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  1. Bean

    Peugeot 505 T16

    Coming along very well Wales - Oil pan looks great! Is the welding still being done with your mig? Just occurred to me that the shift fork might also need some beefing up as the new clutch likely has a much higher clamping force and may stress it some more. I've seen and heard the shift fork arm cracking - but shouldn't be too hard to reinforce. Rabin
  2. Thanks JoE! If you send them to me I can make sure to post them in the tech section. Rabin
  3. Bean

    505 electromagnetic fan

    I'd get a new rad temp sensor as well, and make sure the power source wire to the rad temp sensor / switch is fused (ie: Add a fuse). Power wire for fan has caused a few wiring harnesses to burn up when the wire has shorted out. Rabin
  4. Bean

    steering assist pump

    Pretty sure you have to remove the mounting points from back of the pump, and then the tank comes off. Rabin
  5. "If you have the means..." as they say: https://www.performancediesel.ca/performance.htm The guy that did mine isn't doing them anymore, but Giles is known worldwide for his Bosch VE builds. With the better exchange rate I'd highly recommend him for the IP and injector rebuilds. Rabin
  6. Bean

    Peugeot 505 T16

    Questions: How did you align the transmission input shaft with the crankshaft in order to weld the new flange onto the belhousing? And are you using a spool gun to weld the aluminum? It looks amazing and I'm shocked at how well the mig is welding it! I wanted to weld up changes to the N9TE intake manifold and your set up would be ideal for that as well. Lastly - what is your tool of choice for cutting and shaping the aluminum? I tried a reciprocating saw for cast alloy intake but it was very slow going. Rabin
  7. Bean

    Peugeot 505 T16

    Here's a link to a possible option for the differential: http://www.overveldtrading.nl/peugeot-parts.html Bas Overveld contacted me back in 2012, and makes them for these very cool racing buggies in the Netherlands. The LSD he developed used BMW guts so that would go well with some of the other parts you're using. BA10/5 is tougher - I've read the issue it has is the case isn't strong enough and it flexes enough to loose gear tooth engagement which causes the gears to shear teeth. There may be a way to strengthen the case, but again it's not something that's been done too much. They did run them in Superproduction 505 race cars, but the most I heard those cars making was 500HP. Another option would be to use Toyota Supra transmission and rear differential - but parts might be harder to find and expensive. LOTS of gearing options however as the Supra diff shares the internals with the truck differentials. SRDT: I'd never known that about the boost gauge and now I must replicate this in my cars too! I've got an AEM Tru-Boost set up and I think I should be able to get the optional white face for it. Rabin
  8. Bean

    Peugeot 505 T16

    Serious power goals! Now I have to wonder what the plan is for gearbox and differential upgrades to handle that kind of power! Thanks for the clear pic of the bracket! My only suggestion would be to consider gussets to strenthen the joints with the highest load paths. Absolutely LOVE the carbon hood idea! I cheated and was just going to do a carbon insert into the middle of the existing hood to make it simpler - you went all out! Well done. Rabin
  9. Bean

    Peugeot 505 T16

    I've learned this lesson all too well - I've got grand ideas, but have a much more difficult time to make them happen! I still have everything I've posted about thus far, and have gotten even more parts - but alas I'm still searching for time to put things together! As for the brackets holding the PS pump and alternator - is there another contact point to the block down low under the alternator? I see the three bolts to the block between the pump and alternator, but can't make out if there's any lower down. If not - that'd be my concern as that's an awful lot of leverage on the bracket - that's the only concern that comes to mind. I assume you'll have plans to dyno the set up as well? REALLY curious to hear what kind of numbers it puts down, along with what the power and torque curves look like... Do you still have your 3L PRV powered 505? Rabin
  10. Bean

    Peugeot 505 T16

    I'm just out of touch! I'll have to look for more examples of those types of brackets... So looking forward to the update... Rabin
  11. Looks fine for me... $6K sounds like a lot, but if you bought a love seat and two chairs with that quality you'd be in the same ball park price wise. Really appreciate the additional pics Mike - I love seeing the details. Rabin
  12. Bean

    Peugeot 505 T16

    Oh man - I'm more excited to see what you did in 2018+ than I am to know what happens in Marvel's "Endgame" movie! The new brackets you made for the ancillary engine components are genius - I've never seen them done like that. Rabin
  13. Gorgeous work - can you take more pictures of the seats? Would love to see some details... Rabin
  14. Bean

    Fixing my 1987 505 STI

    On the N9T** motors it would have a heat sheild covering the manifold, but no idea if those motors had them... Rabin
  15. Bean

    505 electromagnetic fan

    If you want to return it to stock then you should be able to get replacement brush from Peugeot Holm. You could also use the same circuit to power an electric cooling fan. The locked fan really does use up a fair bit of power - I'd guess an easy 10+ HP at 4500+ RPM. Rabin