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  1. Mike T

    Peugeot 404 VIN registry

    4599390, Carrosserie 11890, Cabriolet Injection 1967, Bleu Mendoza 1134, Cuir Naturel 2034, Pour vente aux enchères Avril 2019, estimation 22.000-27.000 Euros; Reprise en occasion « récente » il y a plus de 40 ans par un concessionnaire Peugeot, cette 404 cabriolet n’a plus bougé depuis ! Particulièrement bien conservée, c’est une « sortie de grange » exceptionnelle, ROUEN FRANCE 4597334, Carrosserie 7709, Cabriolet, Injection 1966, Gris Clair Métallisé, Cuir Noir 2000, N° Carrosserie incohérent - elle doit être plus ou moins 459588x. Frappe à froid inversé 4579334 !! Vente aux enchères Avril 2019, estimation 38.000-45.000 Euros. Restauré, ROUEN FRANCE Total: 2222 !
  2. Whipped the Kugelfischer injection pump and head off today. I'll bring the pump with me to Britain next week for calibration and new seals, and the head seems good with no fine cracks between valve seats, although I have a new one to use. The liners have a nearly undetectable lip at the top so could be reused, but won't be, because I have new ones.
  3. Mike T

    Peugeot 404 VIN registry

    4495836, Cabriolet Carburateur 1963, Blanc Saratoga 1031, Cuir Tabac, For sale at 40,000 Euros April 2019, older restoration, original seats, HUBY-SAINT-LEU FRANCE Total: 2220!
  4. Mike T

    Peugeot 404 VIN registry

    A few more new ones: 6802203, Carrosserie 15460, Cabriolet Injection 1968, Purple, Cuir Noir 2000, For sale April 2019, lots of rust, needs new floors too, ex-Blanc Arosa 1132, ARRAS FRANCE 4597940, Carrosserie 10002, Coupé Injection 1966, Noir 1000, Simili Noir, For sale at 4900 Euros April 2019, ex-Blanc Arosa 1132, needs lots of parts, for restoration, ST-DENIS-SUR-LOIRE FRANCE 4708668, Carrosserie 15157, No. Pininfarina 91382, Cabriolet 1968, Noir 1000, Owned by the family since 1988, the VIN is of a Commerciale U6 but the cold chiselled number matches and appears original, Carrosserie number is correct for a Cabriolet as is the Pininfarina number stamped into the trunk floor, SÃO PAULO BRAZIL 4590439, Carrosserie 1159, Cabriolet Injection 1963, Rouge Capanelle 1033, Owned by the family since 1988 should be restored soon - I am in touch with the owner, SÃO PAULO BRAZIL Total: 2219!
  5. Mike T

    Peugeot 404 VIN registry

    Submitted today at the Register website: 6800367, Cabriolet Injection, 17 février 1967, Blanc Saratoga 1031 (Blanc Arosa??), Cuir Noir 2000, Bought from first owner, partially restored, soft top needs replacement, missing two driving lights in grille, COUTERNON FRANCE (no photo) Total : 2215
  6. Oops, the price is $5000, not 6000. Or a bit more with tax, plus $100 more for the seat heaters.
  7. Something weird is going on with the last photo but the link works....
  8. There's not a lot more to see - they're very simple seats..... Heating element cord for the backrest....adjustment knobs for backrest angle and their stops. Side view. Underneath - new bands and foam visible, as well as the seat cushion heating element cord.
  9. I will see him tomorrow and ask, but he's a home-based business so I don't know how well connected to Seattle upholsters he will be. Our dollar is cheap now. Mind you, all seats plus headliner are 6 grand CAD.
  10. The front seats have been reupholstered by Geoff Chrysler. Very nice: natural grain dyed through light grey "Hyde" brand leather, with heating elements (I'll need a better alternator than it came with to power that!). Parts of the headliner (also redone by Geoff) are visible in the foreground. His next task is redoing the rear bench, which has a fold-down armrest. I may get the parts in the photo this coming Monday.
  11. Mike T

    Peugeot 404 VIN registry

    Thanks to the 404 Club members in France who got these numbers for me: 4594799, Carrosserie 6468, Coupé Injection 1965, Gris Clair, Int. Noir, For sale April 2019, 9900 €, carbureted engine, much body corrosion, VERSAILLES FRANCE 4670285, Cabriolet Carburateur 1968, Noir 1000, Cuir Rouge, Auctioned in Avignon, restored, AVIGNON FRANCE Total: 2214 !
  12. The handbrake cable and control were assembled and mounted today, along with the pedal box. The worst part of the whole operation was discovering that the buttress under the driver's side, which is a Peugeot original, has a captive stud that is about 6 mm too short to hold the metal handbrake sheath under the driver's floor. So I had to remove the brass clamp and reduce its thickness by about 3 mm on both sides using a Dremel and files (good old engineering on this part, with massive redundancy) in order to get it on. The pedal box was dead easy of course and the stuff under the car was as well.
  13. Mike T

    Peugeot 404 VIN registry

    6801078, Cabriolet Injection, 01 mai 1967, GERMANY 4670597, Cabriolet Carburateur, mai 1968, Blanc Arosa 1132, Cuir Noir 2000, For sale March 2019, 39,250 Euros at Hans LAMMERS B.V., MIJDRECHT NETHERLANDS 4594055, Coupé Injection 1965, SARTROUVILLE FRANCE Total: 2212 !
  14. I finally got the steering column mounted. Instead of the flector I used a Paulstra Septor for the pinion link.