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405 Plip to keyless module replacment

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Hey guise,

My 405 Wagon is equipped with central locking from factory,however when I acquired it unfortunately it did not come with a fob. I found one fob and matching transponder in my parts car,however my expectations were too high and after some struggle swapping parts over keyless entry would not function. I've been looking on several places for phase II 405 replacment plip just like the one I have on my MI16 but I wasn't lucky enough to find one.

Easier solution is to buy after market keyless entry (not alarm unit) on Ebay or Amazon for $16 and simply replace it. I found DIY on Yahoo groups on how to replace Plip with aftermarket keyless entry so I'll copy and paste the link here for all of us to view.

I ordered mine keyless entry on Amazon for $16 and once it's installed and functioning I'll make an update on installation process.

Moderators please make this link sticky so it's easier to fined it. It took me quite a while to find it on Yahoo Peugeot group archives.

Can it be viewed with out clicking on the link as a scroll down menu?



Thank you.


Edit: not everyone has access to the peugeot-L group on Yahoo, so i copied the post and it is reproduced here (reformatted for easier reading)  --- André 

As far as I know, no one has ever been able to fix a PLIP. From my own experience with a total of seven 405s, they all seem to die at some point - usually a few weeks after you replaced one or both of those expensive 2/3 N batteries (close to ten bucks EACH at my local Radio Shack!). I currently have a 405 S wagon and an Mi16. Over the past two years, first the Mi16 then the wagon had their PLIPs die suddenly - with fresh batteries. Surprisingly, there hasn't been a 405 owner with an EE degree who cared to find the problem.


Thus, it falls to me to find a solution. My solution costs less than $20. It doesn't fix the PLIP, it replaces it.


For less than $20 you should be able to find a replacement "controller" on eBay. Do a search for something like "auto door remote key lock". You'll get a few pages of listings, most of which are NOT what you want. You don't want any set with pneumatic actuators, or any sort of replacement door lock. All you need is a little black box that comes with a key fob like the folks with more modern cars have. Something about the size of your PLIP controller, usually with four little buttons; two buttons are to lock and unlock your doors. I paid about thirteen bucks for my first one (with free shipping). Once I was satisfied that I could make it work I found the same seller had raised his price to a bit over $16, with free shipping. The sets you don't want are mostly $25 and up.


Here's the ebay auction number I won: 400574919391


Other sellers have the same set. Do the search and you'll be able to recognize the set you need. Nothing more complicated than this one. (WARNING - this unit also has abilities to control a siren, roll up the windows, flash the turn signals, etc. Feel free to experiment; I'm in the middle of painting the bathroom.)


All you want it a unit that gives you a button to press. The receiver inside the car picks up the signal and grounds the appropriate wire on the car's Door Lock Control Module. Taking the wire to ground causes the locking relay to send the appropriate signal to the door locks.


How you do it -

1 - Remove the roof console. Pry out the map light, interior light and the sunroof switch (Mi16). Do not fear breaking these things. I have yet to ruin any of these, and I've had lots of opportunity to do so. Use two small screwdrivers to wiggle the things out. Unplug them (you might want to take a photo or two to help in the replugging process).

2 - Remove the roof console itself (five phillips head screws - or is it six?). Move the visors out of their snaps and the console will be just hanging there until you unplug everything.

3 - The PLIP lens is usually just an easy push to pop it out. Put the console and all the lights and the screws aside for a while. Unplug the PLIP.

3a - I have the replacement unit hidden behind the red plastic lens. It's simple to separate the lens from the PLIP electronics, by just spreading the plastic tabs gently. You can now throw away the PLIP.

4 - Four. That's how many wires you will splice onto the existing wires. You can snip off the black connector if you wish, or make a break in the insulation for connection to the new unit.

5 - Now, using your best electronics skills, solder the four wires:


NEW unit <-> PLIP

yellow - green

yellow/black - red

red (+) - yellow

black(-) - green/yellow


The new unit's RED wire has an inline blade fuse. That's what powers the unit. This wire commects to the car's "always on" circuit (car fuse #8). When possible, I like to pull out that inline fuse just to avoid an accidental touch with...anything. (I don't want to pull #8 fuse out - then I'll have to reprogram the radio, clock, etc. I hate that.)


6 - Read the "learning code" section in the unit instruction sheet. I tried but still can't figure it out. Best I could do is push the learning button, then try cycling the door locks by use of the key fob lock and unlock buttons. Eventually I get lucky and....it works!! However, at this point, I can't get both fobs (the set comes with two) to operate the doors. I get the second fob "learned" and the first one no longer works. (I'm also going to try to operate both cars with the same fob. I need to re-read the instructional gibberish a hundred more times.)

7 - In section two, I'll get to how the new unit can be mounted in the roof console so that everything can be returned to place and no one will be the wiser. Then I'll post some photos of all this. FYI - shipping from Hong Kong took 20 days, so you might want to start now on finding the little unit to make it all happen.

8 - If you're wondering how we squeeze that box in up there...... Easy solution: remove the plastic box and just mount the PC board. On the bottom of the box find the two screws (one is hiding under the label). Remove the two halves. I seriously recommend that you get some good electrical-type tape and cover both sides of the PC board as completely as possible. Note that those solder spots are a bit sharp. Make sure those points don't poke thru the tape. Maybe a second layer would be in order.

9 - If you plan on driving the car again before the unit arrive from the other side of the world, you might want to re-assemble the roof console for now.

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Series 2 came with the module in the key they work on the same IR diode, some of the later cars equipped with alarm used frequency transponders, in the picture you can see the IR diode on the series 2 key, and frequency transponders in front of the key, and you can see the difference between Series 1 and series 2 key, 



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Hey guise,

Unfortunately DIY on Yahoo L groupe write up did not work for me :-(

Below is descreption how to wire in new keyless module to existing Pilp per Yahoo L group.

New keyless module wires-Plip wires 



Green and Red are factory wires and they are located in Plip module connector.

Those wire are used to lock and unlock doors and unfortunately it did not work for me. Using this procedure to connect new keyless module wires to Plip module wires did not make my doors to lock or unlock.


In order to make this to work you first need to purchase keyless entry system. I found one on Amazon for $16 shipped and it's made by company named Bighawks. I've seen multiple other brands as well,I just happened to purchase this unit because key fobs are very simple and with out any chrome or flashing light. There is no any reasons that can make this unit better then any other on the market,like I said I picked it because of fob design (it's got great reviews because of it's fobs) and it's extremely easy to install.

I have ran only in to one issue and it was in wiring colors,other units on the market has significantly different wire colors and  by researching (googling) these other units with some reason had lot more DIY informations. Peugeot and multiple other vehicles are using Negative Pulse system for central locking and it took me about six hours to surfe the internet before I found my answers. 

I found same Bighawks keyless unit used on Nissan 240SX with Negative Pulse System and luckily for us wiring it this way works with Peugeot's. Now I know and you don't need to say "Savo it's Nissan,wiring and colors are totally different" Yes but we need only to focus on how to wire new unit to create negative pulse. Below I'll explain how to wire your new keyless module to Negative Pulse System that way there is no need to surf the internet.

New keyless module comes with 11 wires and only 7 wires are used. Wires that are not going to be used you can leave them intact,cut them or remove them out of connector as it's extremely easy to do so. I did remove not used wires out of connector.

First six wires are central locking output wires.

1) Green 2) Brown 3) Blue 4) Green 5) Yellow 6) Yellow/Black

Number 7 Purple,output for parking lights.

Number 8 Red (12V+)

Number 9 Black (Negative -)

Number 10 Pink,Window raise output

Number 11 Orange,trunk release

Description below demonstrates how to connect new keyless module wiring to Plip module wiring.

New keyless module - Factory Plip module (black) connector.

1) Gray - NOT USED

2) Brown to Yellow/Green wire M2 pin 8

3) Blue to Green wire 206 pin 2

4) Geen - NOT USED

5) Yellow to Yellow/Green wire M2 pin 8

6) Yellow/Black to Red wire 205 pin 1

7) Purple to P706C connector wire 26A

8) Red 12V+ to Yellow wire 16C pin 7

9) Black to Yellow/Green wire M2 pin 8

10) Pink - NOT USED

11) Orange - NOT USED

As you can see Black,Yellow and brown wire (new keyless module) connect to factory Yellow/Green wire M2 pin 8. 

Step one: Remove overhead bezel (where Plip module is located)

Step two: Disconnect,remove and discart Plip module but keep the plastic lense.

Step three: Glue Plip leans in place,otherwise you end up with empty hole.

Step four: Cut plip connector or if you desire splice new keyless module wires to Plip module wiring. I end up cutting off Plip module connector.

Step five: Remove and discart unnecessary wires from new keyless module. Those are pin 1 Gray,pin 4 Green,pin 10 Pink,pin 11 Orange.

Step six (non sunroof vehicles only) Place new keyless module by bezel retaining bracket and cut excess head liner material and use double sided tape to hold it in place. Please refer to picture below for this step.

Step seven: Connect new keyless module to Plip existing wiring (please refer to diagram above)

Step eight: Make sure new keyless module is functioning and your doors locks and unlocks.

Step nine: Feed your Parking lights wire to fuse box (left side of the dash) and connect it to wire 26A in connector P706C. You can feed parking light wire under headliner (sunvisor area) and down by A pillar.

Purple wire for parking lights comes out of connector as two wires,only one wire is needed so cut one of them out and secure it with heat shrink or electrical tape.

Step ten: Install overhead bezel and enjoy your key keyless entry system.








^^^ I positioned antenna under old Plip module plastic black cover.


^^^Plip module wiring. 



^^^P706C connector. You can splice Purple wire for parking lights to 26A or solder it to 26A's pin it self like I have.


^^^P706C connector goes to missing location 



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I'm at work and finishing this write up on my breaks. Please be  patient !!!!

Please feel free to ask questions or contact me to add or clarify this write up before we relase it to the public.

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