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1986 505 STI 2 litre

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1986 Peugeot 505 STI for sale in Las Vegas, NV.    125000 miles,  2.0 litre engine.    The car runs,  AC works but is a bit weak.    

Sunroof will not close completely.    Dent at driver rear quarter panel where i was victim of hit and run. I think it can be hammered out..  Rear bumper on driver side pushed forward from same attack.      Paint is well worn and she is covered in flat black plasiti-dip, which just peels off.   Per local mechanic the "control bars" are badly rusted, the catalytic converter is coming apart inside and the rear calipers need to be replaced.    Brian Holm says it is better to just rebuild the brakes and he has a caliper rebuild kit but it must be done carefully to preserve the integrity of the hand brake.  

The stock radio is gone.   I put in a replacement which I would like to keep since it has a cd changer attachment.  All outer door handles need replacement.   

The passenger mirror is sagging and both mirrors must be set manually as electric control stopped working.   Be advised this was an East Coast (aka New Jersey) car.  Been here in Las Vegas for 2 years now.   We drove it out here without any issues.  Cruise control is not functional.   (Solenoid control broke.)   





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