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  1. i seem to remember reading on a forum that the original material used in the 205s was still available somehow....not sure if it was the peugeot part, or if it was the same material available in bulk. i also don't remember where i saw this -- maybe on aussiefrogs? maybe on the UK 205 forum? not sure. also -- is the 205 material the same as the 505 material? IDK... in any event, your best bet would be to peruse the old car forums and figure out what everyone else uses. there aren't any peugeot 505 concours to speak of, and even if there were, no one is going to be pulling off your door car to look inside. andré
  2. update -- decals are done, now i'm just waiting on delivery.
  3. it's a package from argentina...what can it be? it's a sunroof gasket! i bought this piece because i need it, also because i wanted to check out this new-to-me vendor on ebay. he shipped out immediately, but the mail between argentina and the US is terribly slow so it took weeks to get here. it looks really good, though, so now i just need to find time to work on my sunroof -- clean and lube the tracks, replace the gasket and make sure the drains are clear. i actually got some special lubricant for the sunroof mechanism, i'll report back on how it works out. when all of that is done, i can reinstall my headliner. andré
  4. started installing some of the pieces i got from mike aubé recently. here's the trunk trim piece, need to get some correctly-sized screws to fasten this: those tabs fit under the trunk gasket, i will be replacing that soon so i've just got the trim piece sitting on top for now. also installed the ecu mounting plate; you may recall, my ecu was just flopping around inside of its box: also, just now i got a notice from my mailman that there is a package waiting for me at the post office starting tomorrow that contains my new sunroof gasket. if it looks good i'll probably order some new door gaskets from this vendor. stay tuned. andré
  5. is this demannu from aussiefrogs? welcome, we are honored you are here!
  6. i just noticed the new center caps. will those fit your sparco wheels? will you be painting them black to match? or are they for the wagon? i read on a forum somewhere that one can use silicon to secure wheel center caps in place to keep them from popping out; holds well but can be removed if necessary..
  7. looks great! can't wait to send you the lockheed decals.
  8. if it was me, i'd change the engine bay to silver to match the new exterior color.
  9. that's very clever! fortunately, both the old one and the new one have the metal clips already...
  10. those of you who've been following in the facebook group know that i'm currently having these two decals made: these should be done in a few weeks, pricing will be similar to the others, will need to work out the package price for a set. i also need to list them on ebay. next to be done (a couple of months after these) will be the fuel flap stickers for the diesel cars. andré
  11. thanks goce! more parts. located a NOS decorative trim for the right side mirror (enjoliveur de rétroviseur droite). needs to be painted, when i finish assembling the parts that need to be painted i'll get them done together. have this piece, the NOS grille, a used left headlight trim. still need to get the trim for the left mirror, some new door handles and need to decide what to do about the rear aileron/trunk: new windshield wiper stalk. need to get the turn signal/horn stalk as well: new overhead console panel (NOS). in addition to giving me new sun visor clips, this panel doesn't have the hole for the IR remote transceiver sensor. my old overhead console panel has the hole, but i don't need it since i'm replacing the IR plip with an RF aftermarket unit. more to come. andré
  12. looks great, savo! i like the seat heater kits you added, i'm thinking about adding those to my wife's truck. my passat has them, and i love them & miss them when i'm in a different car.... andré
  13. as Savo suggested, i am looking into the details on how to extend the oil pickup on my xu9j4 (mi16) engine to match my new gti6 oil pan; in my research, i found a guy named peter taylor in australia who is very active on the australian forums who is very knowledgeable about the xu9j4 and xu10j4 engines, especially as it relates to peugeot 205 mi16 swaps. peter runs a concern called taylor engineering which sells products and services for owners looking to tune these engines. this post is not meant to be an endorsement of the business, i haven't transacted with them (yet) but there is a wealth of good information on these engines here on his website... andré
  14. FWIW i think that the US-spec bumpers on the 405 look pretty good, they stick out further than the euro-spec bumpers but are not as conspicuously different as the 505 bumpers.. more parts from mike: nice used stereo/climate control bezel and parking brake lever slide (mine is broken): NOS mi16 rear reflector panel. i almost hate to put it on the car. almost. : andré
  15. the lamps themselves on the mi16 are the same pieces as the euro spec 405 or 306, but the plastic trim piece is different as the hole in the US-spec bumper is bigger than the hole on the euro-spec bumper. i know this because i ordered a euro-spec fog light assembly (lamp and plastic trim) so i was able to test-fit it, only to find that it didn't (fit). i had resolved myself to repairing the broken trim pieces on my original fog lights or finding good used ones when these NOS pieces turned up. getting this set of lights & trim was fortuitous, as it's hard to find used fog light trim pieces that aren't damaged here in the US. It would be very cool to swap out the bumpers for euro-spec mi16 bumpers, but as savo pointed out, it would take a bit of time and money to accumulate all of the parts, get them repainted, etc. i may eventually do this, but it's down the list and there are many other things i want to take care of first. andré
  16. it never occurred to me that the left vent might not be mine, i asked for & paid for the left vent and center vent. i'll check with mike about it, though. as it turns out, though, as i opened more boxes, i found another center vent so one is certainly for me and the other is for you. so the only question is about the left vent -- were you expecting a left vent also? still got one box left to open -- the long one -- i'll let you know what i find.
  17. what's the best way to do that? some good stuff i got from mike aube: mounting plate for the engine ecu (used) -- this was missing from my car when i got it, my ecu currently flopping around in the ecu box: replacement headrest (used) -- i got this for the foam, the foam on my driver's side headrest is dried out and disintegrating...my daughter says that the dust it drops looks like cheeto dust: replacement vents (used); my vents function okay, but the mounting tabs on them are broken so they flop around and squeak as i'm driving around town: edit: oops, the center vent is my old one, you can tell by the broken tab...will get another pic of the good one... my favorite items -- a matching set of NOS foglight kits. this wasn't cheap: more to come
  18. buyin' stuff. i got a GTI6 oil pan as Savo suggested. this one came from the UK: it has a little spring-loaded trap door, helps to prevent fuel starvation during all of the extreme cornering that i do : those black squiggly lines on the bottom of the pan are greasy dirt, not cracks. i also got a package of parts in yesterday from Mike Aube, got some good stuff. will post that shortly. andré
  19. a while back i had an iPhone 5; i'd had it a while and the battery was dying -- it wouldn't hold a charge and when it did, it would run down quickly. so i ordered a new battery from a company called ifixit and replaced my battery with a new one. it worked great! and the phone was fine after that. i upgraded recently to a newer model and my daughter now uses my old iPhone happily. anyhow, my wife has an iPhone 5s and her battery has been dying recently. so i ordered a new battery for her phone and when it came in a couple of days ago, i set about replacing it. disassembly of the phone went well, even easier than my other phone, but when it came to removing the old battery, i hit a snag. under the battery are two adhesive strips -- usually if one is careful, you can pull both strips out from under the battery in one piece, around either side of the battery. on my wife's phone, however, the strips had dried out and hardened so i couldn't pull them out. ifixit's instructions tell how to deal with this (gently heat the phone from underneath to soften the strips) but i must have missed this in my reading. so i was trying to pull the battery off with a pair of needle-nosed pliers. on the iPhone, the battery is made up of many layers of chemicals and foil. if some of the chemicals separated by the foil are mixed, they can combust suddenly...or so i discovered. apparently, in pulling the battery out, i bent it too much and pierced the foil inside. i found myself with a 6-inch fireball in my right hand! fortunately, i was working in my house near the sliding glass door to the patio, and the door was open. also fortunately, i still had the pliers in my right hand. so i stepped out onto the patio and removed the flaming battery quickly and threw it to the pavement. the good news is, i was quick enough to avoid injury to myself or to the phone. i cleaned the phone up with some alcohol and q-tips and put everything back together, and it worked great. so i was dumb but lucky! here's the old battery: the black socks are me. the white socks with flip-flops are my wife, telling me i'm a dumbass.
  20. i do not get this, site works normally for me. i am using a mac (os 10.11.3) with safari edit: i reported the issue you noted to the admins of the merchandise site
  21. hi adam, i missed this thread being updated recently or i would have chimed in sooner... was the car sitting for a while? you could have crap in the gas tank that is now preventing the car from starting...water, dirt, etc. might be worth looking into. could explain why the car started for a while, and now won't. as for the fake alarm light on the dash -- back in the late 70s/early 80s, the best/most expensive aftermarket alarm in the US was the UNGO box (un-go, as in stop, get it? i am very old, is why i remember this....); despite the cheesy name, it was well-made and well-regarded by enthusiasts...back then, almost no cars had any kind of factory anti-theft system. so your car either had an UNGO system at some point in the past, or a previous owner wanted to make people think that it did. IIRC the clifford aftermarket alarm unseated the UNGO as the "best," then factory anti-theft systems improved to the point where aftermarket alarms were no longer must-have items for enthusiasts and/or people with nice cars. also -- it doesn't sound like you need a new ECU. but -- i seem to remember, someone on this forum (fernando? arun maybe?) put a european v6 ecu on a US-spec v6 and the engine ran a bit peppier....it wasn't expensive and it might be a tiny bit easier to find than a US-spec v6 ecu if you are replacing it.... andré
  22. it looks like the morris lubricants web store is down at the moment. i got my castrol dex ii from amazon UK, they still have it but with shipping it isn't cheap. unfortunately amazon UK doesn't sell the morris lubricants product (though they sell other ML stuff).
  23. it is very cold there right now? and the small japanese car -- is it a kei car? those things are tiny!
  24. marc m. and i had planned to get together yesterday for dinner (korean barbecue), when i got a call from him asking if i could get away earlier to meet him at a car dealership. when i got there, i was greeted with this: this car is here in los angeles, the owner (chris, a frenchman) runs a dealership in west LA that sells and leases used exotic cars. chris was really nice, he told us about how he came to own the car...he was looking for something more mainstream, like a porsche, when he found this car here in california and got it instead. he's owned many peugeots over the years, starting with a new 205 junior back in the day. interesting detail -- the front chassis stiffening bar has a quick-release to permit access to the spare trx tires: number 189 produced: nice detailing on the engine cover, carpet/leather: massive intercooler: exhaust: a previous owner added these decals to the c pillars: top mounts for front shocks: another interesting detail -- there are slots in the seat, sewn shut, that can be opened to allow racing seatbelts to pass through. because racecar. the instrument binnacle has quick-release fasteners: andré
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