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  1. AFAIK the "day one" edition, which includes the '88 cars & '88 PP track, is only available on the XB1 and the PS4; the PC/Steam version is only available in the "regular" (non-day one) version. i think that the 405 and the '88 PP track are available as DLC for the PC/Steam version, not sure about cost though. As the video i linked to above shows, the current-day PP track is part of the regular game. I haven't had a chance to play yet; according to the game website, the '88 PP track is a separate track (Day One/DLC), and includes the period-correct unpaved sections...
  2. affirmative, ghost rider. by the way, i owe you an email. rabin....
  3. for christmas, my son got a Sony PS4 gaming system and some games. today, my wife bought me a little present -- Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo. it has the cars he's driven over the years, including the Pike's Peak 208 and his recent Citroens. It also includes the 405 T16 from 1988! Should be fun.
  4. last night i went to pasadena to have dinner with some peugeot friends, including randy p., marc m. and ukit & his wife. the occasion was that mike t. (from this forum) was in town with his wife, they are attending a concert in southern california this weekend. since they were staying in pasadena, we met at a thai restaurant there. good friends, good food and good beer. mostly reminded me that i need to get my ass in gear to get my car ready for the french & italian show next month. randy drove his 505 v6, ukit drove his 404 (the white one with the red leather interior) and mike drove his brabus smart all the way down from canada. marc and i were in non-french conveyances.... andre
  5. very nice! i have been noticed the "clicking" when i turn my steering wheel all the way to the right or left, so i imagine i will be replacing the axles in the not-to-distant future....i was thinking of going with rebuilt units, i've heard good things about raxles....
  6. thanks for the kind words, everyone. my mom is doing pretty good, she's still getting chemo but they're taking a less aggressive approach now. i just got off the phone with her, my uncle who lives in ecuador was in town visiting so she got to see him and they went out to lunch for louisiana seafood. so i've been gearing up to do some more work on my car, the french and italian car show is coming up in early november and i just had lunch on friday with marc m (many of you know him from the Facebook group) at a local french restaurant; he is planning a get-together on the saturday before the sunday show, a bunch of us will be going to cars and coffee in la cañada and doing some other stuff. details forthcoming. i also ordered some reproduction door gaskets/weatherstripping, i'll let you guys know how it turns out. i have only been able to find partial sets of NOS weatherstripping, and there was a guy from argentina on US eBay who was selling them but they became unavailable when i tried to order them. more to come. andre
  7. i found these a few years ago so i'm pretty sure they are available. let me check my records to see where i got mine from.
  8. hi cameron! hope all is well. for what it's worth, i found that once i had removed my 505's fuel tank and figured out how it went in & out, i could get it out in about 10 minutes; the first time is (by far) the hardest. so you could always do the rear shocks later if you're not ready now. also, the radiator shop i used to clean my fuel tank charged me about US$75, IIRC...
  9. two questions -- on the zdjl, isn't the ntc sensor on the coolant manifold, towards the top of the engine? and, holy crap, what is that fuzzy stuff all over everything, is that goat hair?
  10. hi randy! do you mean the one i posted? it's here, it's from the 1979 press pack, from when the 505 was first introduced. the second pick is from the parts fiche, i have some pdf copies i can share with you the next time we meet up. still need to make those carpet templates. andre
  11. this car is being offered by jessie at dubarr automotive in huntington beach (orange county); dubarr is a longtime peugeot-focused shop and jessie knows his stuff, which makes this even more of a bargain. he's also got a 1985 diesel on offer at a low price, you can see the above-referenced car in some of the pictures... andre
  12. changed the oil in my passat yesterday (5w30 full synthetic, as recommended). i used a set of ramps i got recently, they raise the car 7 inches (just under 18cm); i am looking forward to using the ramps on my 405... andre
  13. hi goce! thanks for your concern! i haven't been spending a lot of time working on my car in the last few months. my mother in louisiana has leukemia (leucémie) and she has been undergoing chemotherapy (chimiothérapie), so i have been traveling back and forth this summer to be with my parents who still live in louisiana. my mom is nearly 80 years old so the doctors have not been treating her as aggressively as they would if she were younger. of course, i still have a law practice to manage here in los angeles so i have been very busy getting ready to travel and then rushing to catch up with work when i get back home. the good news is, it appears that the therapy is working as my mother is now in remission. she is still tired a lot -- not as many red blood cells and we would like -- but she looks and feels much better so i am decreasing my visits to louisiana in the coming months. on friday i found some time to wash my 405 (it was filthy) and i'll be doing more in the coming weeks. andre
  14. welcome evan! i just took a look at the north american peugeot database -- old and kinda funky, but fairly accurate with respect to US models -- and that site indicates that the diesel wagons were only available with an automatic box. however, it says that all years of the diesel wagon, from '84 to '86, were available with the 4-speed automatic box when that unit only became available in '86. so one should prendre avec un grain de sel....
  15. as others have noted, goce, it's exciting to see your work here, all the twists and turns of a project of this type! thanks for posting all of this. a basic question -- the clearance issues that you're working on with the steering, they result from the need to lower the engine because of the fit issues you get from the re-orientation of the engine, correct?
  16. there are only about five of us here in the US that know enough about these cars to be impressed. ...but we'd be really impressed....
  17. goce -- your photo gave me an idea. get the drifter heim joints, cover them in spray adhesive and throw dirt on them --- instant oem look for inspection...
  18. that's really cool! i'm geeking out over this.
  19. welcome! please post pics ASAP! as for where to buy parts -- check on the main page of the forum, we have some vendors listed who are very good, especially for peugeot-specific stuff like the window regulator. for a generic part like an AC compressor, you could also try ebay or rock auto; in both cases, you'll want to cross check the part numbers to make sure you're getting the right item. for the fog lights -- do you just need the lights, or do you also need the plastic trim pieces that go around them in the bumper? the lights themselves were used in several peugeot models of the time (205, 309 and 405) so you can find decent used and sometimes NOS on the european ebays (france, germany, UK) and sometimes on US ebay...the plastic trims are different, they are US-specific so your best bet is finding some good used ones from one of our vendors. i recently got NOS left and right US foglight kits, they were very expensive and the guy i got them from doesn't have any more new ones, he may have some good used ones. i will pm you his contact info. PCD is 4 x 108, offset is 10mm i think (savo knows the exact amount) which is kinda unusual (welcome to peugeot ownership! ) so be sure to take that into account when you are shopping for new wheels...savo put sparco wheels on his mi16, i think he's using spacers... andré
  20. these new decals were quite a bit more expensive than the earlier pair that i had made; so after a bit of deliberation, i've decided on a pricing model. rather than charge a high price for the new decals and a (relatively) low price for the older ones, i'm going to charge a medium price for all of them. From this point on, decals will be US$8 each, or two $14 or 3 for $18. that price includes shipping to the US or Canada (contact me for shipping to other countries). I currently offer the following decals: 1) Made in France/US Model 2) Made in France/Canadian Model 3) Unleaded Fuel Only and 4) Lockheed/brake fluid info. To buy, message me. Paypal accepted.
  21. the new decals are in! pricing info to come soon. andré
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