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For Sale - 1987 Peugeot 505 Turbo S Automatic Sedan ($ <1300)

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Hello everyone,
I'm offering a 1987 Peugeot 505 Turbo S Automatic Sedan from California.

This car comes with shipping NOT included, it shall be discussed, along with the price, with the serious buyer. If anyone wants an idea of the price, it's lower than 1300 dollars.

Shipping is from Red Bluff, CA

This car comes with loads of electronic copies of shop manuals, owner's manuals, and specific information to aid the future owner in his/her ownership.
If any spare parts are needed then you will be in good hands, a list of providers, membership to the private Facebook Peugeot group, the Yahoo Mailing List "Peugeot-L" and the Online Forum "505Turbo.com" will be provided with the purchase of this vehicle to aid the future owner with any questions or problems they may have during their ownership.
A smog certificate in California can be provided for an extra 90 dollars if needed.
The car will be delivered nearest to your location and the ownership papers and all documentation will come included.
The shipping will be taken care of from one of three vehicle shipping companies, and the current owner will deal with these companies for the ease of the future owner.

Please contact me for more information but here's a quick rundown:

- On its third engine, engine has low KMs and everything is in great condition
- Good running car
- Front end checked for play, no play on it
- Brakes are good, has ABS
- Tires have good tread on them
- Paint is fine
- All fluids checked and are all in good condition
- Interior is in great condition for its age

- 170 hp
- 2.2 L Inline 4 Turbocharged (T3 Turbo 0.36 A/R)
- Rear Wheel Drive
- 4 Speed Automatic (ZF 4HP22)
- 15x6 wheels
- 205/65r15 tires
- Same brake dimensions and parts as Porsche 944 (slight modding required to fit the 944 disk)
- Very comfortable ride with lots of power, feels like a lot more HP than it says on paper

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I copied this and slightly edited it from my local listing.

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You should really see if James or someone else can take some nice quality pictures of the car - no cell pics.

I would also suggest posting estimated shipping costs - you need to show total cost is still very reasonable. To much of an unknown, and many won't even bother finding out.

Couple other points: if it's an N9TEA it's rated at 180 HP/210 ft*lbs torque. Wheels are 15x6 as well.


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