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  1. got new tires for the wife's sport trac. finally got rid of the 20s, i'll be selling them on craigslist soon. the new wheels are 17x7.5 and the new tires are 255/65-17 (stock size is 255/70-16 so this is a +1 fitment). michelins, bien sûr. ride is like, 1,000% better.
  2. here's a posting i found about sunroof repair on the 405, posted on the peugeot-l forum 11 years ago. i've left off the name of the poster to protect his privacy, but it's message number 56411 for those of you who are interested: the haynes manual he is referring to is number 1559, i have a pdf copy but i have to disagree that it is useful, it only has a couple of paragraphs regarding the sunroof and they only explain how to remove the motor, nothing else. i'm thinking (hoping) that my problem is not a broken cable, but rather sludge in the tracks since my sunroof works intermittently. here's another peugeot-l post from 9 years ago (message number 67318): since i park my 405 outside, i need to find a whole day when i can drop the sunroof assembly (cassette), clean it and put it back in, in one go. that'll probably be in a week or two. i'll take lots of pictures to make it easier on the next person. andré
  3. goce, the opening on the air box where the fresh air pipe connects, is currently blocked by the radiator hose. something is a bit off with this, i'll try to post some pictures in the coming days. i'm planning to drain & flush the cooling system soon, that would be a good time to correct the hose layout. i also have a new thermostat & housing that i want to install at that time. for what it's worth, the climate is very nice here and i have not had any overheating problems. as far as i know, none of the US 405s got the vin plate like some of the european cars; the vin is etched on to the top surface of the panel that separates the engine compartment from the trough that contains the windshield washer reservoir (what the brits would call the scuttle). i got my headliner back today, they did a great job: the material they used is actually a mercedes velour, it looks and feels great; i think will add a contemporary touch to the interior. even though the texture of the fabric is different, the color ("oyster" -- a light gray) is pretty close to the original. i asked them to leave a couple of inches to cover the gap over the front doors (from the removal of the automatic seatbelts), they left about 1.5" (about 40mm) of extra material all the way around. i'm not going to put this back in until i get chance to work on the sunroof. i also got some alarm stickers from france, i'll be putting these on the front door glass; these are transparent reverse stickers that mount on the inside of the glass (autocollant vitre), i had to photograph them at an angle so you could see what they look like: i'm going to get the same upholstery shop that did the headliner to fix the ripped leather on the seats. i'm also going to have the windows professionally tinted, the sun in Los Angeles is brutal on the interior. more soon.
  4. new underhood stickers: also, i started working on the interior recently; i removed the bezel that covers the stereo and the a/c controls so that i can wire up the new receiver i have for the car; additionally, i removed the front passenger's seat to clean the carpet. the carpet looks to be in very good shape, with just a few stains here and there. i decided not to pull it out, but to clean it in place with an extraction machine that i'll rent in the next week or two. as it turns out, my carpet has a rubber backing so i'm no longer concerned about water from the cleaning process remaining under the carpet. i also pulled the headliner out, the only difficult part was getting the sliding sunroof cover panel out; i figured out that the way to do that was to drop the back of the sunroof cassette/assembly. it is bolted to the roof in the front, middle and rear on both sides, and the front is also attached in the center where the sunroof motor bolts in. i left the two front bolts and the motor in place and unbolted everything else, which allowed me to pull the cover out of the back of the cassette. i dropped the headliner & sliding cover off at the upholsterers this morning. they had originally quoted me US$125 for the job but i decided to upgrade the fabric to a mercedes velour so the new price is $275. the color of the new material is identical to the old fabric but the velour should give the headliner an updated look. you can see on the front of the headliner where it narrows, that's where the tracks for the passive restrain seatbelt system were before a previous owner removed them and installed conventional lap/shoulder belts on the car. as savo has suggested, i'm having the upholsterer leave a bit of extra fabric there to cover the resulting gap; i'll trim that when i re-install the headliner. if you look really closely, you can see the arrows i drew on the old fabric to show them where to leave the overhang. the only bad news is that i got a message later this afternoon from the upholsterer that the handle on the sliding cover broke when they were removing it, i'll have to call them tomorrow to find out what happened with that. worst case scenario, i'll have to find a used cover somewhere to get another handle.... andré
  5. just a few thoughts about the name CanAmPug -- while i like the idea (in the abstract) of having a sort of "universal" name like "peugeot enthusiasts group," the reality is that every internet forum out there for a given car make has some sort of geographic (usually national) base...CanAmPug describes a very specific reality that we face here with respect to our chosen make of cars. the problem with a name like peugeotUS is that it ignores our friends in Canada, who have nearly the same history as US peugeot enthusiasts and thus have identical interests and concerns at this point...we really need to stick together since there are so few of us! this is also why any kind of name that features "north american" rings a bit false, since our friends in Mexico can still buy new peugeots! i certainly don't want to exclude anyone, we can use all of the friends we can get. but i do think that the name should be descriptive, and the fact that CanAmPug is short and easy to remember, as well as makes a callback to the race cars, is nice in that regard... andré
  6. beautiful! savo has put a lot of effort into this conversion, those of you who have followed this thread or seen his posts on the facebook group know how many setbacks he has persevered through! the last time i saw this engine, it was on the back of a truck, it looks much better now. have you thought about retrofitting abs? also -- that pitting on the top of your radiator -- it's aluminum, a bit of scrubbing with 000 steel wool will clean that right off. andré
  7. i just mocked up this decal using the veloink decal previewer. we could do something nicer than this, this is just a teaser to generate enthusiasm.....
  8. the manifold looks beautiful
  9. since i got my car last year, i've never had a brace for the jack; the brace is the combination tire iron/jack handle that one uses on the wheel lugs, the jack and on the spare tire holder. it's a good thing i haven't gotten a flat yet! i got this part from italy, mainly because it was inexpensive and i wanted to check out a vendor there who ships to the US. the brace came as part of a set with a jack, so i have a spare jack: the vendor was great, the shipping took several weeks. i was able to track the package most of the time, and the italian post seemed pretty speedy whereas the US post took a long time, not sure why that is. i will probably be buying more from this vendor, but i'll get several items at once to save on shipping. so the brace is in my trunk now, plan is to get it powder coated so it looks nice. andré
  10. i don't think i would part with my 405 right now -- i'm having too much fun fixing it up and driving it. once it's done (or more accurately, less un-done as they're never really done), i will probably drive it for a while longer while looking for my next project. maybe something like this....so at least US$3,500.00.....
  11. looks like a nice, clean car, GLWS! but i gotta ask, what's up with those buildings in the background? the ones with the red doors? are they really leaning like that, or is it just a trick of the photo? andré
  12. please let us know how the new injectors work out when you get them installed!
  13. hi goce, thanks for that. i know about the service box site and used it a lot until a couple of months ago, they began blocking users by IP address ("Votre pays de connexion n'est pas celui configuré, veuillez contacter voter administrateur"). since peugeot is not currently a going concern in the US, they started blocking US IP addresses. i haven't had the time or the energy lately to configure a vpn connection to get around this. now i use a different site to look up 405 parts, it's sort of a (very) basic mirror of the service box site... andré
  14. the series 2 405 was never sold here in the US (or Canada) -- the series 1 405 (1991) was the last peugeot we ever got here. so no junkyards anywhere near here would have that part. will probably get it from ebay/leboncoin etc. ...
  15. so don't expect too much from the new switch. got it. i never throw any parts away unless they are completely destroyed, so will do. one thing i'd like to do but i haven't figured it out yet is to add a stereo control stalk from a series 2 car to my series 1. i know i'd have to fabricate some kind of mounting bracket and cut a hole in the steering column trim (or get a set from a series 2 car), but it would be really nice to have that feature. i have steering wheel controls on my passat and i use them all the time...once i got it installed, it would simply be a matter of connecting the new control stalk to an adapter and connecting that to the new blaupunkt (toronto 420) that i have for the 405.... lots of ideas and not enough time to implement them..... andré
  16. i'm not 100% sure that this is what it is, but that only makes me want to change it more. change it, and burn the old one. in all seriousness, though, the switch functions but it's very loose, so i plan to change it... andré ps -- thanks for the measurements, goce!
  17. rabin and i discussed this offline a few days ago, and i told him that my wife's suggestion was "peugeoters.com" so if you don't like "peugiasts.com," just know that there are names out there that are much, much worse. so after thinking about this for a few days, what if we changed the name of the site to peugeot club of north america and changed the site url to canampug.com (available). short, easy to remember...we could talk to the facebook group admins (are you guys reading this?) about synching up the logos/identity...i would love to have a sticker for my car...
  18. thank you goce, i'd appreciate that! over the last couple of days, it's been very hot here (83F/28C) so i took a few breaks from my desk work (i have a home office). i removed the front passenger seat with an eye towards removing the carpet to clean it thoroughly, as well as to run wiring for the sound system amplifier and front speaker crossovers which i'll be mounting under the front seats. i also removed the top part of the dashboard so that i could remove the bezel surrounding the stereo and climate controls; after that, i removed the aftermarket stereo that some previous owner had installed. i already have a new blaupunkt head unit with bluetooth handsfree calling ready to go, so i wanted to get started on installing that as well. there was an unused electrical connector and an empty mounting point for an electronic control unit under the front passenger seat that baffled me until i cross-referenced the wire numbers against the factory electrical manual and discovered that the missing ecu was for the passive restrain system. for those of you outside the US/Canada, around the time of the 405 the safety regulations here changed such that auto manufacturers had to install a passenger safety system that did not require any action on the part of the occupants of the car in order for them to have some protection in the case of a collision. most manufacturers ultimately put airbags into their cars, but in the early days some manufacturer (like peugeot) used a motorized shoulder belt system that had little tracks around the front door opening such that when you sat in the car, you stepped into the shoulder belt and the top edge of the shoulder belt travelled back around the door frame such that you were belted in. you can see a video of how this worked here. this system was annoying enough when it worked properly, but over the years the little motors stopped working and many owners removed these systems from the cars and retrofitted the standard shoulder belts. this was done to my car, and all that's left is a gap at the edge of the headliner (which i will address when i have the headliner recovered soon) and these connectors and mount points. i did some checking and there's a similar empty connector/mount point under the driver's seat. as luck would have it, these connecters have ignition switched and unswitched 12-volt wires and grounds, so i will be able to use these when i wire up my amps and crossovers. here's a picture of the dash with the top part removed: i took advantage of this opportunity to replace the ignition switch with the new one i got recently. here's a picture of the center console with the bezel removed: one idea that i've been rolling around in my brain is modifying the center console stack by lowering the climate controls and mounting a double-din stereo where the climate controls are currently. i ultimately decided against this -- i'm going to add a dash mount for my iPhone, which i use for navigation, etc. -- but i took some measurements and i can say that moving the climate controls and adding a double-din head unit is certainly possible in the series 1 405. the previous owner who installed this aftermarket pioneer stereo in the car cut the connector off of the factory radio (it plugs into the bright red connector in the photo) and wired it up to the pioneer connector, so i took that inside and i will be using the factor connector with the blaupunkt part to make the installation easy. here's a photo of the turn signal/horn/light switch stalk, you can see how the sun has damaged the plastic...the switch works okay, though it's a bit loose. i will be changing this out soon as well. andré
  19. welcome teffers! love the bikes. i also have a ph12 centenary edition although it looks like yours is in a bit better condition. your road bike is very nice, i have been thinking of getting a new peugeot bike sometime soon. they don't sell them here in the US but i could have one shipped by a friend in france. is that your mi16? i would love to see more pictures of that car! the speedlines are beautiful -- 15x6.75, correct?, what kind size tires are you running on them? andré
  20. speaking of the rear of my car, you may notice that my trunk lid has some spots that are missing paint. my plan is to get the trunk lid repainted (same color); at the same time, i plan to replace the badges on the trunk lid. if you have good eyes you might notice that the emblems are a little bit too high. additionally, i have a really nice "Mi16" badge in red that i'll be using. before i do that, though, there are a few other parts of the car that will need to be painted at the same time. the lower trim under the left headlight is missing and i have a replacement, but it's gray so that will get painted at the same time. the paint on the driver's door handle is badly chipped so i will get another one and have that painted to match. i also plan to replace the modified grill (put on my car by a previous owner) with the original style. recently, i got a NOS grill in primer: there are still a few more pieces that i need to get so i won't send everything out for painting until i get them. marc m. (from the facebook group) used to paint cars for a living so i may ask him to do it, although by paying him i will doubtless be enabling his peugeot habit... andré
  21. goce, i noticed that on your car, it looks really good. you're right that it freshens up the look of the car, it looks more like the series 2 cars which had the different trunk lid. i had considered doing something like that -- on the US mi16s, though, we got a red reflective panel there...sort of like the german heckblendes that were popular in the 80s. here's a picture of mine: i think this may have been an option on some of the european models. in any event, the clips that hold mine on the car look like they broke off and were repaired (re-glued) several times in the past. some of the later repairs saw the glue spread onto the back of the reflective part of the panel and the reflective material peeled off when the glue failed (i.e., the glue didn't stick to the panel itself but did stick to the reflective material ). the panel looks okay from a distance but up close it looks bad. i have a good-condition used one on order and i may have a source for a NOS one (still looking). i had thought about replacing the reflective panel with a black one or a panel painted body color like yours (in my case, blanc meiji, or alpine white as it is called here) but i decided to stay closer to original with my car. i really like the european style mi16 bumpers (like you have on your car) so i might put those on my car someday, and if i do i will probably change out the rear panel to look like yours. but in the meantime, it would look strange to me to have a body-colored rear panel with my US-style bumpers. i'm picky, i know. andré
  22. the nice thing about this being my thread is that i can take it anywhere i like. are peugeots popular in macedonia, goce? how common are older models like the 405? please post photos of your cars when you have a chance, we love to see cars from around the world...
  23. welcome, goce! are you in europe? andré
  24. i can see the mechanism in my trunk...what i mean is, i don't understand the logic of it. what does the actuator do (part #3 in the diagram, i referred to it as the locking module in my previous post)? i can see that it's hooked up but it doesn't seem to make any difference on my car -- if i want to open my trunk, i have to go outside and unlock it with the key. it stays unlocked until i lock it with the key. if i lock it, it stays locked until i unlock it with the key. the lock state of my doors (locked, unlocked) makes no difference. i think i must have a bad actuator or maybe some bad wiring. but i'm not sure what is supposed to happen. andré
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