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Peugeotech's 505 V8 build (Rover 4.6L)

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On 12/9/2017 at 11:44 PM, Stewart said:

I may have seen the heavy duty options on a microfische or a parts book. All good now as I've made up reasonable looking engine mounts and movement restrictor assemblies. I recall seeing a piece welded to the rear x member with a rubber mount like a shocker rubber assembly bolted to the torque tube. Stopped the drive line for aft movement I think. I guess it would reduce twist too. I trialled the TIG I have last week. Pretty fun thing. Electric style gas welding. I'll have to get practicing so I can weld the rack housing. I have a contact who heats the alloy piece with a propane torch prior to welding. Makes sense I guess.

Just occurred to me that the 604 had a beefed up rear suspension set up with additional arms connected to the semi-trailing arms - only ever seen in drawings as I never really spent any time working on / under the 3 I owned...

Tying the rear subframe to the torque tube would definitely help help reduce engine rocking as well as help locate the subframe as well.  The only thing I've notices is the shark find on the torque tube that's designed to snag the crossmember if the drivetrain is forced back in an accident.  Saw it in action when my sister totalled our first 504 - worked perfectly and helped saved her from a very severe impact.

What kind of Tig machine did you get? That's definitely on my wishlist.  :) 



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SRDT, I suspected he heated the old parts to burn out impurities. It would have to be beneficial for stress as well. He was a qualified air frame welder so maybe we've picked up some inside knowledge.

Rabin, I recall a 504 rally crossmember I saw which had a small nose added to the crossmember. From the torque tube a stud was passed through a hole in the nose and then what looked like a rubber cylinder over the stud then nipped up with a nut and washer. Allowing 360 degree clearance but with a small tolerance in movement . I'll try and draw it for us. I think the TIG is a TIG 200 ac/dc. 

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