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Mike T

1966 404 Coupé Injection Restoration

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Thanks to Harm (that's his nickname!) in the Netherlands for finding these original Jaeger sports instrument panel warning lights!  I just got them today.  L to R: 

- low fuel pressure (KF/KF2 engine)
- low brake vacuum / low brake fluid level
- low oil pressure
- main/high beam warning light
- turn indicator warning light

Now all I have to do is make a panel to hold the 6 gauges and these lights, paint it....oh and rebuild all the instruments, which likely need a refresh.

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Today I got the beltline trim installed on the driver's side.

With some help: my youngest daughter put the nut that holds the rearward part of the front fender trim on - that is only accessible with the front door opened about 45 degrees, because even like that, there is about 3 mm of space to play with to get the sucker spinning on the captive bolt that's attached to the stainless steel trim. All other connections are easy.  My other daughter did the passenger side a couple of months ago. My fingers are too big to get in there properly!



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If a car had feelings, it would feel like finally getting dressed again.(404 error)  My wife always said she feels naked without her earrings on.🤣 

Looking good Mike !

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