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  1. 4598550, Carrosserie 10683, Cabriolet Injection 1966, Rouge China 1135, Cuir Noir 2000, Sold on eBay August 2019 for 28K Euros, PARIS FRANCE 4594251, Carrosserie 5989, Coupé Injection 1965, Blanc Saratoga 1031, KHARTOUM SUDAN 4591599, Carrosserie 2831, Coupé Injection 1963, Gris Graphite 1055, Tissu Beige, For restoration November 2019, SARTROUVILLE FRANCE Total: 2363 !
  2. I had not stored the car sensitively when I had it for 28 years in the garage, with the brakes last being bled in about 1991. So when I disassembled the car in 2016, the cylinders all looked awful and I thought they might be toast. Turned out they're not. New Cunifer brake piping - all metal lines will be replaced. Hydraulic hand tool to double and bubble flare en route from USA right now. You can see the brake cylinders before cleaning and painting. Rear brake proportioning valve piston - L=NOS (not so good); R=original (quite good). So the old valve will go back in the car. The two complete proportioning valves disassembled. The one with paint is the NOS one. Painted front wheel cylinders, which came up nicely after a hone. The old proportioning valve with the sealing nut off, showing how the piston appears. It was moving smoothly! Rear wheel cylinders (tiny bore, 16 mm) repainted and kits galore available to replace all the wear items.
  3. The Danielson V6 was good in its day, but everything on the road these days is quicker. I'd be inclined not to modify too much for maximum speed, because that can't be won. Better to enjoy it as a homage to a sporting version of a nice 1980s comfortable sedan.
  4. Jenn (one of our three adult kids) picked up the carpets from Geoff in Highlands Friday afternoon, as well as a roll of trunk lining. The carpets were test-fitted without the sound deadening insulation in place so it looks a bit baggy. Also, the bit of fibreglass that's visible behind the shifter hole will have blue vinyl glued to it. It's fine and will look most excellent when the car is done! The trunk insulation is essentially a protectant that is glued onto the inside of the rear panel of the car and the inside of the rear fenders. The material is a fibrous mat with bonded pebbled vinyl, a good approximation of the original stuff. If a suitcase or anything else shifts in a corner, the padding will prevent my (NEW!!) fenders from being dented from the inside out. Lastly, I ordered some new sill trim clips from Le Club 404 because the ones I had bought from them about 25 years ago were damaged during the test fitting of the trim to the 404C in the primer stage. The little teeth that grip the seam were brittle and some snapped off after it was removed. So I ordered a second set, from a revised batch from Le Club 404 a few weeks ago. The material is spring steel, which means they should be reusable, but as you can see, they were rusty. So I had them cadmium plated (not cheap, but far better than paint) and I will have to RE&RE the sill stainless steel trims soon to put these on.
  5. Early dash is MUCH better looking. Later ones are plastic hell, like a 405.
  6. 6801761, Cabriolet Injection 1967, Blanc Arosa 1132, Cuir Noir 2000, A vendre Septembre 2019 49.500 Euros, CAHORS FRANCE 68001xx, Carrosserie 12822, Coupé Injection 1967, Rouge Métallisé, Simili Noir 3000, A vendre Octobre 2019, URT FRANCE 4671031, Coupé Carburateur 1968, Bleu Clair Métallisé 1158, Simili Noir 3000, A vendre Octobre 2019, 14.000 Euros, toit ouvrant en tôle, LOOS-EN-GOHELLE FRANCE 46702xx, Carrosserie 14703, Coupé Carburateur 1967, Gris Graphite 1055, Tissu Beige, A vendre Octobre 2019, 28.000 Euros, BAILLY FRANCE (pas de photo) 6800738, Cabriolet Injection, 06 avril 1967, Cuir Noir 2000, Hard top, COULOMMIERS FRANCE 4670776, Cabriolet Carburateur, 1968, Bleu Clair Métallisé 1158, Cuir Noir 2000, Grille has been modified with driving lights removed, sedan front indicators; sedan bumpers, Hard top, Nardi floor shifter; Robergel hubcap bolts, SÃO PAULO BRASIL Total (corrected again): 2360 !
  7. Seat slides (NOS) hand painted in Krylon semi-gloss after tidying up. Upper door replica panel for a Cabriolet modified by me to fit the Coupé and it worked reasonably well. The shape difference is quite remarkable and quite a bit of work was needed. The panel completely installed, taken from inside the car with the door closed.
  8. Get them home and start all your projects. Believe me, life is short even for one!
  9. New carpets custom made for the 404C by Geoff Chrysler in Highlands BC. Wilton wool.
  10. Small piece of advice: I'd skip the pop up sunroof - it would look super tacky on any Peugeot. Just keep the original that doesn't work, or weld it over.
  11. Heater controls mounted - all silver cadmium plated Both rear quarter panel trims were mounted. New headliner mounted. Front part is not mounted because the windshield has to go in first. That's one of the next tasks: front and rear windshields.
  12. You should try some of Peugeot's newer cars, the interiors are very innovative these days. We drove a 2019 208 all over Europe, Britain and Ireland earlier this year. The 508 sedan and 3008 are quite elegant, in a modern way.
  13. Since then I've mounted the forward side panels, put some black carpet-like insulation behind the Sofica heater unit and re-threaded the two stripped driver's seat captive nuts. This coming weekend the headliner should be professionally installed and then I can do the front and rear glass (I hope, without help).
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