it was repainted at one point. I'll try to get more pictures tonight I keep saying to myself I've seen this one before...
  13. Just got the wagon I was after. got it at auction turbo automatic 155k on it. Looks to be enthusiast owned very clean Texas and California car I think not running right now bad gas and might need a master cylinder brakes go to the floor somebody put rear heat in it at one point
  14. I pm'd you about the sw8 i got 3 kids and that wagon would be great im just in pennsylvania so not far. I need another car i lent my e46 awd manual wagon to someone and they wrecked perfect time to replace it with something better!
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