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I'm looking into changing the brakes. I have ABS hubs in front. I guess the back are the same on all models?

I have read through some treads regarding upgrade. It seems like changing to Porsche rotors is the best approach. If the hubs are machined to fit those I guess the car is better suited for replacement rotors in the future?

Do anyone have correct part number for the Porsche disc or part number and supplier for any other disc that will fit?
We should sum all this up into one document for future knowledge. (I have searched a lot without finding an answer.)
E.g. will the EBC D141 rotors fit? 

And for calipers:

I have read some treads stating that Volvo 240, Mazda RX-7, Porsche 944, Lexus ... e.t.c. will fit, But some options needs adapter to fit and so on. Here it's also hard to tell witch year that applies and what version it is and so on. Any tip on witch part numbers to start looking for? Spec and dimension.
Also here a document (or article) would be fine.

At last. Doing all this I'm also looking into new wheel bearings. Any suggestion for supplier? (part number and spec for reference)

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Correct - ABS front hubs use the same bearings as the rear.  Last ones I got were on sale at Rock Auto...

My brother Arun has done the Porsche rotor on his 505 - it takes a little work, but he drilled the 505 disk holes into the Porsche disk and bolted them up that way.  He also had to offset the caliper mount to the inside as the rotor offset isn't quite perfect.  Doable for sure.  With some measuring and the right equipment I would think the hub could be machined so that the 924/944 disk could bolt on.

As for the disk itself - I know the early 944 is the model to use, so that 924 disk *should* be the same - but you'd need to verify if it was the same as the 944 disk.

240 Volvo is a cast iron 4 pot disk that should bolt up - but make sure to get the ABS calipers as they only have one brake line.  RX-7 / Lexus need adapters. The early 944 caliper should be the same thing as the 505 caliper.

You're right - this should really be documented somewhere better - I just haven't done it yet as I wanted to prove it as known good before doing so.  I blame Arun - he's done it and confirmed it - but hasn't documented all the details yet.  (He is pretty busy though so I can't give him too much grief!)


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