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  1. I live on the east coast in Canada. Moncton, New Brunswick to be precise. Do you know if it is in good shape? I'm extra pissed because the one I had was 100% mint. Are the pre 89's the same as post 89, I don't know. I'll pay the shipping and would even consider paying someone for their troubles to get it shipped to me. This must be the company you're talking about... http://www.picknpull.com , I've never heard of them but I see they have a few locations in Canada, but they're all on the west coast. Thanks for the reply and any more info would be appreciated.
  2. As it says. Mine took off in a gust of wind today. I need the window with it too. White would be preferable, but I'll take whatever I can get. Email me at jeph13@gmail.com. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Thanks for the replies, I had already printed of the description of the process. We were looking for a diagram to make sure we were going to get all the parts needed for the job. I guess I'll just consult with the guy at westernhemispheres.com when I order the parts. Maybe the those photos will satisfy my bro. Are there any other good parts suppliers (possibly closer to me in the north-eastern part of the continent)? I already ordered some stuff from westernhemispheres and they were great and shipping was perfect (i.e. didn't get dinged for ridiculous duties and brokerage like many other places I order from). But I do find it a bit sad the parts have to make their way over my head from France to Cali then back here again.
  4. Anybody have a blow up diagram of the SW8 driveshaft? I just got my SW8 recently and it seems like the U-joint may be shot. I'm not much of a mechanic, but my brother is. He doesn't see Peugeots often though (read never), so he would like to see a drawing of whats happening in that tube. Jeff
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