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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All The IP on my XD3T is leaking at the body halves seam. Can you recommend a reseller or rebuild? (8v of fury?) Can anyone share the sequence and details of the IP R&R procedure, steps, torque settings etc? Is there a vendor who sells XD3T workshop manuals (Haynes?) Or. Is there an online resource for manuals in pdf? Thanks.......JoE
  2. As discussed in my 505 TD wagon build thread, I had played around with various ideas to extract more performance from the 2.5L XD3T engine, and after reading the VWdiesel.net forums I decided the AAZ hybrid injection pump and 2-stage injector idea needed to get pursued. (I blame Automotive ADD). I contacted a one of the users on VWdiesel.net as I noticed he was in Saskatchewan and we chatted via e-mail for a bit. (Great guy.) A few weeks later he sent me a link to a post selling some used XD3T pumps on the IDI forums. After some negotiation - I bought one of the pumps he had for sale. (Condition was unknown since it was off a car in a pick and pull yard.) The seller of those pumps told me about the special registration process for the site - so I joined after finally getting my request approved. With a core XD3T pump found, the first task was to put an advert up for AAZ injection pumps as well as some AAZ 2 stage injectors. Now that I was on the forums I could actually contact people, and make more inquiries. After reading about the governor mod the VW guys do, I noticed the author of the article (8V-of-fury) was also doing pump reseals. I contacted him to see if he'd be willing to work on Peugeot Bosch VE pumps, and that's where the project took off. Jeremy was beyond helpful, and is a true diesel enthusiast. Not only was he up for doing the reseal work - but he was also keen on the AAZ hybrid idea and happened to have a donor AAZ pump available for the project! Not only that - but he agreed to document the build with pictures and comments so that I could document the project here on 505turbo.com I've basically edited our correspondence back and forth to build the article - so hopefully it flows well enough to follow: ------------------------------------------------------ These are the pictures upon removal from the shipping box. Seller dismantled the throttle linkage so it would fit in a medium shipping box, so all external settings will need to be set up based on the pump currently on your car. You can see the max fuel screw looks tampered with, but it will be one of the things you will adjust once you get it on the engine.. so it does not really matter. These are pictures of the internals, and they look alright. Varnished from being sat full of fuel, but so far so good. This picture in between the lines shows a hairline "Crack" so to speak on the governor assembly cage. I have broken them before with improperly taking the lids off and getting the throttle arm twisted and jammed. This one was like this when I took ti apart, so it has been opened before. It doesn't look compromised too badly, but I just wanted to note it to you. The stock Peugeot governor assembly is on the bottom, with a 1.9 AAZ assembly on the top. As you can see the Peugeot has a bigger spring with more coils, therefore making it a softer spring rate. As well the Peugeot cam plate first and then a 1.6 TD cam plate second. As you can see it is basically the same as a VW 1.6TD cam plate. Peugeot pump is now fully dissembled and just starting to be cleaned up now. As can be seen the insides are in great physical condition. They are a little varnished as though the pump sat full of fuel for a long time, but it will not affect anything. The important parts look good. The head and rotor look good, as well as the lift pump and its rotor. The throttle sensor that was the plastic thing you wanted pictures of earlier, appears to be broken. So I do not know if it will function for you or not. I was looking at the difference between the Peugeot advance piston and the VW AAZ one. They are different offsets to interact with a different depth cover and what not. So I will need to look at that further to see if we can even use the AAZ spring and piston or not. The springs are physically the same un-sprung length so it seems as though it will work without issue. Peugeot pin and respective spring 1.6TD pin and respective spring 1.9 AAZ pin (nothing to be had here...) and respective spring And the same three again, Peugeot left, 1.6 TD middle and AAZ right. Jeremy’s thoughts: “I am thinking we will use the stock Peugeot advance piston so that interaction with the front cover will remain the same, and I will use the AAZ two piece spring in place of the stock spring. They have the same free length, but the VW spring is much softer, so advance will come on a lot sooner which is generally more desirable with performance tuning in mind.” **Edited correspondence with Jeremy to create the article above ------------------------------------ After finding out how big the cam plate lift difference was, I am confident the decision to pursue the AAZ hybrid idea is going to pay off in a big way when it comes to improving output of the XD3T. Rabin
  3. So i am thinking about buying a red 1988 505 GTD (XD3TE) with a seized motor, and replacing it with another motor from a 1987 GRD diesel wagon (XD3). I'm wondering if anyone knows what the difference is between these two motors? Is it possible to Convert an XD3 to an XD3TE without opening the engine, and just swap the turbo bits over (Turbo, intercooler, exhaustmanifold etc.)? Ludvig
  4. I bought this pump as a spare for my car, but I am wanting to get another pump rebuilt with some modifications and it seems like a waste to pay to get this one redone just for the modifications I want. This is the 9mm plunger version used on 5-sp XD3T cars, and it was very recently rebuilt (less than 5K miles) before the car was parted out. Previous owner spent over $1000 just on the rebuild alone. I'll even throw in the glow plugs that were done at the same time. I have stored it with ATF cycled through it as per the local diesel shop. If there's interest I'll get some pics up of it. Rabin
  5. Hi guys, I've been doing a lot of research on my TD and I'd like to rebuild a spare set of injectors with some Monark SD 265 nozzles, with the break/pop pressure set to 160 bar. I've found one of the only sources for the nozzles to be www.mercedessource.com - but they only sell the SD 265 nozzles in sets of 5 or 6. If there are 2 more people interested we could buy 2x 6 sets and each get a set of 4. Please post / PM / contact me direct if you're interested in getting a set. (Or if you have a better source for the Monark 039 305 128 nozzles.) I'd use Bosch SD 265 nozzles if I could find a NOS set of French or German made ones. Rabin
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