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  1. hitting heavily due personal reasons. So, I'll sell a parts of rare old and new stock items for 505 (specially for turbo). danielson heads, gasgets etc... Listing is hard currently, but ask and I'll look. V-M 1.st add. Also new original front shock internals and a lot of other parts. Ask and I'll have a look.
  2. Ebay find -> https://www.ebay.com/itm/new-genuine-peugeot-504-505-front-shock-strut-insert-kit-5202-78/142906502940
  3. About n9t (9n2 and other same family) head problem. N.A heads suffered same issue but on n9t it has more heat load on exhaust side. And due N.A design there is narrow edges on exhaust valve seat and water hole, other problem is casting material (aluminum) and air bubbles and residues. This info is coming from welder who has welded over 10000 alu heads for repair. But once its repaired properly it will hold (seen only one n9t head with crack on welded one). Sodium valve was not solving problem thats why it was stop used in n9te (86 ->) models and it was costly valve. I must bit disagree about parts availability, depends how to look it. Surely parts not found every corner shop and there is rare parts. But so far there is no part which can not be found for engine or car. It could take time and effort but usually these are not daily drives any more, I have seen many younger cars having way worse parts problem even cars made after 2000.
  4. this is knock module, picture of cleaned one, intel 8085 prosessor on right
  5. Ignition control box which is located next to clove box and under temp control valve. Box looks clean out side but inside can be bit different. Remember to change place for box or at least turn it upside down (there is enough cable) to avoid this.
  6. 0,2 over size is ok, no need to grind if surface is okay (note at also cleaning purpose grind take it close to up limit of tolerance). To be safe surely good to use over size, but if I have same situation I would use that 0,2 size.
  7. In case some one needs special over size bearings I have some sets of 0,1 0,2 0,5 0,75 and 1mm. remeber at if there is one badly worn bearing you dont need to grind all bearings on same over size. Just a possibility to save some engines cause of rarity. V-M Some conrod bearing sets also 0,75 and 1,0mm
  8. Here is picture of repaired head /welded and surface straightened. plug holes and combustion areas not grind in correct shape yet. But this is sample how it should be fixed to last. Problem is is on those 2 and 3 exhaust ring cracking towards water side, its very narrow place and heat difference is high. Welder said at there is bubbles and residues from casting and its not so good and constant aluminum mold which can be seen when welding head.
  9. Last 2 set's is going to Sweden. 1 set consists "Dani"spec cam, new rockers and slash caps.
  10. Some problems with starter, caused by long starts which caused maybe by fuel pump. has been too cold (-20C) last weeks to do anything with 505. use cars both broken and taken all energy. Friend did make some badges with 3d printer, bottom is original and some versions after that.
  11. Small update, car is running fine even with -20C and lot of snow (fun also). Driven now around 1000km. Slipping and sliding. Waiting to summer time to run in top speed test on old airfield V-M
  12. I'm here, not so active but trying I have answered in pm. Sending is costly for those heavy parts for private person but I'll have a look. Luckily I have 2 extra cranks. Sending is 100-150e roughly, depending how strong and heavy package gets. V-M
  13. Thats hard work! Respect! I have put in parts better condition turbo chassis than that. This latest one which I'm selling is far better in chassis side. If you need special parts for engine or chassis let me know (dani head, cam, rockers and full sets).
  14. Volvo B21ET pistons (92mm) and saab B201-202 conrods, all mod of that engine used same conrods (134mm), both takes power up to 400hp. 3 engines now build with that set up. Pistons (used) and new rings 300e and conrods (used) 50e. Pistons are hard to find, my set came from sweden. But in US there was many 740 series with that engine so imagine those pistons could be found from delalers old storages or engines from scrap yards. V-M
  15. My engine works nicely loosing nicely grip 3 gear when accel (got fine of speeding yesterday, 200e) pff
  16. I was looking information about BMW 16v 320is/M3 engines (s14b20-23) and did not find good pictures or information so I just deside to order headgasget for measure and see. Compared on copper N9T head gasget. So its no go also. Bretty close but no.
  17. Those are available on web stores? seems around 10$ fex -> https://www.autonvaraosatpro.fi/ajusa-7246028
  18. There was sunroof cables available on ebay few days ago.
  19. Yeah, was looking info also and all looked correct when I ordered them. Seems some error on studs or coding. That nut coding was from local importer. Runned engine hot few times, opened valve cover to check valve gap and checked torgues of nuts. All looked fine and all in same torgue as I did set them. All okay so far. Found one initial problem which could caused earlier problems or maybe it came during not using engine. Hose from expansion can was stuck some air did go trough but when I opened both ends and put pressured air it make pop sound and some thing came out and air started flow easily.
  20. Engine running nicely and no major probs. Now need to fix things for inspection pow. Brakes, lights etc...
  21. 2 different models exists. Short <-85, long -> 86
  22. Nuts came this morning from France (pretty fast delivery at home door). Surely there could been other alternatives than these Porsche 924,944,928 nuts but that was only which I found with correct spec and reasonable time limit. Nuts fitted perfectly as u see. Correct! 300-8307 are M12x1,25 but 300-8307-1 M12x1,5 is not listed cause its special order limitation. Note! This currently installed head is one which was self made danielson head with similar cindered cam than danielson but has bit more lift on cam (if I remeber correct it was 0,3mm more on cam, so its around 1mm in valve)
  23. Small draw back... those nuts are wrong ones. wrong threat these 300-8396 are M12x1,75 and it should be 300-8307-1 M12x1,50. Lets see those Porsche 944 head nuts are suitable (ordered them from France yesterday). Those 300-8307-1 was available from ARP but delivery time was 4 weeks, and those 944 nuts should arrive tomorrow or monday.
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