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  1. Now that I read your response, the JTR site seems kind of funny -- why make such a big deal out of starting with a diesel car? As you write, a spring swap makes more sense. And -- if you're changing out the whole drivetrain -- how much harder is it to change the springs as well?!? Funny. Andre
  2. Funny you should mention that -- a while back somebody mentioned they got some parts from jagsthatrun.com. I checked out that site and they have a lot of information about V8 conversions, including Volvo 200s http://www.jagsthatrun.com/Pages/Volvo_200_V-8.html One of the things they mention is that diesel 200s make better subject cars for V8 conversions because the diesel engine is heavier that the gas engine, so the suspension for the diesel 200 would be a better match for the heavier V8 engine. Would this be the case for a hypothetical Peugeot 505 V8 conversion? i.e., the diesel would be better... Just thinking out loud here... Andre
  3. I'm a new member to the forums; it seems to me that there is a wealth of information on this site that is not available anywhere else. The trouble is, it can be difficult to find. I have a 2002 VW Jetta, and the forums at VW Vortex have created master "how-to" sections that i've found very useful over the years. see an example: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?1835863 essentially, each time a technical tip gets posted that the mods find particularly useful, it gets added to the how-to. what do you guys think about this? would it be possible and/or desirable to add something like this to the forums? andre
  4. thanks for the kind welcome, rabin, also thanks for the tip on Dick Borio's car. I had joined Peugeot-L a while back so after i read your post i did a search for "borio" and found the info. unfortunately, that car, as nice as it is, is in connecticut. i'm in los angeles, so the logistics would make the deal difficult (if it is even still possible). additionally, i'd still be faced with the smog test issue that prompted me to write in the first place. norcal says that there are decent cars to be had now and then inside the state, so i'm going to keep looking. one of the things that's great about california is that we have a lot of cars here. of course, that's also one of the things that sucks about california... andre
  5. Thanks for the encouragement. I guess it's a zen thing -- when the driver is truly ready, the car will appear...
  6. Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I'm a Southern California resident (West Los Angeles). I've never owned a Peugeot, but I've always liked them. My brother-in-law had a 505 turbo around 89-90 and it was a great car. I had been thinking about getting a 505 for a while, when I looked around (eBay and craigslist), it seemed like there were a few cars available. I discussed it with my wife and got spousal approval; since then I've been looking for a suitable car but it seems like hardly any are available now! I'd certainly prefer a later car, but I'd be happy with something clean and fix-able. I enjoy working on cars, and I have the resources to have things professionally done when the tasks exceed my skills. Here's what I'm wondering: In my search for a 505, I had been thinking that I would pretty much need to get a car already registered in CA because of the age of the car & the emissions laws we have here. Is this true? Do you Cali owners have any experience with registering cars from out of state? I'd appreciate any info anyone has... Thanks in advance Andre
  7. FWIW, current Peugeot cars have JBL sound systems, so JBL is somewhat "authentic"
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