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  1. Can't wait to see it with the Euro bumpers Savo! Will the wagon get the current bumpers from it? Rabin
  2. Great progress Mike! Is the rubber shift boot visible or is it the dust boot on the transmission tunnel? Rabin
  3. Hi all, I finally am able to announce that the migration from yahoo groups to the new Peugeot-L distribution list on canam-peugeot.com is a success. Big thanks to Senen and Radu for all the help, and to Hugh for some beta testing. All the historic content all the way back to 1999 is there in the archive, so I wanted to make the announcement and provide some instructions to subscribe. I've also included the welcome message on the description page which has some donation info provided for those that asked (and are most appreciated!). Feel free to make your first post an introductory post! If you have any problems at all just send me the e-mail you want to subscribe with and I can help you out. ------------------------- Peugeot-L first started way back in May 1995 as a means of communication for North American Peugeot owners wanting help, information, or just an exchange of ideas relating to all things Peugeot (but not limited to just Peugeot). Primarily made up of North American Peugeot enthusiasts, we welcome all Peugeot enthusiasts and have contributors from around the World. To join the new list you must first subscribe to it: (Receive list emails, read the messages on the web, or to message the list) Subscription: - http://list.canam-peugeot.com/listinfo.cgi/peugeot-l-canam-peugeot.com - Go to the center of the page to find the "Subscribing to Peugeot-L" section, and subscribe to the list. - You will receive a confirmation e-mail that needs to be acknowledged, and once it's verified you will receive a welcome message. - Once you receive the welcome message you will be able to send messages to the list e-mail. - Subscribers are encouraged to post an introduction giving their background and interest in Peugeot. - If you have a question to ask, or information to share, send a message to the list. Donations to help fund the new list can be made via PayPal (https://paypal.me/canampeugeot?locale.x=en_US) or via eTransfer (for Canadians) to peugeot-l-owner@list.canam-peugeot.com Thanks, Rabin 505turbo.com & Canam-Peugeot.com Administrator and longtime list member
  4. Peugeot wheels are lug centric, so while you could likely use those I’m not sure you’d be able to properly center them since they’re bolted to the hub from the back side. m14 would likely still be loose in the stud holes as Peugeot wheel studs have a decent sized splined interference fit. Ideally you’d need some conical washers or bushings that centered the m14 bolts when tightening the adapter bolts... These do look like a decent backyard adapters, but for $500 I’d want them done on a lathe and machined to center on Peugeot hubs. Rabin
  5. Bean

    The great 4G63 debate

    Dang - I didn't respond to Sava's last post... Poor guy was making 100HP at ~4250 RPM, and only has a 1500 RPM (6000 - 7500 RPM) of usable power band. Decent drag race car, but pretty much useless in every other aspect. I had to re-read this little debate, so much fun poking Savo. They really are great motors, I just think ANY big horsepower 4 banger is not very impressive because invariably they all become super peaky undriveable motors. I'm WAY more impressed with the 300 - 400HP motors that have huge power bands and are still efficient - They just don't get valued that much on the internets. Drove a Mercedes GLA 45 AMG with 375 HP and was astounded how much usable power it had - THAT was an impressive 4 banger. Rabin
  6. Welcome Muddy! This has been bench raced on here for MANY MANY years, but only a few have modified their cars like this, but power and dyno details are lacking. Search Tama username and his car is likely the best documented or V-M username. Tama has a custom block using Volvo pistons, and Saab rods with Megasquirt. Keebs is another that build custom exhaust manifold, and custom intake manifold. To answer your question the transmission and diff are said to be good to ~400 lb*ft of torque, but again not tested. Personally I think using the piggy back controller for extra fueling is a dangerous plan. I’m going with a full standalone on my 505 SW8 Turbo wagon as an experiment (SDS efi EM-4F), and if all goes well, I will get something even more sophisticated for my 89’ 505 Turbo 5sp. You have a BEAUTIFUL 505 Turbo by the way - it looks in fantastic shape! More pictures please. Rabin
  7. Sealed beams mean you replace the whole headlight. I’d highly recommend a quality e-code replacement like Hella or Bosch and then it will have a H4 bulb you can replace. To replace your have to remove the assembly and take apart the plastic housing on the back. Assembly comes out by popping the top corner closest to grill out, then the top corner on the fender side can come out of it’s ball socket. Adjuster rod inside can pop out, and there’s a spring on the bottom you have to unhook. Pretty easy. Rabin
  8. I quite like the series 1 dash, but like the series 2 dash more as it looks much more modern. Personal preference. As for plastic he’ll - it’s leagues better than the Volvo 850’s that came after it. Rabin
  9. Sorry - Was out all day today and wasn’t anywhere near my laptop. Glad you got it running, but the milkshake isn’t a good thing. Hopefully you can figure out if there was water in oil pan the mixed or if you’re looking at a HG / Head repair. I’d check cooling system to see if it’s seeing combustion pressures - Usually bubbles in the reservoir bottle if it’s cracked head. Rabin
  10. Agree with Goce - But it’s a sweet plan for a series 2 505 dash, or the 604. Way easier proposition with an analogue car. My only caveat is that on a “proper” performance car the tach should be front and centre, and the speedo off to the side. Rabin
  11. Yeah - the return like has no pressure and is basically just the return line for the oil back to the reservoir. If there is an issue with leaking there due to pressure building up then I'd suspect an issue like Goce mentioned above and the line is somehow blocked or restricted some how. Rabin
  12. It sucks as those fasteners get so rusted they usually just twist right off, or break out of the plastic lens. Hopefully the JB weld works - I don't ever use that on plastic. Rabin
  13. Hi Evan, I think the big thing that will make it viable is where you are located, and what you budget would be. Getting glass shipped is tough and expensive especially with either front or back due to size. If you're in Cali and close to someone like Savo (my3AWDgst) then he might be able to assist with parts needed to get it usable. The DL is really just a basic commuter car, and the 8V engine was known for valve guide issues which may or may not have been taken care of under warranty. Without pictures it's hard to comment, but I'd likely recommend using it as a parts car. If it's a 5sp, low miles, and the engine turns over then it wouldn't take much effort to go a little further to see if you can get it running before you decide. Rabin
  14. That’s the first time you’ve mentioned return line - So no. Pretty odd for a return line to leak unless the hose rotted. Don’t use hydraulic hose for return as it’s not designed to work with hose clamps. Any low pressure fuel or oil compatible hose will be fine with a single good clamp. Rabin
  15. I just downloaded it fine. Might be a browser issue? Members should be able to download, but I’ll need to check. I can e-mail it to you if your e-mail address in yahoo address is still used? Rabin
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