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N9TE w/auto Trans (4spd) complete in Oregon

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Hey Guys,

So the diesel transplant is moving forward on the 1988 Wagon we pulled out of Washington. Transmission choices are still up in the air however. As a result the N9TE and trans are going to be pulled and sold. Currently in the car and running so time is limited to hear it and drive it. Heres the story.......97K mile car that show impeccable care, car got laid up due to the typical relay/injection issues and a mechanic who was clueless. John got that straightened out, got it running and it was blowing white smoke out the tail pipe. checked compression and found low on cylinder #2. Typical head gasket issue. Block sealer and a fresh oil change has temporarily fixed the problem, runs solid, no smoke, oil is holding and looks fine, and temp is fine, so expect to change a head gasket. Clean enough to eat off of, excellent start for a toasted N9TE. Like to see it go to good use, not keen on shipping off to the scrappers. Offers open......anyone? Like I said, welcome to hear run and drive around the property (no road use as tags are down). Hit me up


(Edited engine code to N9TE in case someone searching)

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Too far away and have too many already, but very interested in any details you can provide for the swap to diesel. :)

My hope is to do the same, but go from 4sp auto to 5sp manual at the same time which is a little shorter...


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