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  1. Yes it was the very large seal. I just went down to our local marine supplier with old square profile seals and matched what was closest to a wide selection of O-rings. And yes it's GM design so it was easy to find a U tube repair video, here's link to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5JTghafe8s&t=2s
  2. Yes that's it, remove bracket and studs then thread in 2 bolts. Lay the pump on edge face down preferably on 2 blocks of wood and tap on the 2 bolts and out it comes. Thanks Bean.
  3. Ok i adjusted the air gap on clutch fan to .3mm, got the engine up to just over the half way point on the temp gauge and did a manual contact with wire from rad. temp sensor taped to a thin rod and made contact with the copper area at back of the water pump pulley (yeah i know a bit risky) and it works fine. So am now encouraged to buy the carbon brush & spring set up instead of a full on electrical fan. Space will be kinda tight with the water pump pulley protruding out.
  4. My power steering pump is leaking badly. Last time i took apart one was 15yrs ago and i know for sure there is a large O-ring seal sandwiched between circumference of inner body and top part of pump which sit's in a groove of top section. Thing is i can't remember how i manage to separate the top section with shaft/bearing & pulley from the pan like body. Has anybody done this in recent times? Will appreciate any tips so i don't end up mucking up too much of it. Sadly i gave away all my extra pumps .
  5. Hi does anyone know if the contact carbon brush is available for the magnetic clutch fan or has a picture of the set up off an old water pump? I got me another 505 last year and have not got it road worthy as yet. Am dealing with reconditioning the radiator and now discovering the fan clutch was adjust stationary to constant spin. There is just a hole where the contact carbon & spring should be. I bridged the rad temp switch live 12v to the copper area behind the pulley and the clutch works! Am wondering if the contact set up is similar in design like breaker contact points maybe? Is it worth getting it back to original operation or just leaved it fixed solid, how much power loss will there be with a fixed engine fan? Copper contact rear of pulley and square block area where carbon brush goes Haynes pic not sure what am seeing besides a 'thingy' spring
  6. Hey guys i just saw a movie called The Accountant. There's a scene with a 505 !! About 3 -4mins!
  7. http://www.indysworld.com/80s/general/wheels/wheels.html#soob14
  8. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-vhZJPgnRdkRjFoXmI0BeA
  9. I almost got to see the best 405 Mi16 in the world owned by Savo in Cali while visiting my brother but not enough time.
  10. Sorry Bean..but i was so relieved to find that one other side i totally forgot investigate any further. Loads of other types and in a sea of orange in dim lighting.....ughh can be overwhelming.
  11. Maybe they do have Mike but i don't know what they look like and not having eg to compare with whats in there can be iffy. Would look into it though. There's an old die hard Peugeot guy here am sure prob has one in his archives which means more digging through stuff
  12. Went yesterday Sat all prep to do serious dig for other side shock, torch light, bottle water etc. 4min into search there it was, looking right at me on 2nd shelf. Amazing how when you looking for something it's invisible right there 1st time. So happy now...but..had hunt around for missing nut at top with fine thread. I did comparison with with blue shock no brand stamp, just says made in U.S.A. The compression/rebound same rate, whereas Koni is softer on compression but same on rebound stiffness at full 2 turns in. So i set it at 1.5 turns in using Koni logo as starting point. They both missing spacer/rubber bumper insert. Are they really necessary, would shock ever see full compression? Will mount them today and see if notice any diff, been over month since so. 1st yellow Koni sport seems close to 505 type
  13. Anyone have experience with adjustable Koni shocks? My shock broke on me about 4 weeks ago and i found shop with NOS of shelves with endless shocks all types. So far as my luck goes i found 3 different brands of 1 sides that matches up to 505 with Koni being exactly for 505. Am going back on weekend to do all out full sweat stock room search see if find other side of Koni 80 or whatever pair. Question...if i do get Koni pair what is good range to adjust them....soft ...middle...or stiff? Am running Sr20DET engine so...maybe stiffer? Don't want hassle of unbolting just too keep adjusting all time.
  14. Ok i don't want be the wet pants here, but swapping different engine into the 504/505 cars can be a pain. But if you do pursue this challenge forget about 6cylinders... too long unless you dont care for A/C and this will be your 'special' car. I have SR20DET automatic trans which was installed by previous owner through some hatch guys who did poor job. The Diff also changed to Nissan LSD so u can imagine all axles and drive shaft issues! I have gotten it to decent stage with tolerable driving comfort and slight vibrations. I would trade for original Peugeot engine if i could but all gone in my country hence reason for swap. Here's link to Australian site guy did swap...best i seen because kept original drive train with mods of course. http://www.aussiefrogs.com/forum/googlesearch.php?cx=partner-pub-5717081065219312%3Ajgylnj-1z2n&cof=FORID%3A9&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=505+sr20det Had some links to Indonesia & Malaysia where those guys swap out everything, suspension, RB20/25 , Jz, Sr20....mad stuff. If you got the skills fabricating stuff then yeah make nice project of it. Will post links when i find them ..lost the book marks.
  15. ahing6


    Here are some pics hope they help or maybe u got it sorted out by now. I don't think the lines can be mixed up as they are of different size threaded couplings. Been awhile since saw original 505 compressor but am sure will be different sized attachments.
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