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  1. 89peugeotV6

    peugeot 505's for sale in MA

    I pm'd you about the sw8 i got 3 kids and that wagon would be great im just in pennsylvania so not far. I need another car i lent my e46 awd manual wagon to someone and they wrecked perfect time to replace it with something better!
  2. 89peugeotV6

    Got Married!!!

    thanks guys i've been absent for a while but i'll be back when things slow down a little looking for a new house now. next year we will be at the carlisle import kit car replica nationals for sure!!!
  3. 89peugeotV6

    Got Married!!!

    I got the greatest wife!!! 8.25.12
  4. 89peugeotV6

    wheel and brake upgrade in progress

    here's a shot of it some day I'll get more up here
  5. 89peugeotV6

    wheel and brake upgrade in progress

    another up date I ended up having to extend the tie rod points on the spindle moving them towards the rear of the car. Doing so corrected the darting problem and I now have it ready to drive from colorado to pennsylvainia!!! it's made the trip before but never with this set up so far I probably have about 1000 miles or more on it. I also have a 26 gallon tank so I can run 450 miles on a tank easily which equates to 4 stops on my way east!!!
  6. 89peugeotV6

    wheel and brake upgrade in progress

    I checked the contact patches and they rotate right in the middle of tire. I was having a hard time understanding the caster settings on the print out i was given. I'm not sure where they are at the guy who did the alignment said he would be concerned about how the tires will wear due to the caster??? which didn't sound correct to me.
  7. 89peugeotV6

    wheel and brake upgrade in progress

    I haven't gotten it painted yet I want to paint it black. I do have the gas tank in 450 miles on this tank so far!!! and still not empty!!! everything on the front is new. ball joints tie rod ends everything and i've jacked it up and everything is tight too. it couldn't be bad bushings in the power rod on the rack could it???
  8. 89peugeotV6

    wheel and brake upgrade in progress

    alright heres what I got took it on a 400 mile trip. I had it aligned the steering isn't right it's doing something I've never experienced before it darts when turning into a turn and then mellows out coming out of the turn the wheel wont be straight but it drives straight. Then the next time it will do it the wheel with come out straight and it drives straight. It will do it if it hits a bump or a dip in the road a certain way. It does all of this some of the time!!! if it doesn't it drives great nice turn in and control at high speeds.
  9. 89peugeotV6

    some hard to find parts!

    Alight here's the deal I got some parts this is what I got euro head lights okay shape diesel front springs cut them to lower a nondiesel car they work great e-break cables grill cover for winter 85 diesel turbo good shape vdo egt gauge vdo boost gauge 85 instrument cluster with almost new 140 mph speedo black trim and clear plastic broken but still works diesel vacuum pump infinity speakers front and rear fuel filter assembly doesn't leak rear tail lights good shape and work rear brakes caliper assemblies with good performance pads e-brake works good grill wiper motor and assembly worked great not sluggish sun roof spoiler 89 V6 rotors in good shape 89 V6 hubs vented front calipers with good performance pads 85 maintenance manuals make me an offer on this stuff I need to move it fast!
  10. 89peugeotV6

    Shift linkage upgrade

    I've been down the shift linkage road before. I've had them fall apart on me on the road and I'd be stuck in whatever gear I was in. I've heim jointed the whole thing when I did the auto to manual swap I changed the shift points to create a short throw shifter. Works great and no more problems.
  11. 89peugeotV6

    v6 slave cylinder removal

    I'll have to play around a bit more with mine then. It slides out almost all the way but hits part of the engine and I cant seem to rotate it around to get it out. I'm thinking of just cutting the sleeve it slides into a little to get it out it cant be in it anymore than 1 inch
  12. 89peugeotV6

    v6 slave cylinder removal

    on the v6 do you need to separate the engine and transmission to remove the slave cylinder???
  13. 89peugeotV6

    front alignment

    I'm about to get my 89 with the 17's front and 18's rear aligned. I've been running it about 500 miles now and I believe I have it sorted out enough to get it professionaly aligned. It's close now it drives straigt handles fine but it seems to pull hard going left so it's time to put it on the rack. what would be the best set up for the street on the alignment toe out and camber??? I have adjustable camber plates on it now so I will be able to set the front camber. Caster is set however at whatever it is haha. I will get some more pictures posted on it here in the future. Thanks
  14. 89peugeotV6

    blower motor blowes at full throttle

    okay it blows out of the defroster vents it's strange I replaced the climate control module and it didn't change anything and it's only close to full throttle and full throttle. It almost seems it is supposed to do it. It has done this since I've owned the car (almost 10 years)
  15. why does the blower motor blower harder at full throttle or half throttle? and how would one go about disconnecting it.