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91 405 Mi16 build thread

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You can put a piece of fuel line cut in half on both sides it will do the job, i've noticed your fuel mixture adjustment screw cap on the air flow meter is never been removed, this means it's never been tuned since it left the factory, back in 09 when i got my mi16x4 was the same, but i took it to a dyno and with a probe in the exhaust we found out it was running way rich it was choking on fuel, had to undo turn and a half to get it to run right and power and fuel economy improved, since then so many things are changed i'll have to do it again.

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On cat engines I think the CO pot isn't used the same, the closed loop operation use only the lambda signal.

Depending of the Motronic generation and customer the CO pot may or may not be used at all, on Motronic with map sensor and no cat the pot is replacing the lambda sensor and use the same pin ; this is not the case on the ML1.3 so maybe Peugeot used the pot even on cat engines.

It seems that you can find second hand AFM without CO pot, I belive that those where supplied to the manufacturer at a lower cost for cars using only lambda.

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i put the rear deck back in place recently:


and i managed to get the rear deck brake light back together with an LED bulb inside; i had to switch the wires because the polarity was wrong for the LED bulb. i got a second rear deck brake light from ukit but it was also broken. between the two lights, i managed to get enough pieces together for one complete light but i had to glue it shut with the bulb inside.


i re-installed the light but the results were disappointing -- only the left side of the fixture lit up, even though there are no obstructions inside the fixture that would cause this...i'm thinking that the philips bulb i used (you can see a picture of it, upthread) is oriented such that the light is not evenly cast inside the fixture...the solution to this is to use a different type of LED bulb, the type with LEDs festooned around the entire outside of the bulb -- something like this:


however, my fixture is glued shut so i'll have to break it open or find another fixture (that'll teach me not to bench test, i guess). but at least for now i have a working rear deck brake light, and the fixture looks correct:


over the last few weeks, i have been working on the rear speakers on and off. i returned the pioneer speakers and got a pair of infinity 6.5" speakers; they look like this:


these speakers had the lowest "above-deck" height of any coaxial speakers i could find...component speakers have woofer/midrange would fit even better, but that would have required me to make new holes in the rear deck for the tweeters and i want to stick with the stock appearance. to make these fit, i had to modify the stock speaker mounting "basket" by making an inside "lip" by using my dremel tool. the first one came out pretty good, the second one was even better.




i've got a little more work to do on the wiring, then i'll mount them in the car and move on to the next thing.

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