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  1. Thanks for the update Hugh! Next time your in Cayley you should pics of the cars you’re referencing for others to see. I finally made it out to Cayley and it really is a happy place for Peugeot enthusiasts! Rabin
  2. August did get at head flow tested YEARS ago and they were very good, but I can't recall specifics. I tried searching the forum, but it might have been on the old Peugeot-L yahoo group. I'll e-mail him and see if he remembers! Cam specs should be on the forum if you search, pretty sure Danielson cam specs were posted, but the stock cam specs may not have been. Big difference between the 150 and 180HP engines was turbo and turbo boost levels. 180HP cars had electronic boost management with an overboost feature if conditions were met. The other difference was 7:1 compression on the older non intercooled cars, and 7.5:1 for intercooled cars here in North America - Guessing that wasn't the same compression used in Europe however. Rabin
  3. Crikey - Damn near 4 years later and I finally get a hold of Nick and he ended up buying the VEMS stuff, so I can start over fresh and I'll look for a 65mm TB now. Also picked up an EFR6758 T25 IWG turbo, so we'll see what I can put together this winter with the Danielson N9TE motor in my garage. Been leaning towards AEM Infinity 5 series, but well see what happens. Not sure if you even get alerts on this thread anymore Keebs - but I'd be curious what if anything has happened to this project. Rabin
  4. If you cut the line - cut the hose not the hard line. Any good shop should be able to reuse the hardline parts with new hydraulic hose. Just make sure to check the hard line fittings for cracks or damage. Rabin
  5. Does your RF filter have two leads? Mine has two leads and appears to be in-line with the signal wire. If not the female spade on the wire can go directly to the spade connector on the alternator like the one lead shown. Let me know if that works. Rabin
  6. I figured you were from Que by your “interesting” username. I’ll let Riyaz in Toronto know and sent him a link, but he’s not interested in selling either. They’re ridiculously rare, so finding one will prove difficult. Might have to settle for a nice 86-88 series 2 505 Turbo 5sp as they’re a little more abundant. Will definitely keep an eye out though - always do anyway! Rabin
  7. Power wires are usually brown, the green and yellow wires are usually ground wires.. The signal wire is +12V so putting it to ground isn’t likely a good thing - but I’ll confirm in the morning! Rabin
  8. Little concerned by: So I attached the small brown wire to the same bottom post that the RF filter bracket is attached to but the battery charge light in the dash still says on... I just hope the RF filter bracket you mentioned isn’t ground? Connector for the signal wire should be a female flat blade connector, and the alternator should be a male flat blade connector. Rabin
  9. Brown wires are usually power wires, so there should be a spade connector on the back of the alternator that it connects to the alternator that provides the signal voltage. Posting pictures is always best - I can post pics of the back of a turbo alternator as well as possibly the connection side of one installed tomorrow. Rabin
  10. Hi there - I have one (Regina, SK) and another guy has one in Toronto ON. Where are you, and what kind of acceptable condition are you willing to accept? Mostly just curious as I’ve invested thousands into mine in parts ready to go into it, but haven’t started the actual work yet... No interest really in selling - but always willing to entertain interest... Rumour has always been that there were only 14 of them imported, and 89’ was the last year the sedan was sold in North America. Rabin
  11. I'd check the primer / filter assembly as I understand if there's an air leak there it can affect the injection system similar to what you're describing... Rabin
  12. Welcome Efao! You might want to consider posting your own build thread as I'd love to see pictures of what you're working with. Can't really help with the ECU pin outs as we never got the newer V6 FWD Peugeots in North America, but I'm curious if a better option might be to use a standalone ECU? Lots of exceptionally capable DIY systems out there that can really make things a lot easier. Rabin
  13. There should be a set screw or similar holding the end in. Cable has always broken at the tranny end for me, and yes the cable gets seated once the cluster is in place. Rabin
  14. I’d try Bryan Holm of Peugeot Holm in the vendors section - I think he stocks rebuild kits. Rabin
  15. Agree it has to be something like fuel cut off - 400psi is very healthy, so it should fire. What pressure did the injectors open? Puff of ether to confirm will tell you quickly if it’ll run once fuel is sorted. Rabin
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