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  1. Nice waterpump -- very shiny...

  2. for the sender unit, brian holm would be a good place to check. also, you can try ukit (i pm'd you his card). ukit is sort of a west coast brian holm, he's got a yard full of parts cars near LA.

    if you do deal with ukit, i'm close by so let me know if there's anything i can do to help.

  3. i found a place that specialized in fixing fuel sending units...sent my old one to them. they said that the unique design of the 505 sending unit can't be fixed.

  4. thanks for the encouragement!

    the in-tank fuel pump i got came from western hemispheres...it's actually a pierburg unit, part # 7.21088.62.0.

    my original fuel sender was rusted solid....i got a NOS unit but it turned out to be from a european car (won't work on a US 505 sedan). so i got a good-condition used piece from a guy that was parting out a car...

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