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*Peugeot* Frame on ebay

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I thought that I would just throw in a little revive on a worthy long-dormant thread..

There is a vintage Peugeot frame on ebay that caught my eye, but I have too many projects now, and I know that bicycle technology has come so far in such a short time.  I have been dabbling in Treks swimmingly from garage sales and, so, um, I am covered.

ebay auction number  201893807864.

Note the misspelling of Peugeot.  Imagine that!

The dude selling it is a Campy dude, so the source is presumably good.

This frame sure looks awesome from a distance, especially with the tasteful striping as only the French can do.  I wish I could swing it, but I am going to pass. 

No connection to seller, and some research might be helpful.   Please don't rely on my brief take as far as specifics.


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