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  1. I have an 86 turbo. I bought it for $500 nine years ago, and that included a 60 mile delivery to my door. I originally bought it for parts. it was rough around the edges, and the engine was toast.. Six years ago, I swapped out the engine, and put her back on the road. She had been setting for 18 years in a garage. Anyway, I am still driving it (my beloved beater). Recently, the power steering rack had a slow leak of fluid that turned into a torrent. Well now. I did a snippy-snippy on the P/S belt. I gotta say, things are going swimmingly, as while I don't have power steering anymore, I gained a genuine feel of the wheel, especially at highway speed. A few years ago, I applied some grease to the rack and pinion gears (under the steering rack boot), so the resistance is reasonably firm; and, um, nothing that I can't handle. As a side benefit, my arms get a workout whenever I drive it. It is a whole lot more fun than an exercise machine! -Bill
  2. I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. I remember someone saying that the n9 has an iron block with an aluminum head. The concern was the different rates of expansion between the two metals. i remember reading the owner’s manual cover to cover from my first (83 505 STI), and it said to never race a cold engine. The turbos have an oil temperature gauge, and it does take considerable time / miles for it to get up to temp. i see way too many folks jump in the car and do burn outs and such. Dumb. Bill
  3. bill

    Looking for 505 floor mats with logo

    I was going to make a crack by asking what color? A few years ago I bought a new old stock set still in the plastic. The foam backing doesn't age well, so it had to be scraped off. They are fine that way. My guess it that any still in the wild will have the same issue. I suppose that I could make a template of my set (mine are keepers) perhaps from a bed sheet or something. Then someone would have to find someone with a heavy duty industrial sewing machine make them up. That way you can pick the color and decide how far you want to go as far as material quality. I remember buying a new OEM set from the dealer about 1990 when the dealers were discounting all accessories at 50% off. The blue set I opted for faded out astonishingly quickly. Dark gray would have been a better choice. Jacket patches are out there as a possible option for the logo.
  4. Well, they are DIN mount, if that helps.
  5. Did they use the same Alpine units as the 505? I have extra ones in a box. They all still worked over the years, but don't get better with age. The price of shipping would be sufficient, as I don't see ever needing / using them. My current approach is using Alpines that have the ipod port and a cd. Bill
  6. I have an extra N9TE radiator. It was good when pulled. Not sure on how much, as I am reticent to sell stuff that I might need down the road. I am still running with N9TE's, but sometimes I ask myself, how many do I need? I have no idea on the price given the rarity factor. I have always been a big proponent of regular flushes of new coolant (every two years).
  7. It is located next to the fuel pump. Located outside under the rear (driver's side) seat. You might want to do the fuel filter as well if it hasn't been changed in a while. You may want to have a few extra little rubber hangers on hand in case you need them (probably will). Brass washers are something else to get.
  8. It sure sounds like a fuel accumulator. Common thing.
  9. bill

    FREE Ignition switch and door lock set for 505

    "The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese"' Bill
  10. The oil cap issue has been fixed as well. I am speculating that the vibrations from the engine touching the frame triggered the knock sensor to tell the ECU to adjust things.
  11. I'm kind of embarrassed after posting my concerns about an engine knock. For some reason, I had imagined the worst. Lazy me (throw in cold weather) didn't check things out before posting. I found three loose mounting bolts for the non-operative a/c compressor, where the compressor was touching the frame. This changes everything. I have my car back!
  12. I did that. Even to go as far as replacing it. I cleaned the old mesh which looked rusty, but didn't have any resistance when I blew through it. I am hoping that a good tuneup will do the trick.
  13. I have an 85 XN6 that has been lifting the oil cap and now has been knocking bad. It had been lifting the oil cap occasionally, and now the knocking which just started about a week ago persists past warm up. I plan on diving into it now that the snow is gone with a tune up and such. What else do I need to do?
  14. I have an extra used one. $15 with shipping included. -Bill
  15. bill

    SOLD - 1987 Peugeot 505 Sedan

    Boy, this thread takes me back. When I was in South Florida in the late 80's and was shopping for a replacement, I had the choice between an STI ZDJL creampuff right up the street and a V6 STX in Miami for over $5000. I was on the fence, and I chose the V6. I guess what is funny is that the STI didn't handle so well, so I opted for the V6. The front end on the STI had a "jiggle". I never looked back, and was fine with the STX. Except for the abs, and the leaking sunroof, which, at the time, I was ignorant about. Knowing what I know now, I think that the ZDJL probably had funky tires, explaining the dumb shimmy. I know that the front ends of the 505s are very sensitive to that sort of thing.