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2 505 Turbo parts cars for sale

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I have 2 505 Turbo's for sale. Here are the details:

Car 1:

1987 505 Turbo 5spd. Red, ex SCCA racecar. Owned by Pratt Cole and Gary Brown. Top 5 finishes at the SCCA Runoffs in 1988 and 1989. Has been sitting for many years, engine out, dash removed, interior mostly gutted for conversion to full on racecar. Straight body.

The good: gearbox, diff, all glass, body (more or less, it was a racecar after all!)

The bad: Engine is MIA. Call for more details.

This car has been sitting for too long and needs a happy home.

Car 2:

1986 or 1987 505 Turbo Auto. Silver. Street car with bad slushbox. Might move on its own enough to load on a trailer. Will run with a new battery and was on the road up till the tranny died. Both right doors damaged from a run in with a truck and a ditch.

Fix me up and get me back on the road!


-2 extra grilles

-4 extra headlight assys

-1 extra rear taillight assy (RH if memory serves)

-1 NOS "altitude sensor" in the original box

-1 new, aftermarket, replacement tie rod end

-1 remanufactured Paris-Rhone alternator

-1 set aftermarket rear brake pads

-2 strut rebuild kits p/n 5202-36 - Google that info or look on ebay to see what these are

-2 spare instrument clusters

-4 spare 15 inch alloys (might be 6, can't recall)

I bought these with the intent of building one good racecar out of the two cars and having a nice stock of spares. Life changes are going to get in the way for quite a while so instead of them sitting for a few more years they need to find good homes where they'll get used/cared for properly.

Photos as hosted by Mike Halley's website: http://realautosport.com/pics/Peug505/index.html

Both cars are located in the Tulsa area. I live in El Dorado KS, near Wichita and can facilitate pick up.

Best Offer on one or both. Spares go with the either car or both cars. Will not split spares. Sorry.

Bryan 316 452 5033 or bryancohnracing "at" yahoo "dot" com

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My dad says since Pratt Cole and the 5 others protested him and Peter Farrell @ Sebring when they're car was was totally legal. Pissed Peter Farrell and my father off protesting them. After the inspection thats when they set the boost for 16 PSI, melted the brakes, took them 12 minutes to do a brake job during the race and get back on the track. By the end of the race the rear control arms were wasted. Rightside headlight was smashed and he could hardly see. My father finished 6th and got the $15,000 from Peugeot, when they loaded up the car onto the trailor the rear control arm ended up breaking. My father celabrated that night in the parking lot with his rental Mustang. He was doing doughnuts in the parking lot drunk and got kicked out....

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Well, Since there has been no play I guess I'll end up keeping them. Bought a tow dolly yesterday to haul them to storage in St. Louis (where I still have shop space). If I get lucky I might get a few weekends of work in over the winter and a few during the racing season in 2010. If all goes to plan the family plans to move back to St. Louis by the end of 2010 and then work can start in earnest. Since we'll be debt free by then life will be good!

BTW, Farrell was a cheatin' MoFo at every turn. There is a reason guys like him dropped off the face of the earth. Manufacturers don't like cheats, simple as that.

If I had the $$$ I'd buy that 505 over on race-cars.com Price dropped to $4500. I bet $3000 would take it home.

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