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  1. Probably Rock Auto (see vendor on main page section as there's usually a 5% code), but I always check the vendors first. Rabin
  2. Bean

    Spring Thaw 2018

    Sounds like Dave! I've mentioned it before but I was Dave's crew chief when he campaigned his Subaru Legacy in P4 Canadian Rally, and Bill was his co-driver the last few races we did. Biggest issue aside from having a car ready is the distance - I'll be in the same area this year for our family summer camping / road trip, so I'll have to see if there are any cool roads you guys did that I can add to our route. Not sure which car we're taking yet - was hoping it would be a Peugeot wagon but the new to us car will likely win out. Rabin
  3. Bean

    Peugeot Festival 2018

    Hi Rich, Please feel free to update this with an event update as I'd love to see what a UK Peugeot gathering is like. Thanks, Rabin
  4. Bean

    Spring Thaw 2018

    This is definitely a bucket list event for me and one of my Peugeot's. Was Dave Koszegi running this year? Bill Westhead? Dave loves this event and it's been on my radar for years. Thanks very much for the post as well - couldn't be there but I was following various hashtags on IG to follow along as vicariously as I could from Saskatchewan. Rabin
  5. Bean

    New 508

    Volvo has re-invented itself with some amazing designs and innovative powertrains. Their current sales are off the charts with unprecedented growth. Subaru is also coming out with the new Ascent 7 seater CUV that will likely blow up sales wise... This is an interesting article that speaks to Peugeot's focus on ride sharing - Have to admit that in large urban centers this plan seems to make an awful lot of sense: https://shift.newco.co/this-is-how-big-oil-will-die-38b843bd4fe0 Rabin
  6. Bean

    Jacking Points

    I'd recommend using the crossmember in front of the diff as the jacking mount. I center the jack and lift the whole rear end that way. Rabin
  7. Is it a stepped flywheel? I'd resurface regardless since you have the equipment to do it either way. Rabin
  8. I'll take a silly EASY fix any day of the week! Glad it was something simple Bill - never would have thought of actual impacts being the cause. Rabin
  9. Bean

    Shift linkage upgrade

    Faster to get under the car if you're able to... Should be a single lever/rod that is actuating the transmission. Rabin
  10. Hi Bill, Sounds like the PCV system is plugged - check the metal screen filter on side of the motor just infront of the starter. When it gets plugged it'll also push oil past the oil sling seals on the front crank. Rabin
  11. Bean


    You can open the sunroof manually, but I'm not aware of a way to change it permanently so that it looks nice. It requires taking off the interior sunroof cover, and then manually actuating the arm to open and close the sunroof. Rabin
  12. Bean

    505 wagon

    Hi Nick, Pictures and details would be best - and they're pretty easy to include if you've got a smart phone. Things like the model, miles on it, color, etc etc are all appreciated. Thanks, Rabin
  13. What the hell Savo? I was too late to respond - but if you decide to get colour copies made I'd be in for one. Rabin
  14. What are the x-axis rpm increments? That's a lovely fat torque curve with a ton of area under that line... I'm mostly curious what rpm peak torque hits at. Rabin
  15. There's no location listed in your profile or your advert - that will help as most people interested likely won't be local yo you. Also - details like manual or auto, odo reading, and more pictures never hurts. Good luck with sale, Rabin