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  1. Proper stage 1 for this car would be to retorque the head and adjust valves. Most people neglected doing it. Some may argue the newer versions did not not need retorquing but it will never hurt it when done properly. Adjusting valves can also make a huge improvement. PCV screens I mentioned should be cleaned and functional, but short trips in cold weather will always cause condensation which results in mayo under the cap. Rad hose - maybe zip tie the highest arc of that top hose over and down so there's no high spot for now - rad outlet should be highest part of hose. BTW - never randomly connect wires without knowing what they are and how they work. A multimeter and test light are essential tools for Peugeot ownership. Rabin
  2. Bean

    Paris rhone alternator fun

    In that case I'd likely modify the mounting lug for perfect alignment, or if you can - modify the engine mount to suit the GM alternator. One time mod and then you can replace as needed anytime. The added output makes everything work so much better - especially at idle. Rabin
  3. Bean

    Paris rhone alternator fun

    I thought I had a post detailing the GM alternator retrofit. Basically need to get a 1985 GM/Chevy 350 alternator. There's a two wire connector that plugs into the side, and the B+ post that connects to the battery. One of the two goes to the B+, the other wire is the signal wire from the original Bosch/PR. Rabin
  4. Stumbled across this and thought I'd see if you had made any progress? Rabin
  5. Bean

    Paris rhone alternator fun

    Whoops - I saw 83 505s and though xn6 gas motor. That said - I'm pretty sure it would be a similar thing to fit a Chevy alternator. Rabin
  6. Bean

    Paris rhone alternator fun

    Do you have the stock one and is it PR? If so just call around as they're usually very rebuildable and usually a lot cheaper that way. Personally - I much prefer to retrofit a GM alternator. 80A stock and they power the accessories so much nicer than any of the stock alternators. It bolts on with slight belt deflection which never gave an issue, but it'd be easy to modify the mounting lug for perfect alignment. Rabin
  7. Did you fix that rad hose Goce and I both pointed out? Would bet money thats playing a part. Rabin
  8. Bean

    505 turbo camshaft

    I do have paypal, but just be aware shipping will be pricey as well. Can you PM me your address and I'll try to get a price for shipping first. Rabin
  9. Not sure why you said below... It's a section off the main page, or this link: http://www.505turbo.com/forum/index.php?/forum/22-vendors/ Rabin
  10. Fully agree Bill! Although the variable rate steering in my 89 is the best of both worlds (loses assist at speed), I've snipped belts on other 504/505s and even the low speed isn't bad at all. Rabin
  11. Bean

    505 turbo camshaft

    Hi Rich, Are you after a performance ground cam, or good stock cam? I can likely help with the good stock cam, and there's a place in Canada that can regrind - but the Dani and custom grind I have are earmarked for my engines. Rabin
  12. Hi Victor! They're going to be hard to find - I've got an idea to make 40mm screw in extensions so that you can use the standard size inner tie rod assemblies, but haven't had the chance to try it out. Basically need to use the old tie rod threads welded to 40mm of the old threaded inner sleeve. Rabin
  13. Bean

    505 12hr drive

    Agree with Goce - that upper rad hose needs to get replaced ASAP. It's a trapped air pocket waiting to happen. Oil filter cap looks like the PCV canister cap. Valve cover should have a separate hose on it for PCV that goes to air cleaner. 12V test light or a multimeter is what you need to find the stereo power wires. Rabin
  14. Bean

    505 12hr drive

    Your car has an excellent oil bath filter system that only requires cleaning and fresh oil. Flows exceptionally well, and filters better so there's no advantage to replacing. Dex 2 PS rated fluid should be fine as well. Copper washers can be reused with success if you anneal them with heat if they're solid, if they're crush washers I replace them. Aluminum or copper washers work equally well and I've had success finding the right size at local auto parts shops. 5qts should be enough. Make sure yo check and clean pcv screens as well. Rabin
  15. Bean

    My 89 MI16

    It does look pretty vulnerable - Any plans for a skid plate? Most rally armour has gone to polyurethane sheet, but alloy probably looks nicer for the street... And always so consistently CLEAN! Nice work as usual... Rabin