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My 1987 Peugeot Galaxie build

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Any updates on the Galaxie?  Two years later almost - but hey...  :)

My wife got a new bike and while in the store she asked if I wanted to get one too...  Yup - I said no to a new bike and have started again on my Comete build...  I'll start a proper build soon, just want to get some parts together before posting...  Step 1 was meeting Gilles - a local bike aficionado that collects and builds vintage bikes out of his garage that was selling a potential donor bike...  Step 2 was him thinking my project was cool and offering to help me build it!  Step 3 was acquiring some tasty Mavic Open Pro rims for the bike at the same LBS my wife bought her bike...

I'll post more details shortly - but figured I may as well revive this thread while I was at it!

Oh yeah - decals are $40 usd now:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/Peugeot-Comete-Decal-Set-/142017806036?hash=item2110ebbed4:g:0v4AAOSwPe1UF0qy


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